Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween....and I'm Writing?

I walked in to our offices and was greeted cheerfully by This! Special Agent Jack Friggin' Sparrow!

Almost wet myself laughing. Truly a fine young fellow, but the context, and the fact that I'd forgotten that this was All Hallows Eve, just got me Rolling. So there you have it.Yes, I did a black to protect the "not so innocent".

Lil' Wolfie had an after school spaghetti event, so I joined him for his schools' Traditional celebration. No, I have NO idea what the hell spaghetti has to do with Halloween either........but the cubs enjoyed it.

Instead of the cubs spending the night up with me, I dropped 'em off at Mrs. P's around 1830 hrs so they could reap their treasures from "friendly" territory. (they know where the "Good" stuff is).

Lil' Wolfie needed a bit of help with his get up......He had a skeleton outfit with skull, and decided to jazz it up a bit witha checkered dish towel. Remember the vid I linked? Yup, cub's got that sensa humor.

"Knock knock, knock.......Trick or Treat!.......I KEEEEL You." Maybe he needs therapy. Or I do.....cracked me up.

Bigger has about outgrown the Trick or Treating......age wise, anyway. I told him that at 15, it was 'bout time to start "giving" candy rather than getting it. He didn't have a costume anyway, so I figured he'd hang at his momma's, or maybe walk around with Lil'in civvies.

Well.......Wollf was wrong. Bigger had found,(in yet another "box 'o my stuff"), my Ghillie suit. Fits him? Ummm, Not.

I'm what you might call an unspectacular physical specimen, six feet and about 185 pounds, so your standard issue 15 year old shouldn't be "swimming" in the suit.

But.......Bigger Wolfie is about 8 inches shy of "standard". Runs about 5-2......
Heh, cub is not imposing. He was All excited though. Wearing Wollf's Ghillie, disappearing into the landscape, looking like a Bush Monster.

ROFLMAO!! Shrubbery.......hell, Miniature Shrubbery is more like it. Oh Jeezers does he look Great. I frigin' wanted to pot him and set him on the Gazebo.......
Sorry, had to take a breath.

No, you don't have to take me to task. I DID NOT let him know how "cute" he was. I was entirely......well "mostly", serious while helping him get the thing on properly, all the while answering.....or parrying, his numerous questions about the "history" of his "costume". was an enjoyable day all in all, except that I couldn't bear to stay too awful long at "my" house.

Besides, it's Halloween. I was a little spooked myself by the walking, talking mini shrub....and of course the "Terrorist". What kind of "terrorist", you didn't ask, but realize by now that I'm going to tell you?........Why,

A Terrorizing Teritz, of course. Please give him candy.
I KEEEEL You........

Give treats. Enjoy the kids, and watch out for the turbaned skeleton and potted plants....they might be mine.

Happy and safe Halloween.

Sometimes, Trolls and Orcs can be fun.........

Lunch time posting, we had a Halloween potluck. You folkes didn't get to have any of my chili.

I decided to give you this Motivational Poster instead. H/T GOC in Atlanta
Happy Spooky day.

Whatever has Become of Me??...........

Somehow or other, through my interaction with a few of YOU People, a portion of this "Me,Me,Me" blog has evolved a rudimentary "Social Conscience".

The Horror!

OK, I realize that not only is it a Good thing, it's probably also a sign of my Personal Growth. I'm doing "better", I suppose.

First up, Project Valor I T. An Internet event that raises donations to supply Laptops and Voice recognition software to wounded Soldiers, Squids, Flyboys and Marines.

A lot of these Men and Women need our help. ALL of them need our Support. To read the full story, and to donate if you will, go

My Pack have been Marines since pretty much the inception wars with the Barbary Pirates back in Jefferson's Presidency. Yup, your humble host included.

Thus, I'm sending you over to Lovely Linda's place. Her site gives "points" to the USMC team.......I can't explain it, I have to make mass quantities of American Dollars.....Go there, Now!!

Oh, Yeah, Please leave her a note to let her know I sent you......

She might send "smooches".
Wollf needs all the "smooches" he can get.

(Self serving completed)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

That's all Folks......

It just seems to be getting a little late to write up a post, and I'm down right exhausted.

Went for a walk to clear my Soul. I wrote what may be my last relational e-mail to Mrs. P. That was a bit rough. Said everything that was on my heart. I had to get it out in order to feel Honorable about this last step that is now inevitable.

I had a bit of an apostrophe last nite. I was driving home from a short Night Hike and stopped in at the "hangout" for a drink. Non alcoholic, don't you be concerned, and it hit me.

Now this might sound crass, but I felt of a sudden as though I'd been paroled, set free, that I was finally able to be and do and think Any G-dammed thing that I want to........Here it was, 2130 hrs, Monday nite, and I just plain stopped in to say hey to the boys.......

No one to check with, no one to explain to.......just me and whatever I feelt like doing. Kind of a wow moment. I'm going to stay this way. Not necessarily single,mind you.......but Free. Wollf as he is. That is what some poor Woman with a good heart is going to get one of these days.

And that's why the letter. I put all of me into it. It was by no means a plea. I left this situation in her hands and let her know that I would be ok. I have tried to mend this for the sake of the Family. I've accepted that I can't.

I've had the last word. Anybody wants to see it, I'm debating putting it up on my noon blog.........maybe too private a bunch of thoughts and feelings to share with my readers / friends. But it would Feel So Good!!!

What do you think? Comment, and I'll listen.

Bad taste in my mouth. Wollf ate a Troll tonite. Tasted good, smelled of roses.

Just for my Deah Friend Morrie...........

Remember I told you that I wasn't going to link this video. I was swayed with the offer of a fine Knish.

Regulars, let me know if you find it offensive. Not that I'll change anything, I'd just like to know. Thus you have:

Dead Terrorist Ventriloquism!!


Blame Morrie, He doesn't know how to cut and paste.......sheesh.

Back soon,

Monday, October 29, 2007

A Reminder to Wollf..........

This one's for me, Folke. I had an interesting back and forth, and I do Not want to get sidetracked, so.....I'm wasting Your time with a reminder to Me.

The Eternity of Honor.

My Grandfather ingrained it in me.......Hopefully I can share with a tiny portion of his eloquence..........

I'm back. It's 2037 hrs local, 0437 Zulu, and it's been a busy day. Odd happenings all the way around, but that's another story.....

First to finish my thought from earlier in the day. Without being too awfully personal, I left, and received comments from a Man whom I'm coming to respect more each time I read his work.

Seems we share a few "life experiences" far, it seems, not the really good ones. Brought up some painful memories, which thanks to the resiliency of the human Spirit and the passage of almost four years, is "bearable".

I'll elaborate on that in January.........forgive me, but now is not the time. Suffice to say that it was Worse, and probably the root of the breakdown in intimacy between Mrs. P and Wollf.

My new found compatriot in sorrow commiserated with me in saying that "Nothing is Forever". Truer words were never uttered when describing our physical being, or relationships, or governments, or worlds, or even the Universe. Surely, I, and he understand the human need to believe that G-d is "Forever", that we "collectively" have a need to grasp firmly to a belief in "something" after this existence.

Forgive my indulging in that bit of "qualification",but I wanted to distance myself from religion in this post. My Belief is mine. Yours is yours.

I Honor that. And that is the point of this post.

Honor is Forever.

Not as in the "eternity" of the mathematical, or the Einsteinium imaginings of the Universe, but a much less complex notion. Forever. Simply put. In human terms.
"As long as it can be remembered".

Honor is the difference between a Man.........and a man.

A hunter who respects his prey.
Before eating, always take time to thank the food.

A Warrior who fights and dies for what he knows is right.
A brave man dies but once, a coward many times.

There is Honor in these Proverbs, told over generations by Honorable Men.

"Look around you, surround yourself in Honor and then your memory shall truly live Forever." Those are the words that were ingrained in me as a boy, and the words that haunted me as a man when I failed to live up to my destiny.

I am a Man of frailties and faults as many as all men. But I am now, and always will, be remembered as a Man. For I have, first and foremost again in my life,

Honor. A simple, five letter word with Meaning so very deep. From the Dictionary:

A Principled uprightness of character; personal integrity,courage in adversity.
A code of integrity, dignity, and pride.

I've written here using the generic "man" or "Man". Please understand that I am speaking as much of my sisters as my brothers. It's simply too much typing, and in the interest clarity I chose this way.

My Eldest She-wolf was and thus Is a Woman of Honor. As such, She is Forever.
My Second is an Honorable Woman, a Mother and devoted Mate.
She-cub is Becoming.......what a responsibility for the Alpha to teach.
Bigger and Lil' Wolfies will become Men of Honor. I shall be their model in all I say and all I do.

For only then will I be Forever. Because of Honor, I shall be remembered to my Great grandchildren just as my Grandfather is known to my Cubs. His human life is long gone, but his Honor is alive in me and in my Cubs, and on this page.

