Thursday, February 28, 2008

The worst day in a Life.......

Ok......just a bit of a bits and pieces, ADD style, and because this is a relatively PG-13 might be for the best...heh.

Without stating for the record "who" this happened to, although it Really happened, and without being too graphic, because it was Entirely too graphic.....a little, bitty story of a few days.....train of thought wise.

If you were here, you'd get the story with all the inappropriate gesturing, hand wringing and gesticulating that makes it a bit more memorable. Ladies, cover your eyes.....Man talk, don't you know.....heh

Costa Rica. A number of miles inland from the Pacific Coast. I..oops...this Man had been In Country in "another" Country for two weeks, the fun accomplished, and doing a solitary evac through Civvy channels......One and only one Gallon of Good water, as in Microbe absolutely necessary bus ride full of Peons, one poor and miserable chap with a sick chicken in a box, needs water and decides to beg a sip of the Gallon.....compliance is deemed necessary. Pours the ENTIRE Gallon of potable water on the stupid "Pollo". It comes comes around and stands up and his Owner is quite happy.

The friggin' Gallon of Potable water is gone. It's Ninety degrees, easily One Hundred and Ninety percent humidity.......the well seemed like a good idea at the time.......

Owww, sleeping on the beach naked in a hammock, Moctezuma takes his Legendary Revenge.......Horrid cramps, the trots to the ocean, throwing up, wash face, .......mistake, turn around wash face......bigger mistake.....back to the hammock.....

Finally, after a few trips, a fitful sleep........the sound of footsteps, shocked awake,'s a friggin' huge iguana, aaaagh....almost shot the damm thing......back and forth to the ocean..........

Finally truly asleep, awaken to hear a weird and scary noise......... woosh sniff woosh, sniff............It's a Cow that is staring directly at the face....licking face.........Surrender to the inevitable?

No......hike, cramping, smelling, the little coastal village. A Pharmaceria! A pill in the village, a visiting Doktor......It seemed half the size of the iguana from the night before. Choked it down with a swig of tequila......

That was when the pharmacist says that "No, Senor, it's a suppositorio, Eet goes een your Butt......."

Eeeew, as my love would say......Didn't go again for almost two weeks........But it worked almost immediately.....except....didn't go again for almost two weeks....

Made it home and life got back to "normal" after a bit.......the lady made an off handed remark that the storyteller had no a$$.........

He used to, but he seems to have lost it on a beach somewhere in Costa Rica.....aaaaahhhhhhhoooowww.

"I left my a$$ Costa Rica........high on a hill, it calls to me......"

True story......I believe the feller who tells it......heh.

Goodnight, I have one more day and a wake up......I'll post occasionally if there's any interest. Hope to sleep on the beach a night or two.......

They don't have cows or iguanas......or sickly chickens, do they?
Love you guys.

*shoulda shot the damm chicken*


Sargeant Sergent?

I just noticed an old Friend onsite. Good day and Greetings, Sargeant!! Looking forward to hoisting a Brew....or iced tea with you.

Florida.....Here I come!!

Lieutenant *call sign* Wollf
Got any tangos need scorchin?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another bit of rather silly Philosphy........

I am a Catholic. Not a "Good" Catholic, but rather more akin to the first two definitions that pop up in the Dictionary.......

cath·o·lic (kăth'ə-lĭk, kăth'lĭk)

1) Of broad or liberal scope; comprehensive: “The 100-odd pages of formulas and constants are surely the most catholic to be found” (Scientific American).

2) Including or concerning all humankind; universal: “what was of catholic rather than national interest” (J.A. Froude).

Wow.....deep without really trying, eh? My Father, the Sar'Major was a Catholic. My Mother was a "sorta" Grandfather always impressed me as a Mystic.

"Religion" was never a major part of my life as a child.....excepting that....heh, my parents had Five children.......ANY....and I think I really mean ANY ....excuse to get the kids the heck out of the house.

I went, along with my Best Friend to Catachism class on Wednesday evenings.....then we waited outside on Sunday mornings for the Baptist Sunday School bus........confusing?

Hey, looking back on it, I kinda figure that was the only time Momma and the Sar'Major had to......uhhhh, well you know......uhhh....HEY, they had Five of us, and knowing me as you do, it by G-d wasn't Immaculate Conception.......

So.....where was I? Bookmark please? Oh Clap, let me read back....dumdumdumdum....OK, got it!!

I have claimed to be a "lapsed Catholic".....not the Truth at all, I would suppose that I am actually quite close to the main definitions of the "word" rather than the Religion.

I think that my going to Baptist Sunday school a few days after Catechism helped me to be more understand......"accepting"?... of other Religions....heck, in my High School days, I was attending the Church Services of the......oh, how shall we say....damm, I sound quite shallow......."The Girl o' the Month".

