Thursday, February 24, 2011

And then there's This just in.....

.....It is rumored that the Libyan Despot Dictator has been shot.

That's all well and good, but how the hell do you spell his name???

I guess it's easy......

So tell me........ you think this did any good for the trees?

I'm kind of surprised one of those old trees didn't just uproot itself and punch a hippie in the snoot just to shut them up......

All Righty then.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

I love this......but, I'm easily amused.....

The Cubs and I will be playing this game tis evening.......

What are the bets........will M'Lady Dragn,

A) Laugh hysterically.

B) Say that we're Sick Puppies.


Herewith: Cat Bowling!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Fourth Horseman......?

This is an incredible piece of video. At the 1:20 mark you clearly see some greenish figure moving through the crowd.

Between the crowds of protesters and barricades, the video shows a flowing, pale green image that resembles an erect rider atop a horse in Medieval-like barding.

The ethereal figure remains for a few moments before floating over protesters' heads and off the screen.

Is this the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse?"

Kinda spooky, any ways.......

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have heard a LOT of stuff.........

.......About...."How can a Conservative like Wollf live in California?"..........

Ok, I get that, our State is in a grave, mostly Liberally induced Decay.....BUT....

Here's a photo of a part of my front got this? No, you don't. It's February, and I have Birds of Paradise blooming...........

Then, there's the fact that my Cubs and their Frinds can camp out in the back yard......well let's just say, All Year Long.........*and yes, there is an Eagle Scout in that photo.....*

Then, there's Wollf the Elder, my oldest Son.....who, by the by, is a major outdoorsman, can hike to the beach any day of the week, all year long...might get rained on, but he is not sweet enough to melt........

.....And of course, there is the Football...... Lil'Wolfie....heck, he is tough enough now, Kiefer, loves his hitting, and he wouldn't do good in that snow thing......

If not for the "lack" of weather.......well, we would not be here. The State is truly run by a bunch of Fruits and Nuts......

But the 'regular' Folk.....wel, we're here for the lack of Seasons.......ain't no snow to shovel, know what I mean?

Love you cold weather Folks and Friends....hope you all weather the Winter.

*Er, "what's Winter?"*

Get it?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Killing Americans - Mexico's New Sport?

My Darlin' Wife, Dragn, mentioned to me that she was interested in joining the Church on a Help the Needy trip to Mexico this Spring.

Guess what I said...... and I very Rarely say it to her about what She wants to do.....

Missionary shot dead for no apparent reason New York Times -- February 6

Members of a rival cartel? Hardly.

Killing of Missionary Rattles Texas Borders

Pharr, Texas -- Mexico has always had a reputation here as a place where things can go wrong in a hurry.

But the fatal shooting of a Texas missionary across the border late last month has reinforced the widely held belief in this region that the country has become a lawless war zone.

The missionary, Nancy Davis, who had worked in Mexico for decades, was shot in the back of the head by gunmen in a pickup truck who had pursued her and her husband for miles in Tamaulipas State.

Her husband, Samuel Davis, piloted his bullet-ridden truck across the two-mile international bridge here, driving pell-mell against traffic on the wrong side of the bridge to evade the pursuers and reach an American hospital. He arrived on the United States side too late to save Ms. Davis, 59.

State Department officials say that 79 American citizens were murdered in Mexico in 2009, and that at least 60 were killed last year from January to November, though an official annual figure has yet to be compiled.

The numbers have been rising since 2007, when 38 American citizens were murdered in Mexico, State Department records show. [...]

The Pharr police chief, Ruben Villescos, said the motive for the attack remained a mystery. He said the men in the three trucks followed Mr. Davis for miles and boxed in his pickup to force him off the road. Several shots were fired, and Ms. Davis was hit in the back of the head.

I have been more than knee deep in the shi-ite in my life. I won't go to Mexico as a civilian. Sorry Darlin', but I hope you see my point. Having you alive is much more important to me than building a shed for somebody I don't know.

Any bodies have thoughts? Hey, maybe I'm out of line here......
Oh, what I said?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

....Ok, so maybe I have a strange sense of humor.....

.....but I really found this News to be amusing.

I hate the idea of arranged animal fights, be they Dogs to Chickens.

And when "an alleged" illegal gets his.....from a Chicken no less, it makes me feel all warm inside.

DELANO, Calif. -- A Central California man who was at a cockfight died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb, officials confirmed Monday.

Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, of Lamont, was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he was injured in neighboring Tulare County on Jan. 30, the Kern County coroner said.

An autopsy concluded Ochoa died of an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf.

Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt said it was unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to Ochoa's death.

"I have never seen this type of incident," Sgt. Martin King, a 24-year veteran of the sheriff's department, told the Bakersfield Californian.

Ochoa and the other spectators fled when authorities arrived at the scene of the fight, King told the newspaper. Deputies found five dead roosters and other evidence of cockfighting at the location, he said.

No arrests were made at the cockfight.

Cockfighting is a sport, illegal in the United States, in which specially bred roosters are put into a ring and encouraged to fight until one is incapacitated or killed....

Sadist got what his Neandertal ass deserved.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid being arrested for manslaughter.

Oh.....and still Eff you, Michael Vick.
Over and Out.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Did you know........

That Vladimir was assigned to Ronald Reagan?

In May 1988, President Ronald Reagan traveled to Moscow for his 4th summit with Mikhail Gorbachev. The Soviets prepared a grand welcome; buildings across from the Kremlin were repainted, streets repaved and trees and flowers planted along the boulevards.

The president’s schedule included attending the Bolshoi Ballet, speaking to students at Moscow’s State University and visiting Danilov Monastery, while First Lady would tour Leningrad.

In the above photo, the man with the camera around his neck standing behind the boy was the current Russian Prime Minister (and former president) Vladimir Putin.

He was pretending to be a tourist in his capacity as a KGB agent.

On that day, on the Red Square, Gorbachev introduced Reagan to various tourists, who asked the American president pointed questions about subjects such as human rights in the United States.

The photographer of this picture, Pete Souza, turned to the Secret Service and commented, “I can’t believe these tourists in the Soviet Union are asking these pointed questions.”

The agent replied, “Oh, these are all KGB families.”