Yes, my new friend, Honor is Forever.
Deus Vult!
Molon Labe


Impeach Hillary Clinton!!!!!

There, I said it.

And I said it before IMAO.

Although, I admit that I read his humor piece first, and then "Back dated" this Post.
Sometimes, I am an eeevil Genius.

But....I said it first. Well, not really, and this really isn't that funny, but what the heck.
See you tonite,

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Train of Thought Poetry...............

There is a sublime beauty in destruction.
In the ceasing of existence
Of something that's come to be....


A highrise imploding upon itself
The slow motion dance to the ground,
Dying in its' footprint.....


A bridge in a far off land,
Tagged to bring mechanized death,
Dies in seriesed explosions,


The sun setting on a fire ravaged land
Smoke swirling endlessly to the sky
The flames now envelope the heavens


A Love was thought forever
Now lies crumpled in its' tears
A Man rises, Howls to the skies and...

Begins again.


Hat Tip, KT.......Wonderful News

Just bipped over to check KT' site, which of course you know I'll never link to again,(Right side, Wollf Pack), because he ruined my foul mood the other day, heh.

San Diego County is receiving some "unexpected" support for their fire emergency. If this doesn't lift your spirits, you've got a future in the MSM.

Check This

I'm confident that KT will do an eloquent piece on this soon. Will it be on the Front page of any National papers?

Give me a Break.

Time for an Update........

It's time, I think, for me to revisit the Reasons for this site's existence. Here's the basics:

I started this blog as a semi-private arena to work out some very troublesome mental, spiritual and emotional issues that I, in my ignorant bliss, had been unaware of.

The pain of a family being torn apart, blaming myself, and yet not really seeing what I had done that was so..........Horrible. I wanted to Understand. I quit drinking, started Counseling, began Meditation......all in the hopes that I would "figure it out".

That she would see the hard work aand sincerity of purpose and agree to couple counseling to save and make beter a union of twenty years. I made progress. Then the diagnosis of ADD. Holy crap, what a surprise that was.

I was given a tool in my Quest that has been a missing part since I was eighteen years old......Focus. Now, not only could I do the pyscho-spiritual work became Clear. And most importantly, it stuck to what has been my Teflon Brain.

Things have changed since this site's inception. Where I Desperately needed my wife to Love me, Now the only thing I Need is to Love my Cubs.

Where I wanted to Save the Marriage, now I wish to keep this Divorce on the most Civil of terms, dare I say "friendly", for the Cubs.

Because of my work, and this miraculous new Focus, I've quit beating myself up with blame. I was broken, in fact I guess I still am, as we All are. I wish the best for her. She has got a lot of work to do on herself besides updating her wardrobe.
(sorry, but sarcasm intended).

I can't expend the psychic energy on her. I'l love her in a way, but.....

I Am Done With Her. Emotionally, mind you. I shall be kind, but it's time to end this. Because, just when I think it's "safe"........Bammo, someone hits the start button on the roller coaster again.......I need to secure a solid future for myself, and thus my Cubs. I'll have the most "expendable" income to help out in beginning their young adult lives.....

Then, another Really surprising thing is that I actually have a readership. Aaagh. People are reading my innermost thoughts.........quite the humbling experience.

I've seen the tenor of the writing change. Where I "say" in my profile that this is letting my mind out to play........I now see that. Where when I began, this was Work, now it really is Fun.....most of the time. Thanks Folkes for helping to make that happen.

So there you go. I want the ADD to permeate the writing, I hope you understand, because it's such a part of who I, and others like me, am. I really don't edit these things at all, except friggin' spell check...which Hates me. I want other people to see how the "Bouncing Brain" works.

It's not a curse..........and as one of my Dearest readers has said, "It's by gosh not uninteresting".

I'll back in a few. I've come quite a ways since this began. I've got quite a ways to go because ...

It's a Journey, not a destination.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Twaddle", He Used "Twaddle"!!!...............

Rather than another posting, I have Lil' now, check out the comments in the next Post.

If you want a Lot of reading about Generation"Y", and what one of their "Alpha Females" thinks is the Right way for young women to lead their lives.......

Click the Link that KT Cat embedded. I'd put it here, but as you already know, I shall Never link to his site again. (right sidebar in the Wollf Pack).

He told me to enjoy. It just pi$$ed me off. Mrs.P and her mom are off to the Costume Party. I truly hope that they're safe.

Be good People.
Just because you have little taste in Blogs doesn't mean you can't. (I mean, you're Here, aren't you/)

Incisive wit completed.
Gotta play
We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.

Well, seems I have a conundrum. Dropped Lil' Wolfie off a while ago. My plans were pretty kick back, do some TV.........And he calls me.

Hey Wollf! Ca n you come down and pick me up a little later? Seems Mrs.P has made plans wherein Lil' Wolfie is not included. Her mom is in town. She is invited, I'm sure, to a Costume Party tonite. One, by the way, that we Both swore off going to Ever again......been going on for ten years, and the average age of the party goers has diminished drastically from our "late 40's crowd".

Catered affair, Open bar, gruesome goodies, DJ, etc. Used to be fun. Problem is, it's primarily 20 somethings. Math equation time!!

Twenty Five year old boy + Open Bar = Obnoxious, needs punching, Drunk.

Pretty much a snore fest. Mrs. P, last year tried to keep up with the kiddies. It was Not attractive. I think that was the beginning of her "midlife" thing. I know that it was a good thing for her that I had the ADD in full swing.....

Suffice to say, I had to clean up. I had to chase down and "save". I Definitely had to drive home, and put her to bed.

I Was Pi$$ed!!........Ooooh!, Something Shiny! I never could "focus" on my anger, I lost the anger faster than I lost the temper. But now I'm Treated. That's why I pretty much Know that if she were to come to me and say that she wanted to work on Us, the door wouldn't be open. Now I can focus. On what's good for Me. And what's good for my Cubs. And that doesn't include her. Not now, anyway.

She hasn't begun to work on herself.......full new warddrobe aside....

And I don't really Care what's good for her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not lying to myself. Yes, I still love her, but it's a lower case love. I won't allow myself to be hit like that again. Do I care enough to hope that she's OK? Of course I do....

And thus the dilemma. Take Wolfie, let her party. I'm the free baby sitter? That raises a growl to Wollf's throat. I am no babysitter. Wolfie is not an anchor. I'm gonna go down and get him. We'll have our usual grand old time, but:

I shall let her know what I feel. And that will include reminding her, In Front Of, her momma, of the Reader's Digest version of "what happened last year".

That is what the Man in me needs to do.

I want to leave a Clear set of tracks in this world.
Done with minor rant.

Next up, Dating?............Oh, Jeezers.

In Progress........

Yup, I'll post in a little bit, just droppedd off Lil' Wolfie, rented "The Unit". I'm not a TV guy, but I've heard good things about it. (Yeah, yeah, I'm behind the times, I know it's like the fourth season or something)

Besides........doing is much more fun than watching.

The pic is simply a random shot that I took last evening. Got a kick out of the fact that KT Kat, whom I will Never Link to again,(Right hand side, Wollf Pack), took the same picture, at the same time, from about 150 miles South of me.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Night..........Light?

Well, we'll just see where it goes. Began the journey back to Wizard about an hour ago. Lil'l Wolfie and I just got to Walkabout, He's Engrossed in Friday Night of the few shows he watches with Total Loyalty.

Every Friday at 2000hrs. In Wollf's unalterable opinion, the Dumbest sort of mind numbing Nothing that there is. Professional Wrestling. Aaagh. Wollf wrestled in high school. Reasonably adept at it also. Can't Stand the choreography, and can't understand anyone believing that if you are Truly hit in the head by a 300lb man Repeatedly, that you can do Anything.......let alone "shake it off" and win the match.......Wolfie is Way too intelligent for this.

But........I am the Sire for a reason. I know how to pick my battles, and I know how to negotiate.

One hour of mindless drivel is paid for by TWO hours of the History channel. He's happy. I'm happy. Nobody yells..........Peace reigns in the Land.

Bigger Wolfie's at the High School Football game pounding on his drums, and She-cub is............Hmmmmm, well she's s'posed to be working, and I haven't heard differently.

Tomorrow's Homecoming. She's going with Boywhoshouldbe(fill in the blank). He's a great kid. Just not Worthy of my cub's affection. Who among Mortal men is?

Bigger is going. Fifteen years old. High school Hottie Boy. Enjoying Every second of it too, heh. Why, I remember when I was in high school and I'd...........AAaagh!! Someone call the Police!! Oh Cripes, I'd better have a talk with that boy......

HHmmmmm, maybe I could learn a thing or two.....Hell, thinking about it, maybe I Need to, heh. Help. Help......I'm going to Start dating the same time or later than my cub??

Oh the Horror. Anybody want to give me a "practice date"? I mean......I REMEMBER those things....(Dating, People!), Jeezers, I'm not That out of it. Of Course I remember "those" things.

