Thursday, October 25, 2007

Yup, That Picture Again. ........

Let it be known to those gentle readers, new to the Wollfe's Lair, Loyalists, Friends and Friends Becoming.............

This Photographic Symbol shall stand Henceforth for warning that Wollfe has HAD IT.

I still need to vent occasionally on this stuff. If there's no writing after this warning, I am Dispersing my Frustration as we speak. It'll post in a bit.

But hey, don't miss the Youtube clip. It kept me from going Friggin' Ballistic.

.........Time has passed. I watched the silly video again, FOUR times with Lil' Wolfie........Way impossible for me to remain Completely Pi$$ed when he's around.

Don't know what I'd do without my Best Lil' Friend. Yes I do. And I'm sure it would make the small town papers.....

It was almost Rage, Folkes. Frustration and Rage. I have NEVER uttered a Mean word about that woman. (Newcomers, check the Glossary for most common). I can't even bring myself to use one of her Glossary names. In Particular in these pages.

That would not be fair. There is no opportunity for her to defend my words. And although I know for a fact that the reverse is less than true, I would not be a Man of Honor if I Defamed her.

That being said, she is a Total ..........&^%$@#$**^&^#@%%^&^&(!!!

Dammit, K T Kat!!! It's His fault, darn it. I had a most Excellent Rageful Rant going here, and He,.......He........hee hee, heh....HUH!

I'm just going to quit. I'm just Not Angry any more.........

Here, in explanation to my poor, unfullfilled Readers, (Because of You, below, right side, Wollf Pack),

I shall just cut and paste the comment which I left on his site which, by the way, I shall NEVER mention again,(below, right side, Wollf Pack)

That will teach him to beware the Anger of Wollf!!

Unless you make him laugh........cheaters.

Howlsatmoon said...
HEY......I'm TRYING to be PI$$ED off over here!!

Sheesh, Between your Comments and Lil' Wolfie just being....well, Lil' two are absolutely RUINING my HORRIBLE MOOD.

Look, You even made me write something Funny, Darn it!

I gotta finish the vent. I'll send you the Podiatry bill. I might have to drop one of my dum bells on my foot to get riled up again.

See? You did it again.

The dropping weights on my foot didn't even help.......
Maybe tomorrow?

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K T Cat said...

Whoohoo! I got blogrolled! I think there was something else going on in this post, but since I am totally self-absorbed, all I really read was blah blah blah K T blah blah links over on the left hand side blah blah KT blah.


In all seriousness, thanks for the link.

I just popped over to watch the video again, too and then went up to the main page to see what else was new. I also emailed the link to the video to a bunch of friends.

As for the rest, you can find my email through my profile. Let's talk off line if you'd like.