I went to Mass, Mass, Mass, Lutheran, Baptist, Mormon....oooh, she was "hot".....Mass, Mass, Evangelical....and even mixed in a Friends Bar Mitzvah or three.....never hit the Synagogue itself though...shame....but I didn't know any Girls that went.

So.....yes, I went back to see where I patch.......I have seen, and truly enjoyed , learning about many different Faiths....heh, and girls.......

What has always stuck with me is the Faith in One True G-d. No matter what. I don't "think", and I'm not self important to "think", that I have the answers....we will All know.......later.....

I end up going back to, and feeling comfortable with the things I learned from Grandfather and the Sar'Major. My Dad didn't....heck, Hasn't gone to Services of any kind in fifty years, claims he "gets" G-d every time he walks outside.

Grandfather spoke to Nature.....and it spoke it only can to the Peskotomahkati, "People of the Dawn".......My basis, I suppose, is Christianity....I think J.C. had it going on.....but, I refuse to discount other things....

Does any of this make any sort of sense at all?

I'm obviously in a "mood". Not bad, mind you....just a "mood". I'm much to old to change my religion for a "girl" of the month.....heh, there will only be One more, but I'm in a decidedly faith investigating mood........mine, not yours.

Although....I guess I'm not All that Catholic. I do not care for the Muslim religion. I do not care for it at all.....

May G-d bless you. And yours, and Mine.....He has already blessed me.

Deus Vult.

Wollf Photograph......'s almost a friggin' photograph!!! Had this done while witing for Lil' Wolfie to finish his pizza at the WWE thing Saturday. I didn't want to do it, but Bear talked me into it.

Truly was a Daisy of a day.....

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Anyway......Lil' Wolfie and Wollf had an absolutely wondrous time. Notwithstanding the average IQ of most of our fellow "Believers".....

Lil'Wolfie played "Wrestler Trivia"....I'll have the picture of his success in a day or so......just knocked the socks off of the competition.....a "gang banger" wannabee and a fellow in his thirties that REALLY should think about moving out of his Mothers' basement........eeeeeewwww.

I paid absolutely no attention to the World today. My day with Lil' was still fresh on my mind....I slept fairly well, had dreams of far off places, and adventures yet to be realised.......

The She-cub is on my mind a bit, having received a phone call from her Economics teacher, saying that if she missed another class, she would not be walking with her Class during the High School Graduation ceremonies.....

Not a pleasant thought. I spoke with her mom, the X-P, and we agreed upon a course of action......I think. Her mom has agreed not to "kill" her, which I consider a good thing, and I have agreed to take away the keys to "The Jeep".

Folkes, the withholding of "The Jeep" is the most powerful deterrent known to high school children. Even, and possibility more so, because She is "Legally" an adult. wheels....and better yet, no "Cool" wheels.

Maybe I'll drive it around a bit. Nah......chick magnet....don't need the confusion.

Anyways, She'll get it back, she'll graduate with her Class, and all will be rosey. We can only hope.

Lot of things on my mind as of late......I'm down to the financials regarding the divorce, the relationship "seems" cordial....I'll hope that it remains so. I need a bookkeeper....ADD, remember? I suck at record keeping. I keep them........want to see the suitcase? Aaaagh.

So.....yes, a Totally Wizard patch, lots of emotion to fan the fires of my imagination......and I hop on a plane in THIS go on my Adventure.

D.....ammm, Nation....I am truly excited. Good nite my Friends.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

WWE World Smackdown Tour.......

Wollf went on another Adventure today.......took Li' Wolfie and the bear to the World Smackdown Tour at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Wow, are my bone tuckered out.

Lil Wolfie pronounced it as an Eight on the Ten scale for Great times. Bear was a bit disappointed that there weren't any "lady" bears on hand. I'll expand this posting a bunch tomorrow morning.....should have some pretty good pictures done to add to the was really a Daisy of a day.

As an aside.....whooo-boy, the average IQ level of that crowd? Don't even ask. Talk to you in the morning.

Florida and Vacation beckon my Soul....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Al Sadr holding off on Armaggedon for another Six Months of Wolfie's VERY rare politicals...and I'm a bit concerned too.


"According to an order by Sayyid Muqtada, activities of the Mahdi Army will be suspended ... for another six month period," al-Sadr's aide Hazim al-Aaraji was quoted as saying.

He used the term "Sayyid", which is an "holy" title for al-Sadr during his sermon at a major mosque in Baghdad.

Al-Sadr's decision to stop senseless Murders, (Wollf's term....the MSM calls it a cease fire), for up to six months last August was widely credited with bringing the Iraqi death toll down more than 60 percent since it began.

The other piece of the puzzle is the surge of U.S. troops and use of Locals in the battle against Al Qaeda in Iraq........

Here's the deal with Al Sadr.....he's the little fat guy with the Black Turban, always shaking his fist at the evil Americans......