Oh Criponittley, this is Not one of those things that I have pondered. Just in case you didn't guess, I am quite a bit like this in person, except you get the added attraction of my blessed semi old guy looks and mellifluous voice......(imagine Tom Bodette from Motel Six commercials with a bit more energy)..."We'll leave the light on for ya"),heh.

But....oh, man. Rules and Standards have probably changed since I last swam. Conversation? Where to go? What to do? Physical contact..........KISSING?? I gotta change this subject and figure some stuff out. Another post? Hmmmm, there's "something" after the kissing stuff that I.......Oh, NOW I remember....

I Told you I had now idea where this post was going. I have another video to embed, but, although I friggin' laughed my ar$e off at the first two minutes, I previewed the remainder and I'm weighing whether it fits in with my "Comedy Ethics". And thus, whether or not to have it "play" on my site.

You want to see it, I'm afraid you'll have to follow a link. Yes, I'll give it in a second, but first a Disclaimer: The Shi-ite is funny. Quite a bit of it. But it includes a few lines that made ME less than comfortable. (a jab at Priests, a flick of antisemitism, and mostly, it mocks "suicide bombers" in less than the "You Stupid Murderous, Inhuman, Rot in Hell, Let ME Help you get there Faster".....way teht I would prefer.

I guess that's humor for you. Heck, I crack myself up. No accounting for taste, is there. Anyway, if you think you like "Dead Terrorist Puppet Ventriloquism", knock yourself out. I promised to send it to a Person of my Respect, but I'm reneging. What a way to begin a relationship........oh well, those that know me here understand that I just can't be counted on....heh. The Link...I Think:
In fact, I'll make it even more 'Your" decision, copy and paste time, kiddies.

"Out damned spot!!".....see? Impressed? Shakesepeare, even.

I'm gonna post this and maybe come back and talk about one of the Stupidest things I've Ever suspected "her" of doing.....

Hope you enjoyed that excessive amount of "What the Eff is Wollf talking About".

Eff Suicide Bombers. I Pray that they All suffer from male Premature Detonation.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Head's Up........If you just want to see the Cat Video...Skip my Pi$$ed off Presence.

See how thoughtful I can be even while Hurling Invective at the Sky?

Yup, That Picture Again. ........

Let it be known to those gentle readers, new to the Wollfe's Lair, Loyalists, Friends and Friends Becoming.............

This Photographic Symbol shall stand Henceforth for warning that Wollfe has HAD IT.

I still need to vent occasionally on this stuff. If there's no writing after this warning, I am Dispersing my Frustration as we speak. It'll post in a bit.

But hey, don't miss the Youtube clip. It kept me from going Friggin' Ballistic.

.........Time has passed. I watched the silly video again, FOUR times with Lil' Wolfie........Way impossible for me to remain Completely Pi$$ed when he's around.

Don't know what I'd do without my Best Lil' Friend. Yes I do. And I'm sure it would make the small town papers.....

It was almost Rage, Folkes. Frustration and Rage. I have NEVER uttered a Mean word about that woman. (Newcomers, check the Glossary for most common). I can't even bring myself to use one of her Glossary names. In Particular in these pages.

That would not be fair. There is no opportunity for her to defend my words. And although I know for a fact that the reverse is less than true, I would not be a Man of Honor if I Defamed her.

That being said, she is a Total ..........&^%$@#$**^&^#@%%^&^&(!!!

Dammit, K T Kat!!! It's His fault, darn it. I had a most Excellent Rageful Rant going here, and He,.......He........hee hee, heh....HUH!

I'm just going to quit. I'm just Not Angry any more.........

Here, in explanation to my poor, unfullfilled Readers, (Because of You, below, right side, Wollf Pack),

I shall just cut and paste the comment which I left on his site which, by the way, I shall NEVER mention again,(below, right side, Wollf Pack)

That will teach him to beware the Anger of Wollf!!

Unless you make him laugh........cheaters.

Howlsatmoon said...
HEY......I'm TRYING to be PI$$ED off over here!!

Sheesh, Between your Comments and Lil' Wolfie just being....well, Lil' two are absolutely RUINING my HORRIBLE MOOD.

Look, You even made me write something Funny, Darn it!

I gotta finish the vent. I'll send you the Podiatry bill. I might have to drop one of my dum bells on my foot to get riled up again.

See? You did it again.

The dropping weights on my foot didn't even help.......
Maybe tomorrow?

I Figured out how ........again!! For ChiTown and K T Kat

Hey, I am in a BAD mood. This video saved me tonight. I May go off in the next post. For the first time in a Long time.

But this? I Love it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Might catch a Clue as to my Political Leanings.....

Hmmm, probably down to about Two's of readers after this one. First, made the decision to post my Picture, lost a few "younger" readers, I imagine. Then I show my Red State bent.....oh the Horror.

L-sog, weirdness is creeping into my Soul.

Folke, one of my Fave Opinionated Blogerettes sent me a note, after I sent Her a note...about the strange happenstance of meeting an old friend you hadn't seen in 20+ years through Blogging.......hmmmm

Discuss something odd.........then it Happens. Remember the Post where I had shivers...the Feeling? I may have to road trip to Tucson.....hmmm, again. That would take me Right Through another town. Junior, y'all better hope I don't know this guy like I think I do. (Sorry again, personal humor....hey, at least I giggled!) The Parable:

Catching Wild Pigs

There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab the Prof noticed one young man (exchange student) who kept rubbing his back And stretching as if his back hurt.

The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country's government and install a new communist government.

In the midst of his story he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked, ' Do you know how to catch wild pigs?'

The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said this was no joke. "You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in The last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.

Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves so they accept their captivity.

The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening to America . The government keeps pushing us toward communism/socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, farm subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops, welfare, medicine, drugs, free medical care, etc. - while we continually lose our freedoms, just a little at a time.

One should always remember, "There is no such thing as a free lunch!" Also, you can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.

If you see that all of this wonderful government 'help' is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America , you might want to send this on to your friends. If you think the free ride is essential to your way of life then you will probably not tell anyone about this post, but God help you when the gate slams shut!

Hillary Care, anyone?
Got the Cubs.....gotta play abit.
See you in a bit,

I've been asked Many times.......

People who have had the nerve to read my early posts, and Understand the true depths of my Sorrow at this whole friggin' situation, have occasionally commented on on how well I'm doing at getting my shi-ite back together.

The picture tells a Huge part of the story. That, my friends is One of the Great Joys in my life. Yup, Lil' Wolfie, in the flesh. I figured it would be safe to post him for a little bit, then redact the picture tomorrow.

The childish Joy of Life exudes from every single pore in the kid's body. Loves"almost" everybody, way too intelligent and athletic sometimes for people's taste, (yup "lower case" people).......but sure as hell fits in with his Sire's.

There's been four more just as well Loved, but of course, He's the baby.....heh, I'll Never say that to Dude, might be a worse outcome than that Brahma Bull incident. Cub's got a temper.

Does he take after his Sire? Hmmmm............I'm not that vain.

Talk tonite,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Introspective Perspective Irrespective of your Humorous Directive.

Sorry, there was just a "touch" of "funny" left over from the last post, below. I thought I'd rid myself of it, checked my e-mail, and in the Wink of an Eye.......Funny, all over again. Shake it off, Wollf. Ok, I've gotten hold of myself.

Remember the "Farewell" post a couple weeks ago? I've been thinking about it and some other words that were said, and I realized that I hadn't completely worked them through. Let's start all over, all serious and stuff.

The thorns which I have reap'd are of the tree
I planted; they have torn me, and I bleed.
I should have known what fruit would spring from such a seed.
~George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Remember those posts filled with Angst? Feel the pain that was oozing from my every pore as I tried to get my mind wrapped around what was happening to me? I go back and re-read one or two quite often.

More than that is more than I can bear. I don't want to be that injured animal again. I particularly get insight when I reread "my CLOSED ON ACCOUNT OF DIVORCE" posts.

The three distinct feelings running rampant through my battered Soul such a short time ago. Humor as Defense, Melancholy Acceptance, Animal Rage. All there, jumbled up in one Human Being. I suppose we're all like that to some degree. I don't want to ever be that again.

We have to aim for Humor as Insight, Joyful Acceptance, Righteous Anger. We can't always, or maybe Ever achieve those Goals.......but it seems a good start.

Whew........And I haven't even gotten to the point yet. The words that I've been Pondering, that Mrs. P, whom I "thought" was the Love of my Life spoke were....

Boring, Uninteresting.

My stars, maybe from her perspective I was, or maybe am. Maybe the Truth is that I was.

If so, It was of my own doing. I planted the seeds that tore me and made me bleed. And I was left with only the bitter fruit that the vine supplied. I didn't see the Balance.

I was simply, Responsible. Responsible in the extreme, perhaps. Responsible like the Sire that raised me. Up at the crack, make a good living, too dam tired to interact by the time he got home..

"Wanna play ball,Dad?", I'd say. "I'm your Father, not your playmate.", he'd retort.
Never heard my parents fight. If there was a hint of animosity, it sent shivers up my spine. Because I somehow Knew that it was all a facade, that one day it would all blow up. Real People weren't like that.

Responsible in concern. Never, except for brief "glimpses" talked about what I did before I met her. It would worry her, I thought. Worried about her laissez faire attitude toward her own safety. She has rarely felt threatened because she has never experienced threat.

I have. In ways that I, having experienced, still find incomprehensible. I over compensated. What I thought was "just" concern, she may have felt was smothering.

Honor, Responsibility, Country, God.

In Moderation. Am I boring? Am I interesting? Hmmm, You might think so. But you're seeing the reborn Wollf, truly seeing life as through the eyes of my cubs.

She refuses to see this Man. I truly doubt she will ever read these essays. I doubt she has any interest. It's ok, I've accepted that. A new chapter, a new beginning.
A new Perception. Too bad for her. I "suppose" there will be another Woman in my life. Heck, there are. And I'm thankful.

In Excess. Was I boring or uninteresting before I let myself be "tamed"? Not by any means. I have always been able to do whatever to the extreme that circumstance required. But even excess needs to be moderated. I have Adventured, suffice to say.

So the questions that rise......will I change? Will I compromise my self inflicted Duty to Honor, Responsibility, Country or God?

NOT ON MY LIFE. But do I see things from a different angle? Can I let go of the "worry" that I have for the Peple that I Love? Yes, I think so. I will be Much more cognizant of the fortes and foibles of the next Woman that I become involved with.

And I will simply be...........Wollf. Accept him as he is, because he isn't anything else. This time I'll buy stronger seeds and tend the garden with all my Soul.

I can take a couple thorns so long as the fruit is sweet.
Rambling, semi-sensical, train of thought, had to get it out Bravo Sierra complete.

Boy-oh, That was a long one. Should I edit for once? Nope.

That, my friends, would be Boring.
G'nite, Back to happy Wollf tomorrow, (wink)

I Feel Funny................(note the REDACTED in the Title?

No, Steve Martin fans, that does Not mean that I have a piece of Bologna in my shoes.

It's just that You're going to get hit with, (Oh Horror!) Philosophy Wollf in the next post. I just have to get the "funny" out.

Now, it "might" take some effort on your part to get the "funny", but it's there. Have I ever lied to you? (I did lie, a teeny bit today, to some Gabachos, but it was to spare their sense of propriety). "Gabachos". It's what "real" Mexicanos call Anglos. Go check it out for yourself.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, "funny".

I decided that I don't respond to Comments often enough. I have been Chastised, and told that it is a Breach of Bloggerite (another made up word, go ahead and use it),
Etquettte. I shall conform.

Besides, sometimes I get some quirky ideas from what you so kindly say. For instance, Wollf?

Like, today, I received two wonderful gifts from Readers. I got "smooches" in the comments from a Pack member! Check it out. Wow, I mean wow! You'll get it.

And then........Notice anything "NEW"? Wollf taps foot, not the Tatto, though I still think it's bitchen cool. Another one MOONED me!!!!

I was sent that pic, and it's by gosh gonna stay up there forever! Or until I get threatened with a lawsuit, or I just get tired of it or sumpthin'.

Oh, as an aside, Bigger Wolfie "almost" got a "clobberin'" today. I stopped by other house and showed him the Tatt. He thought it was "bitchen cool" too. That's a pretty great compliment from a 15 year old........

And then he followed it up with, "Hey, Wollf, you've got some good Guns.........

...........FOR AN OLD GUY"!!!

I musta chased him a quarter mile before we Both fell over laughing and gasping for breath. Ever tell you it's Great being a Dad?

End "Funny"
Next up, Philosophy........

Monday, October 22, 2007

And quite a bit Less Serious...........

I GOT MY TATTOO!! All of the things I've done and gone through in my life. Never had a mark of ink.

That's Changed. My Life's Changed. I thought Long and Hard about it. This was by No means allowed when I was a young Officer, and "Distinguishing Marks" have been frowned upon throughout my "uninteresting" life.

It symbolizes Independence, my freedom to be Wollf as I truly am at heart. A goofy puppy at play, a loving Sire, a Fierce protector, and one day maybe to someone, a Loyal and Loving Mate.

Wollf sings Loudly.
Ya like it?

I can take it, it's like this Blog. I have to do it for Me. If you enjoy it, Blessings are bestowed upon me. If not, I'll just go have some more ice cream.

Ooh Rah.
Wollf's arm hurts a little bit.
Sniffles softly.
Heh, I Love it!

A bit of Seriosity..........

I Know, College Grads. I made it up. But it's a cool word, and I think it should be in your lexicon. (See, I used that one correctly)

I wanted to start out this evening by quickly explaining my self imposed redaction of the picture from one post down. Quite simply, it turned my friggin' stomach. It's a necessary Symbol off the Scum that we are at war with.

It just doesn't belong Here. It belongs mostly on the serious sites. It Belongs on the front page of our Daily Newspapers, it Friggin' Belongs on the cover of Time and Newsweek.

It Belongs in the Halls of Congress and Senate Chambers so that some of those Morons can see WHY WE ARE THERE. These dirtballs would do this to our Women in Our sporting facilities if they had the opportunity.

I HATE them. In Viet Nam we had the Execution picture of a NVA at the hand of Nguyen Ngoc Loan. It symbolize the animal brutality of that war for millions to see. The redacted picture symbolizes the brutality of an entire group of people.

Islamo Fascism. That is what we're fighting. And we cannot give up.

If you want to see this murderous, beastly "Religion of Peace" at its' worst, visit Fighting in the Shade....he's in the Wollf Pack. An excellent read by a Man that I'm coming to respect more and more each time I read a bit more.

We share a lot of life experience and views. This little "Glitch in the Matrix"(copy write pending), is not the place. I'll admit a frailty here.

I'm not healthy enough for that kind of day in and day out writing. If you enjoy my goofy take on life, lots of humor, the occasional philosophical piece, that's what you'll find here at Howling at the Moon. The "rare" rant shall have to suffice.

I've tried to give up Anger, but as time goes by, you'll see me Rage when necessary.

Eff Muslim Fascists. Followers of the Pedophile Prophet.
Ok, bad mood ends.

Wollf takes an ice cream break and comes back with some News.
Oh yeah, Eff Obama...the Barack one. We place our Right hand over our Heart during the National Anthem, you friggin' Feeb.

Islamo Fascism Week....Picture Redacted

This is Islamo-Fascism Awareness week. I had a Picture up, but decided (for the time being), that it's a bit graphic for my teensey little "Glitch in the Matrix

I May be ranting about this after my work day is done.

I "try" to stay away from the "Heavy" National and World issues on this Blog. Lots of much more eloquent writers out there handle the job quite nicely.

Besides, it just Pi$$es Wollf off. You wouldn't like Wollf very much in Pi$$ed off mode.

I know I don't. Do be aware though. Check out the Lovely Lindasog at Something and Half......

She's in the Wollf Pack Blogroll in the Right margin. She's usually fired up about something that desperately deserves our attention. H/T to Fighting in the Shade. You can see the Poster there. I'll add him also.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Looking for a kindred soul........

Ya know, it's been a while. Hoo boy has it ever. So. I've made a decision, actually two, no make that Three decisions.

But I'm only gonna tell you two of 'em. First is real easy. I decided on getting the tattoo. Tomorrow night when I post, I shall have a shiny blotch upon my right bicep. I decided to just go with the simple......HowlsatMoon, bordered by a wollf print on each side and tied together with two eagle feathers.

Nothing hanging down, just a band. Once I get it, I'll put up a poll to see if I should. Heh, I planned that out.

The other thing is.........I think I want to go on a date. Oh horrors, you say. Yeah I know, it'll be difficult...........compatibility is a big issue nowadays. Paralleling Life experience and all that. Like Spiritual and Political views.......friggin etc,etc,etc........

How to find a person that I won't bore out of their minds in 30 seconds? A Questionnaire! Like those "dating" sites.................hmmm, I'll have to work up some relevant questions.....

Have you ever been surprised to find yourself landing in a flock of Kurakal 'shaya during a night HALO?

Do you know the maximum Women's 100 meter sprint time to allow for Full scholarship at UCSB? Partial scholarship?

Do you think wearing matching clothing is cool? If it has a Drum Major logo on it?

Do you know what a Kurakal 'shaya is?

Do you like any music by "Phish"?.......(automatic out the door on that one)

Have you ever left a comment using the very original "anonymous" byline? And if you did, what's your motive? Have you ever been to Humboldt County?

You know, just average stuff like that. I gotta go take my shower and hit the rack. Anyone wants to help out with my Questionnaire, feel free in the comments. I could keep this gag running for weeks if you don't.

Heh, goodnite People.

The World is on Fire........