Remember the name of his "Mahdi Army"? Well, "Fat Dude in Bad Hat" is a Shi-ite.....yes, sounds amazingly like one of my curse words...for a reason. It is. And it's exactly what I think of these folks.

The Mahdi......that's Arabic for "divinely guided one" their version of Christianity's "Second Coming", or the Jewish Messiah who's supposed to straighten things out at the end of time.

Mahdi teams up with their prophet Isa, Islam's version of Jesus, and then brings about Heaven on Earth.

This all occurs kinda in the same time sequence as the "Revelation" stories.....Beast shows up as the Anti-Christ, gets a good G-d slapping, and we all move "joyously" on to the Final Judgement.

Muqtada al-Sadrin, in his role as "divine cleric", the "Shi-ite-head" followers believe him to be an infallible Imam, or "teacher", claims that the Madhi is back and that America knows it.

More interestingly, al-Sadr has repeatedly claimed that the real goal of the Iraq invasion was for U.S. Forces to capture and kill the Mahdi, and thus destroy Islam.

The Mahdi Army wants to fight. It is their belief that they "must", in order to hurry the appearance of Allah's kingdom on Earth.

Sound like an Indiana Jones sequel to you?

Another quickie lesson in Religion from Wollfie..... The two major Religio-Political factions in Iraq? Sunnis.....the "less evil" one, use the term Imam for just about anybody that leads a "sermon" in their mosque. Shi-ites believe that an Imam is that "infallible", "divine" fellow that I referred to above.

Hard time telling the two apart? Use Wollf's simple method of Enemy Identification...just like it sounds.....Sunni = "Sunny", as in maybe you'll live to see another sunrise. Shi-ite....heh, you get the drift on their disposition.

Bottom line to my unease today is that this little fat rat ba$tard weilds entirely too much power for the good of the World. His Mahdi thugs are murderers and worse yet, psychopatic murderers who believe it is their duty to bring about Armaggedon.

And the Main Stream Media is extolling this little pus-pocket, bad bearded, puke as the "Hero of the Day". He's asking his "army" not to kill anyone for another six months. Hoo friggin' Ray.

I am a hero too, I suppose. I've decided not to rob any convenience stores for a few months.

Eff him. He is a Bad Guy. Step on him like a Palmetto Bug before he becomes a friggin' Head of State and our Laws preclude his assasination.

Simply put.....They want us.....dead. Or converted. I know that in my case, that would mean dead. I'd write more, and become even more incensed.....but I keep getting e-mails that warm my feet.

Or is that Heart? Damm, I get so confused.

Thanks for Islamic End Times, the Condensed, Wollfie Version. Next week we'll try the Book of Ezekiel.......


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Way patch and Bad Color Vision...

That Moon.....or lack still in my mind tonight. I felt, uh, um...I don't even know the proper word......I'd say stressed....but that is simply too severe. It's been nothing but low, dark clouds and constant drizzle, with an occasional downpour since I cut out of my office this afternoon.

Color blindness...the "severe" kind, pretty much everything is shades of gray, except a handicap to safe driving in the gloom and rain. I see ranges of dark to bright that you "human" people can't. just so happens that my vision is very close to that of my namesake. It is never, and I truly mean Never, darker to me than it might seem to you at about dusk. It has to do with the number of rods and cones that we have in our eyes.

One does "light-dark", the other "color differential". What I lose in color, I have gained in shade differentiation.......too damm complex for my simple typing skills, but I hope you get the point.

There is NO such thing as camoflage to my eyes. I am the perfect companion on a hunting trip, even though I don't shoot animals any more. 0203 was the MOS...yah know?

Anyway, "gloom" is my enemy while driving. I'm easily distracted anyway, and when I can't see.......and I really mean that one.....whoo boy. I handled it, got the Cubs to where they needed to be, back and forth....forth and back.....spoke with an Angel, got stood up for dinner by my She-cub....

Hell...."X" text messaged me, asked if I wanted her to drive the Cubs around. I politely responded, thank because I was done driving by then, and proceeded on with some homework with Lil Wolfie.

Just got back from picking up Bigger at his Drumline practice, and I'm just tuckered out. Stayed up a bit late and didn't sleep altogether well last night.

I probably should have just written this over at "noon".....but the old brain isn't working all that well.....I suppose I was a bit stressed.

Can't believe how excited I am about the roadtrip.......oh, that is a bald faced lie. Of Course I can.

Just listen to the song'll understand. I didn't find it by the way. Leah did. La La La.......oh, 'scuse me.....Guys don't do that do they?

Heh. Goodnight Friends,

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There is No Moon..........

No Moon. There was a Moon. But as it rose, it slipped away. So much for something that you cannot ever touch, to hold, to explore........

You gaze upon it, but you can't hold it. You try to embrace it, but it is unembraceable. You are not able, and it is not willing. It does not exist. It is gone.