Well, mine is, it seems......Malibu, Aqua Dulce, Piru, Canyon Country........And it seems that the evil Devil's Wind, that's the English for Santana's, swirls the smoke up, and around...... and then runs it right through my little spot of Heaven on its' way to the Ocean.

Holy Yucky! The picture is of the Sun, my local time 1500hrs.....Three o'clock for you "always been civilians". The Santana's are outdoing themselves today, bring the Chaos and Hell of brush fires with them

We call 'em brush fires. It's actually high chaparral, like the TV show of the '70s. A conglomeration of impassable "brush", cactus and oak trees. The brush burns fast. The oak burns hot. Mix in 70 - 85 mph gusts and the funnel effect of the Beautiful canyons we have and it's truly Nature in "pi$$ed off" mode.

We're not threatened by flames at this time like the poor,(and rich), People of Malibu, et al, but we truly suffer the fallout. Right now the winds are pushing the smoke so hard and so fast that we're just pretty much stuck indoors. I had to call down the hill to my "other" house and remind Bigger Wolfie that he had better close up all the windows.

This evening, when the Santana's die down and it cools off a bit, all the smoke in the sky will get heavy and lay a 1/2'' of soot on everything. It'll truly look like snow flurries in Southern California.

So, why do we live here, with the wild fires and the earthquakes and the mudslides?

Because we can. Not to mention, it's beautiful and we only suffer two seasons....warm and not so warm. Think of it as Hawaii without the volcanoes and humidity and you get kinda close.

Anyway, wanted to quick share a pic or two with you. I have to go get Lil" Wolfie from the clutches of Duey and Luey. (you'll meet them below).


Absolute Goofiness.......

So, as I wrote in the last post, Lil' Wolfie and I enjoyed a lively time at the Band competition yesterday. He's gone on a Soccer road trip down to Pasadena.........'bout 45 minutes away, to play a 45 minute game. This is his day with Mrs. P.........shewho won'tbenamed, I've decided that I'm about done with referring to her as that particular sobriquet for a while.

Seems a bit too negative for me. Now, the "Beautiful Mrs.P", is too far to the other side, evokes a picture of "longing". Wollf feels neither really negative nor longing feelings for her anymore. Thus, she is hereby and henceforth christened "Mrs. P.". Congratulations, Mrs.P., on reaching "Blase Indifference" emotional status.

Anyway, Mrs.P. is not really a sports fan. Nor does she wish to make road trips of the aforementioned type for sports. She did, however, and to her credit, allow him to go. Not with Wollf, but with his coach, my dear fruend, Herr M. I, of course volunteered to go, but Herr M. is shuttling Lil' Wolfie, Lil' M. and Gunney's Boy. The three little rascals.

Ten year old Friends for life. Lil' Wolfie didn't want to go until he found out he could ride "In the same Car" as his Cohorts. Everyone pray for Herr M.

Ninety minutes in the car with Huey, Duey and Luey. A Man of great Character is Herr M. So, anyway, (yes, obviously a med holiday), I decided to go through my pictures.

I was looking through the Band pics from yesterday, and the picture above caught my eye. It's of the Booster Parents, getting ready to lug all the equipment out onto the field for the Performance.

The photo was taken after Lil' Wolfie had located our "safe" area,( see below) and we were about 50 meters away from the shot. I cropped it and noticed that all the parents are busy chatting or watching the current performance..........................except one.
I couldn't have "Posed" the shot better if I'd paid models...........

I felt a slight chill,......... as a sniper who beads in on his target, and sees his "target" beading right back in on Him. An eye in a scope aiming right back at you.

OK, it wasn't Nearly that dramatic, but you get the picture. Anybody have a guess as to "who" that one parent was? Yup, you got it. If you don't, simply start at the's only about 97 posts to catch up. Holy Shi-ite, that's a lot of bad writing..........

Just struck me as odd. I mean in the psychological sense. Here we are, dissolving a twenty year relationship. No emotional ties. Wollf isn't "interesting" enough to work with to repair a relationship, but somehow she Has to know what he's doing. I'm not going to write anymore about it. Too much emotional energy that I don't want to waste.

But I found it Interesting in the Human sense. Do I care what Mrs.P's doing? No.................and yet absolutely Yes.

Humans are weird People.

Enjoy the day.

I'm debating Posting and then removing a quick shot I took of Lil' Wolfie as I yelled to him that we were leaving the Geekfest. It'll give you an Idea of why, besides of course being my youngest cub, of the Joy I have of spending time with the little smart aleck.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Geek Fest!

Close call today friends.......Lil' Wolfie and I, much to his chagrin, did a mini road trip to watch Bigger Wolfie do a Band Competition. Marching type, that is. Now, Before I get going on making Complete and Total fun of the event and its supporters, let me first qualify:

I am SO proud of Dude. He is "cool"........lucky he took up drums instead of clarinet......oh crap, I'm making fun already....hee hee. Really, his High School Band is "undefeated" in these things so far this year. A wholly talented bunch of youngsters. And the parents? A Darn lot of hard work and dedication to pull these things off. So, heartfelt kudos to the kids and the parents involved.

That being said, Whoa! Two seconds into the stadium, Lil' Wolfie whispers eerily, "I SEE GEEKY PEOPLE........" That, unfortunately set the tone of humor for the hour that we hung out.

And see them, and interact with them, we did. People get so into this! Matching tee shirts, "I Heart Flutes" beanies, necklaces with trombones on them. Grown people wearing feather boas in their Band colors.

Fellow leans over to us and says, "Hey, guys. You might wanna move over to the "other" section. We're kinda partial to Camarillo here."

Holy smokes, we were accosted by a Band Nerd. I was out of my element. USC game wearing my 'Zona colors? Not a problem. Bring it on. But this? The dude was 5'7'', 120 pounds, wearing a powder blue tee shirt with a stylized Drum Major on it. Intimidating.

We beat a cowardly retreat to the "safe" section of the stands. Lil' Wolfie noted that the guy was "spooky". Hey, I wasn't afraid for me. We just moved for the safety of my child. Yeah, that's it.

So, we watched, and thoroughly enjoyed the performance, only cheered in the wrong place twice. Yup, we were resoundingly "shooshed", and made our way to the snack bar. Whew, familiar territory at last. Ate a couple chili dogs, visited with Bigger and his band buddies, and swung over for Lil' Wolfie to say hey to his momma.

Ice daggers!! Not from Shewho won'tbenamed, but the rest of the Geek Squad. What did I do? Why the feeling of animosity? Well, we took our leave and headed back to the truck. As we did so, it struck me.

The bumper stickers told the story. "Bushitler", "Leave Iraq Now!", "Peace through Negotiation"..ets, etc.

Me, not wearing the standard Band Parent gear. I suppose that I "might" have stood out wearing my cammo cargo shorts, USMC-Peace Through Superior Firepower tee, and my Genuine "NCIS Sent me to Kuwait, Those Bastards" cammo Booney hat.

Note to self: Camouflage is wearing whatever it takes to Blend in. I have a few more of these to attend..........hmmmmm,

Anybody know where I can find a "I Heart John Philip Sousa" sweatshirt?
G'nite, have good dreams, be good People.

Pale Rider..........

Wollf's knees are pretty much shot. Running 5k is not an enjoyable experience anymore. Actually, I can't say as it's ever been, but there you go...................

What's Much better for our bodies anyway, is walking. It's what our biomechanics were designed for. Best cardio exercise there is.

But then there's biking. I don't mean the ten speed, 100 klick, 40mph road racing, or the Extreme moutain biking experience. I'm talkin' Cruzin'. I live in a really hilly, low car traffic, sprawling gated community, and I get a kick out of just riding around and enjoying the views.

That's where "Pale Rider" comes in. Yes folkes, I have posted a picture of my Bicycle. If you zoom in on it, you'll understand the name. I just happened to run across a picture from the day I bought it, and felt it would be a completely random thing to put it up.

Thanks to Michael's Bicyle Shop in Newbury Park. Great bikes, good People.

I'l be back a bit later to talk about Geekdom, and how Lil' Wolfie and I barely escaped being consumed by it.

Oops, actually, I posted that last nite, couldn't do the picture uploads. Checked some of the photos I took at the event and found an interesting "tidbit" know me, I'll talk about it....


In the News...........

J.K. Rowlings announced today that Albus Dumbledore is gay. It was Big News around the Shewho won'tbenamed household.

Uhm.........Is there something important here that I'm missing? I'm just insensitive, I suppose.

Somehow, the "News" didn't rock my world. Besides, If I'd thought about it, I'd have gone with Harry.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Low crimes and possible felonies.........

I kinda feel guilty this evening. Long about lunchtime I checked out a couple of my daily reads, and I read a comment that I felt compelled to respond to. Now, I was as polite as Wollf always is when it's proper. No name calling, just stating my "feelings". I'm getting oh so much more adept at that.

Wow, oh wow. One thing led to another, and a concerned, political blog degenerated into an Eff fest. Can't say the Dirtbag didn't deserve it. Actually, I could.......but I agreed completely with the Eff bomber. I am simply not that eloquent. Maybe I can take an extension course at the local JC?

Now of course, that little episode itself is not what I wanted to write about. I wanted to ask the question that most of you, I imagine, have wondered from time to time...............

Who the hell is this "Anonymous" guy that leaves comments on Every body's Blog? Dude is Busy! Think I'm pulling your leg? Pick a Blog at random. Go ahead............Ok, you're back.

See? You check the comments anywhere, the guy is running Rampant I tell you. He can't Possibly be gainfully employed. So.........Enough on this weirdo, but if anybody knows him, let me know. I want to talk to him.

I'm afraid he's possibly trying to "Hide" something. But what? Think, Wollf, Think !! in that "comments" section I was writing about earlier...................

I find out that there's More than One! Well, not actually. Seems I met the Real Anonymous. I know, because he signed his post that way. And if, as he says he's the real deal, then there's an Impostor out there. Maybe more than one.

Maybe two or Three! Like an identity theft "Ring"!! Sure, you think I'm a little loopy, that I'm just another "Conspiracy Theorist". No !! You've got to trust me on this. Look at the facts. One man, and I don't care How dedicated he is, CANNOT write all those comments, every single day. Even if he's on some Senator's payroll, or working some sort of Gummint Black Op.

Do you understand? Logic, People. It would take at least Two or Three counterfeit "Anonymous's" to do this kind of damage. That's why I want to talk this guy. I need to find out what his plan is. Don't worry, I'll take full responsibility and leave you all with plausible deniability. Wollf has your backs.

We have to band our knowledge together. If Everybody cooperates, I'm sure that we can......

Oh, Never mind.
I want some ice cream.
Back in a bit.

Besides, Bigger Wolfie's over this evening and I'm introducing him to "Lethal Weapon", the movie. Amazing how time flies. He's never seen one of the really good ones.....heh.....and he's friggin' Hooked!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Had a date with an Angel..............

Well, That was an enjoyable, though a bit short evening. Herr Boyfreund was quite pleasant, as usual. Kinda quiet, reserved..............oh what the heck, I think he's scared to death of me, go figure. Maybe I should stop wearing the ghillie suit when I'm first introduced to She-cub's prospectives?

Nah, why ruin the fun. It was all in all quite fun. Lil' Wolfie got into an odd mood, and decided to be the Maitre' D, waiter and busboy all in one. He did a fine job. We even tipped him two bucks.
He of course lost it before we got back to the truck.

Yup, I drive a truck. Did you picture anything else? It's just always made sense to me. I'm a product of my environment, I suppose. I ever tell you that I am a 'Zonan? Indeed I am. Born on the outskirts of Tombstone, Arizona, raised and lived in Tucson for 30 years. I do have a bit of Cowboy in me, though I like to think that I'm a "bit" more cultured than the stereotype.

Yes, I have rodeo'd. Yes, I ride a horse like I was born in the saddle, and yes, I do own a Peacemaker, the real McCoy, 45 caliber, single action Colt. Made in 1892. Perfectly functional, well oiled and loaded. Yes, I like "smokey old pool rooms, children an 'girls of the night'"

But, as usual, that's not what I wanted to talk about tonite..............I seem to have rambled, imagine that, and gotten off track. And Now, I've got to go on down the hill.

Regulars got my schedule worked out yet? If it's Thursday, I must be going to get Bigger from Band practice. Maybe shewhowon'tbenamed is right. I'm just not interesting enough. But Somebody's got to step up to the plate.

I'll be back shortly, maybe I'll write some more if there's interest.
Road trip idea! Hell, I own a coupla Sweet time shares, one in Tahoe and one "anywhere". Tahoe sounds pretty good. 'Bout 5 hours drive through some pretty country, or jump in the plane.

Hmmm..........I might Definitely be able to get used to this. If I feel like going, there's No one to have to plan around. Cubs want to come, there's always room.

I am definitely going to have to digest this new thing. I Really Can, up and go Whenever, Where ever and However I want. And..........I've got the Two bedroom suite in Tahoe any two weeks of the year.

I have got to go.
Oh yeah, to get Bigger, too.
I decided to get the tattoo

Gonna Be Bizzy tonight.....

Wow, first things first. That way you understand the reason for the picture.

The Inventors of Cool disappeared today. Joey Bishop, the last survivor of the Rat Pack, died today at the age of 89.

Frank, Deano, Sammy, Peter and Joey. The Rat Pack, the Original Ocean's Eleven, Robin and the Seven Hoods. No, George Clooney wasn't in it, you're thinking the remake of Oceans....why do I get stuck with being the historian?

Had to get that blurb in quickly, cuz I have a date tonite. Beautiful young woman. Professes her never ending love for Wollf. She'll probably move in with me. She's asked, I said I'd think about it.

Think I'm moving too fast? I don't. She's already got my last name. PSYCH!! I have a dinner date with my she-cub. Joy of joys! Gonna probably take K....oops, Lil' Wolfie too. Sorry, almost said his's just such a cool name....actually, All of three homebounds have great names.

Not your usual lot of family name, to be sure. Bigger is the most common for sure, but even his is rather unique. Wanna guess? Ok, Oldest to youngest, first letters are....A.....M.......K. Knock yourselves out. Nobody gets all three.

Anyway, I have to cut out of here right away, so as not to keep a Lady waiting.

Got you, though, didn't I? I'm ready, I think, now for a "friendly" relationship with a Lady. I'm going to just be myself, for once in a long time, and I figure there's Someone out there.

Wolf, remember? I like to interact with the pack.

See you after dinner.


Walks with Wolves??

U. S. Torture....Tha Horror !!!

Rare morning Post.

Thanks to K.T.Kat for the head's up.

More thanks to Truth Teller for this Blog. I won't bother reiterating what K.T. says about it. You can find both of these obviously fine Men in the Links below in the sidebar.

Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Shawn Weismiller
The Hide and Seek Torture
"Found You !"
Truth Teller's link, 'cuz I Still haven't figgered out how to mask it with a "title".
Makes Wollf smile to know there are Lots of People out there.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Coupla final things for tonite. First, I'l apologize for some really sub par writing. No, don't get a big head, I'm not apologizing to you readers. Sheesh,, all the time.

Nope, I just got back and reread the last two posts. Believe it or not, there were s'posed to be some salient thought involved, but between Bigger and L'il Wolfies, hardly a thought was properly aimed at target.

Come on,............ok, smarty pants, You try to write something of interest to yourself or Anyone else while concurrently trying to figure in your head "What word, when you add One 'S' becomes plural, but if you add Two 'S's becomes singular?" ........AND, "Hey Sire,( no, they don't really call me's the friggin' Wolf theme, my goodness).....

Where was I? Oh right, "Hey Dad, (better?), what's the square root of Three?"

It's a friggin' wonder I wrote a paragraph. It really is bad, though, and I shall Not redact it. I wrote it. I'll force myself to occasionally read it just to spite myself. So there you have it.

Oh, the other thing. I just looked at my profile. "Accounting"??? I am as Far from being an Accountant as can possibly be. One of you Jesters out there figure a way to do that? Humph, I'm friggin' mortified.

I happen to run a division of a "vewwy" large firm in the construction industry. Got an office with THREE windows in it. (that was a super secret inside shout out to a certain TW), and I make a "vewwy" comfortable living. But Accountant? Numbers? Math?

Never! I better change that right away. Gotta do the Links list too. I read and Love quite the Eclectic set of Writers here in the Matrix. (as you could never guess by my "One Subject Rants")

If you'd like to be included in the Wollfe me in the comments.
Going to get all soapy and clean now.
Nothin' else to say.

Oh, except..........The square root of three? 1.73
Anytime, I'm here for you.
Howz about my road trip ideas?


People are Not Disposable & Really, Really Big Things....

First, to get a new load off my chest. People, and you might have noticed that I always capitalize the word, are not to discarded as so much trash. They are to be cherished, or if not They themselves, their Memories.

Things happen. People change. Things change. I have no desire to go back to a place that has caused me and shewhowon'tbenamed so much emotional disruption and pain.

But I Refuse to pretend that twenty years does not exist. This, dear Wink, is definitely Not at time for Forgetting. I will cherish her name, even as I won't speak it here. I will fondly remember the wonderful times, the trips, births of cubs, walks, conversations. The overcoming of the "tough" times together.

Too bad really, that she doesn't understand this. Or...........quite possibly, Ol' Wolfie is just full of shi-ite. Maybe I should be angry, refuse to care At All. But I think I've come too far on my journey. She's gone. I've accepted. I'll move on............soon?

But I'll honor, if not her actions and decisions, her memory.

Now for News........... I just absolutely think that it is outrageously cool that the Newest Big thing was unveiled this week, as was the Oldest Big thing. Airbus delivered its first Super Goshdarn Humongous airplane, the A380. 239 feet long.......a football field is 300.

And, Paleontologists discovered a new/old Dinosaur species. Big old Diplodocus lookin' critter, and 150 feet long. Great fun.

Then Ellen Degenerus.......forget it, I can't spell her name, and the story's pretty stupid too.

I am about ready for some fun. Think I'll plan a road trip. Ideas anyone?
Takin' Cubs back down the hill..............bummer

But what..........will it be.........

Yup, Wollfe just seems to have had one of "those" days. Everything going fairly well, when of a sudden my nape fur stands of its' own volition. That weird, feeling of danger that I've gotten right before the fit hits the shan.

A strange and uncomfortable feeling that emanates from my groin. The same feeling you sometimes get when you're too close to the edge. Of something so high that People look like insects.

It's happened so many times in the past..........seconds before a knife is pulled and I have to intervene to stop bloodshed. I of course , am the one to bleed before tossing the blade behind the bar.

One verse of a Country song before the truck in front of me spins wildly out of control on a deserted highway in the Arizona desert and plunges into an arroyo. I have to calm the cubs, climb down and give what aid I might, shouting back to Bigger to "Get me Blankets!". He was ok, too drunk to feel his broken pelvis.

Moments into a night jump that went terribly, terribly wrong.

Days before my second born she-cub was born. With a previously undetected hole in her heart. Prelude and reason for my first Covenant with G-d. I came through on my part of the bargain. So did He.

A week before I found my first mate with my best friend. He lived, but for a time wished that he wouldn't. We talk now, my Honor assuaged, his regained. His scars remain, but he understands.

Not a fiction. I could go on and on. Missed flights because I had "that" feeling. Breaking at a rest stop because I had vertigo and missing a twenty car pileup in a dust storm.

Ever since the fateful bull ride. Truly vexing, and I can't really tell anyone.....except here, where I'm not really known and it can be put off as creative prose. So it's safe to tell.

Something is going to happen. My spine is tingling. My senses are acute. Something unexpected will attempt to hurt the Wollf, but he will survive as always and become that much more aware of his feeling.
The Wollf isn't worried. Worry is a waste of energy. He's simply ready................

In Honor......Moonrise

K T Kat has a beautiful sunset posted on his website. Until I figure how to make a "Links" section, you'll just have to Google him.

Wolves are a tiny bit more into moonrise, heh.

Good Man, that K T....a little further down the single Dad path than I am.

Back tonite,


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Warning tonite......just gonna break out the scatter gun

Note to self: Remove patch before Blogging if you wish to be amusing. NOW, Dummy!

Oops, 'scuse me a moment. Turn your backs and don't look. That Includes You, Frau M. (Inside joke to the One person that actually knows me, heh) Oh, yeah, hold on.............................

There that's better. You can turn around and read now. Oh, don't look so disappointed. Ask Frau M, "I ain't All That". (ain't that Bad either, lol)

So, what's up for tonite? One subject was inadvertently given to me by someone that I owe a coffee.

Honor. .......and Celebrity. It seems from all the headline that we read, that the two are mutually exclusive. Hugh Grant with hookers, Paris with her panties, Britney and rehab, O J and "How he would've done it", ad infinitum..........................................Until:

Kiefer Sutherland. Now, hold on, I know what you're thinking. (I've read your blogs, remember?) Yes, he was arrested AGAIN for DUI. Yes that's bad. In fact, it's friggin inexcusable.

Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle, (or in my case a horse....don't laugh, it was against the law, but at least he knew his way home.......where was I?) Oh yeah. If you've driven drunk, you were three paragraphs beyond stupid.

You needlessly risked your life, other People's lives and most importantly, My life and the lives of my cubs. So, if you have, and you know who you are, consider yourself Wollf slapped. Don't do it again. I like you, and I need the readers.

Baaack to Kiefer. Dude has a problem. Hasn't been able to shake the alcohol demon as of yet. But,

He has HONOR. He didn't hire expensive legal counsel, he didn't play the "I have a disease" card, he didn't plea for mercy. He didn't whine.

He plead No Contest. Took the beating he deserves. No ankle bracelet, no fourteen minutes in the jail anteroom sentence. He's doing Time. As Regular time as it's possible for a "target" like him to do. 48 days, I think.

Honor. He plead out the No Contest as a deal. Not for him, remember, Money=Get off scott free.
For the hundreds of regular People who would be financially and professionally affected if his Show, 24, couldn't shoot because he was out for a week or so during its' filming schedule.

So he took the full Monty in order that he could do his time during the shows' hiatus. And the grips and the best boys and the caterers, makeup People, carpenters, stuntmen, dressers, cameramen.......etc, forever......would still get a paycheck.

It wasn't their fault that he was stupid, that he has a "disease". He took responsibility and showed that he has Honor.

Wollf howls in respect for the little guy. You're stupid, Kiefer, but in my Log, you're a Man. I pray that you defeat your demons. You've shown guts. You can do it.

I'll talk again in a bit. Gotta have a few drinks......kidding.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Oops....not as short as I'd hoped

In every one's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. ~Albert Schweitzer

Well, Here I am. I need to finish the thought I was having when I was looking up that quote. As anyone who has been bored enough to read the early posts on this silly little thing knows, I have been moving steadily, with a few setbacks, out of one of the "many" dark times in my life.

Not to panic, I won't bore with another recitation. It's all there, spilt upon the ground of this "ones and zeroes" world. Binary i suppose, is the word. The purpose of this "hopefully" short post is to simply say "Thank you".

You all have helped to "rekindle" my inner spirit. Some of you have commented, some of you have e-mailed, some of you have "gently" chastised, or praised, or.......just hung around, finding something that piqued your interest. Heck, a bunch simply got their Google search all messed up, traveled through a digital worm hole and landed here in Wolfie land.

Then, split as quickly as they realized that they were in a "wrong" place for them.

I write as much for the People that have absolutely no interest in my drivel as I do for those quirky Souls that find this train wreck of a Blog interesting. Because, at the end of the day, I Have to write. A lot of our (is there such a thing as the "Royal" "our"?) regulars are also driven to write.

That's where the Magic is. This place that we're sharing is The Matrix. We're each different, disparate People, who for G-d knows how or why, have "found" a little tiny piece of each other.

We may well never meet out there in "Reality". But we have the chance through this medium to share almost anything with People we don't know.........and yet come to care Deeply about. I have read the essays and poems and humor and sorrows and political concerns of everyone who has posted.

If someone hasn't posted in a while, I wonder if they're doing well. I hope that they're too busy having a good time, or bettering themselves or their situation, that their dad is ok, or that they're winning their inner battle, or that their friggin' hamster is ok.

I've teased People, I've joked with People, I've been "told" that I've amused People or even made them Think in a different way. I like to think that I may even in some itty way, "helped" someone who is on the same, yet completely different Journey as I.

I've conversed with and been "accepted" by a few of what anyone with an ounce of sense would call "Bloggers of Renown". Serious People with Serious political and social concerns.

Essayists or Humorists or Poets or Pundits would be more correct. This Matrix allows us All to instantaneously touch the Souls of "millions" of People. (ok, in my case Three or Four). But they are Capital "threes or fours" of People.

I don't feel the need to make a grand political statement, I don't have the knowledge to advise on the current loan crisis, or the state of our union or even how to properly prepare a meal for twenty, (unless we're talkin' MRE's) or write Poetry that makes you cry............I'll try to leave that to the People that are much more talented than I.

I'm just a guy. A guy whose heart has been busted, and is slowly, ever so slowly, putting it back together again..............

I'm just a Man. A Man who wants to be a better Dad and a better Friend. A Man who is desperately searching for the definition of Love............

I'm just a wolf. An alpha male who has to protect his own, wreak his vengeance, dispel his urges, who needs his solitude almost as much as he needs his pack...............

I'm just a boy. Older than I seem. Younger than I am.

All of you Folkes have blown on the embers of my Soul whether you know it or not. My fire is rekindled.........thanks to you.

We all sing the same song, with different lyrics.

Wolff is Done being reflective for a bit.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rules for Dating my Daughter

With due credit to Bruce Cameron. I remember being scared half out of my mind whenever I would go to "Erika"s house when I was in high school. Her dad was rumoured to have been an SS Colonel in the War.

Later found out that he definitely wasn't, but when it came to his three daughters, beautiful I might add, he made sure we All bought into the myth.

I and many other Fathers have used parts of this hilarious list in "friendly" conversation with boyfriends. I call them all by their Amerind names,

"HewhoIallow Tolive"..........catchy, isn't it? Enjoy........unless you have a soon to be dating daughter, in which case........Burn it in your Memory.

Working out Forgiveness

I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is only another way of saying, I will not forgive. Forgiveness ought to be like a cancelled note - torn in two, and burned up, so that it never can be shown against one. ~Henry Ward Beecher

Now as for Wollf, I seem to have a great amount of Forgiveness in me. It may have entirely too much to do with the Forgetfulness that is so manifest in my ADD nature.
Heh....Especially when it comes to the people that I truly care about.

Now that I'm being "treated", I'm able to focus on memories quite a bit better. Twenty years, even in the Best of relationships, can build up a huge number of resentments. With me, they weren't abundant. With Shewhowon'tbenamed, they piled to the clouds.

The key, in my less than humble opinion, is forgetting. Realize, that I didn't have to do the hard work of setting aside petty annoyances. I was simply "blessed" with two separate incidents of major head trauma. One, a less than friendly Brahma bull, and the other, a less that flight worthy Huey UH-1.

More on those stories as this Blog evolves, I'm sure. (Man of Mystery)....heh

Anyway, there really is a point. I probably should save the serious subject matter for Muggle days.

The way the human mind seems to work, we Cannot Forgive that which we cannot Forget. It is clear to me that once we make a conscious and spiritual decision to forgive someone, we should be Honor bound to do as Beecher says. Tear it up and burn it.

Put it out of your mind and up on a back shelf if necessary, but never look at it again. It's not fair to the person you have forgiven to bring it up again. Difficult? I'm sure it is, but if you have Honor, it can be done. The longer you avoid thinking about it, the more it fades into memory.

If you can't seem to shake it, if the bad memory of a wrong keeps popping into your haven't actually Forgiven, have you? Forgive me, if you will, for writing this tonight. It's wholly selfish on my part.

You see, the She-cub is having a difficult time with BoywhoIallow Tolive, and something he did to hurt her feelings. She told him that she forgave him, but continues to make him suffer. (not that I really care, he's not good enough forher anyway....heh, Who amongst Mortals is?)

I needed to work this out for me, so that I can help her to be a better Woman. I think the bottom line is that she has "accepted his apology", but she refuses to "forgive" him.

Seems I've seen that situation before.......hmmmm, oh well, I'm sure it'll come to me.

Done with serious. Taking a break.
Smokes if you got 'em.
Don't eat the C-rats, they're WWII.

Hey, dropped Lil' Wolfie off down the hill, took a little hike first and got this "pretty good" shot of one of the Kites. Darn I love watching them. Figured I'd post it to get my pic' off the front page.

Can't quite figure how to move it to the back burner where it belongs. Darn....there goes the readership.

But then, hmmmmmm.........I really have to forget that anyone is really "out" there while I'm writing anyway. I seem to personally be more happy with the results then. I Love the comments. Gives me more ideas, makes me better at sharing my thoughts.

Oh bother. Hope you like the Kite pic.

Time for a late lunch.

Who is Wollf? Graphic Warning!

I was asked by a few people what I looked like. Well........there you have it. As described, just a regular guy. I was giving Lil' Wolfie photog lessons last evening, (Literally praying that he wouldn't drop the camera), and he took this shot "his own self".
I cropped it as an "inside" to a person I admire. heh, at least I amuse myself.

I'm going to try to move it over to my "about me" section so it doesn't pollute the "all skate" area. I am environmentally conscious, don't you know. Heh.

Probably lost a few readers on this one.

Back in a bit.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heather and Clones and Poets

"Take your dying with some seriousness. Laughing on the way to your execution is not generally understood by less advanced life forms, and they'll call you crazy"

The Author of which was Richard Bach.

My first born child wrote it in her Journal two months before she died. I thought it was hers. She lived her life like that. She was a Poet, a Child, a Sailor, a Cop. She's been gone now for going on four years. I miss her and think of her often. Today will be one of those days.

Her cats' name was Rommel. Her Love was a G-Man. Her writing was intense. I think I miss her most when I want to share an odd thought..........

I'm not sad anymore. I wish she were here. She understands.

I hope "they" think I'm crazy when my time comes.............

Thanks.......(?) anonymous for the info. Doesn't change the posts' emotion.

Parte' Deux.......

An Abridged Dictionary. Lil' Wolfie was reading one the other day while up here with me at Walkabout House. Yes, folkes, he "reads" the dictionary. Hmmm, I'd be concerned, but I used to do the same thing and look how well I turned..........nevermind.

So he looks up at me and asks, "What does Abridged mean, Wollf?" Wel, I explained that it didn't contain all of the words, it was a shorter version with only the more prevalent words in it.

He then said, " doesn't include the letters "Q" and "X"?" , followed immediately with a stone serious, "And i suppose it's cheaper too...." I truly almost had a hernia, I was laughing so hard. I Love that cub.

This is going to look like an All Lil' Wolfie, All the Time posting tonite.........way random, and if you're new, just follow the thread, (that's blog talk for keep reading backwards), to understand the Totality of the randomness. I personally am enjoying it.

It's kind of like letting your Labrador off the leash in the woods. He just runs and runs, with a huge grin on his face from the sheer Joy of being free. He'll eventually calm down and come back to you, exhausted and happy that he was able to go Wherever he wanted.

Oh yeah, Lil' Wolfie. I sometimes, (No, not with shewhowon'tbenamed), run a new Amerind name by him for his thumbs up/down. He gave me one the other day and I had to write it down.

Walking Eagle.

Has a nice ring to it. He wants that to be Bigger Wolfies' name on this blog. I was duly impressed with the little guy. Then I asked him what it meant to him.

"Oh Dad, I'd rather not say". I of course pursued, knowing with Fatherly instinct that "Sumthin" was up by the curl of his upper lip. What does it mean?

It means that his brother is so full of "crap" that he can't fly..................Not to worry, you doubters, Yes I explained that it was improper to speak of his elder brother in such a disparaging way.

Ok, After laughing loooong and hard with him over it. Hey, I'm not perfect. Now you know.

Lil' Wolfie........sheesh he's gettin' bigger.......just launched himself onto my shoulders.....had to rewrite the last paragraph. That's a first. Everybody take note:

Wollf Howlsatmoon "Edited" before posting.
We have to take an ice cream break. I have Haagen Daz Banana Split. Lil' has Choco Chip Cookie Dough.

Yum. See you in a bit for the next installment of..........."What is He Talking About??"


Grins Goofily..............

Hey, I just found out that if you hit "Enter", it publishes your post!! Oops......More coming up, typing furiously with my paws........Oh yeah, is "Goofily" a word?

Oh, and guess what I took holiday from today?

I'm back. Yup, it was a Muggle patch Holiday. Picked up Lil' Wolfie down the hill this morning at 0900, and he's with me till tomorrow pretty much whenever I decide to take him back to Shewhois Missinganempathy Chip.

Warning, I have No idea where this is gonna go tonite, but oh my, That one really sounds like a True Amerind Name. Feel free to pronounce it in your head any way you wish. I'm sure that it will sound nicer than the single syllable word starting with a "B" that I was thinking for a part of the day.

And then USC went and defeated, (barely) my poor little Arizona Wildcats. Barely for the "Cats is a major emotional victory. You see, when it comes to football, they perennially "suck". But I cheer for them anyway. Oh bother.

Where were we? Oh yeah, K............oops again, Lil' Wolfie has been with me all day, and it has been the Adventure. He's not sure, but he "thinks" he likes his Sire better sans patch. Says that I'm "funnier" a "Random" sort of way.

He shows no sign of ADD, but he's intelligent and open enough to totally get it. And just "twisted" enough to really think it's humorous. He helps me quite a bit. Not even remotely shy about stopping me in mid sentence with an announcement of, "RANDOM!".

I think I'll post this now and come back to it. Not as though I have to keep a flow going tonite, because.........."RANDOM!"..........see how that works?

Walks with Wolves.....

Wollf's concern is relieved. He worries. He's silly that way.

Tonite, we open the grab bag of topics and have fun, what say?

Good Morning.

Have you ever awakened just, plain lonely?

Wow, I just did. I've got one of those "body" pillows.
It's quite comfortable.

It ain't a "body". The nights here are starting to become chill.
What to do.............Especially after last nite's post.
Well, I'm not lookin' for one nighters, anyway. Heck, it'd probably be a "good" idea
to avoid sex and intimacy for a bit.

Are you nuts? Ok,.........Maybe you're right. I not ready...but Somethin' happened to me last night. Bears further study.

How about a Snuggle Buddy?

Have some breakfast
Remember the orange juice

Give yor Love

Friday, October 12, 2007

Let me Clarify...............

Ok, ok......I blew it. No friggin' colors, no stupid Feather.
Just as below, imagine the dots to be wollf prints.
Better? Sheesh, you people, The Tattoo..........


I Love you all.......some more than others, but whose counting?

I oughta go. I am annoyed as hll at Shewhowon'tbenamed.
Irresponsible. Once again chooses her "happy" guage over what's right and Honorable.

This time affecting the cubs. Going to the USC football game with friends instead of supporting Bigger Wolfie in his competition. Do I step up and bail her out?

No Friggin' way. But, you know that I'll change my plans and take care of Bigger's needs.
Unfortunately, doing the Right and Honorable thing for Wolfie sends the wrong friggin' message
to his playgirl mom.

Shi-ite Militia!!! What to do? Have her car stolen or impounded while she's down their?
(yes, I have that ability)..............It's just Childish

Maybe back later.