But then, the Light begins to form again, your patience and hard earned understanding shows the way. The Moon returns.............Like a Soul. You know it's been there all along, hidden by the shadow......nothing to sing to......and then it not only returns, it returns with a magnificence that you could not ever have imagined.

But it is a different Moon, a different Soul......older than imagining, younger than a Babe......but it is here. The Path has led Her to you, you to Her.

From unimagined distances. Across years of time.

The Moon was gone.....but it never existed in the first place. The New Moon, the only Moon has shown it's Lovely face.

Wollf howled at a sky without a Moon tonight. The total eclipse was a spectacular and spiritual time. The Cubs saw it too.....I wonder if they saw what I saw?

Return. Rebirth. I have the ability to love. And it doesn't matter anymore whether I can see the Moon or not to howl.

I Know it is there. As I howl in yearning, I finally can hear This Moon.....howl back.

Beautiful night Folkes......sorry for being wordy about something that I don't quite yet understand.

Sing to the Skies.....whether you see a Moon or's there,

Just hiding.

How is it that Anyone would consider this battered old Wollf "The Big Door Prize"?

Wollf...............eight.....and "la la la" right back at ya.

A Link For Leonidas........

A special little treat for my Friend ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ, of Fighting in the Shade.

Wild Thing has done a Post on Hillary's Gun Control views and the graphic she used just Screams "ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ".

Just use the "clickie thingie" to see it.
PC Free Zone

Then leave a note if you like, and repeat after Wollf, "Molon Labe!", Ancient Greek for, "Bring it On."

Deus Vult, Leonidas,


Well, Ain't this just a Daisy of a Song?

This is just because....."She's in the Mood".....

Devar.......that's really "Something"....heh, I amuse myself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

All right....who let the Cat out of the Bag??

Wollf wakes up this morning, fires up his computer, and sees.......This....

Come on People......this was supposed to be a low key vacation.....a break from the opportunity to see my future and the pathways that are possible...

In a Leisurely manner!! For crying out loud!! I had no idea that Wollf was this popular with the Cuban People of South Florida.

And who are these People? I'm really touched.....a small reception at the airport would have sufficed.......I mean ....lining the streets? Making placards and waving signs? All for me? I'm so moved......I wish the signs were in English so that I could trully feel the depth of their devotion to "Howling at the Moon"....

And....who the hell is This old Geezer? Nice that he takes time out of his day of Canasta and shuffleboard to come out and wave in greeting to Wollf....but it wasn't really necessary, old buddy.

I am going to find out who snitched me out........ten days to go, please, don't tell the Irish. The Cubans are a bit embarassing in their celebration. The Irish? Hory Clap, have you ever seen the New York Saint Patties Day parade? I couldn't handle it.

Oh....Eff Castro.....both of 'em. Shoulda been a terminated Tango back in the Sixties.

Nice of him to wave at me though. Not really a bad fellow for a despicable, Communist, Dictatoring, slack jawed, Murderous Despot.....if you know what I mean.

Gotta take the Cubs down the hill.

I'm a shameless Stealer....

But can you blame me? I saw this Recruiting Poster over at Wild Thing's site, and simply had to have it.

Too bad the eyes aren't brown....Sidebar addition, Here We Come!!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Tohono O'odham......

The Papago. The name of the Amerind Tribe where I grew up on the outskirts of Tucson. The picture is of San Xavier del Bac, the White Dove of the Desert, a mainstay of the Reservation area.

Just kinda feeling like remembering feels good sometimes. I had a number of Papago friends growing up, there being no "Indian School" that properly educated anyone, let alone the kids.

Since I've been gone, the Tribe has officially changed their moniker back to the original Tohono O'odham......seems the Mexicans and Anglos tossed the Papago term out at them and it stuck.

Hey, can't blame them, the New-Old name has a nicer ring to it, and they named themselves......"People of the Desert".

A proud and peaceful people....steeped in the Traditions. Their only mortal enemy, that they recognised, was the Maricopas.....a marauding, merciless band of Apache. A number of historians cede credit to the Papago for getting them in essence wiped from the face of the earth.

But not until after Harvest. They would be attacked, their women stolen, raped, their fields ravaged.....they would wait. And they would respond in overwhelming force, using whatever additional weapons they might have access to after the Season's crop was safely in the larder..

Comes to mind, the Camp Grant Massacre of 1871 in which a group of Mexicans, Anglos, and Papagos killed a few hundred unsuspecting Apaches who ostensibly were under protection of the United States Army. Earlier that year they had attacked a Papago village.

Don't ever mess with a pissed off Papago....or Tohono O'odham. Wollf? I was Friend. It didn't hurt at all that the kids, my buddies and the Elders were mesmerised by my Grandfather's history. And of course that I gravitated to sports that they embraced....Wrestling and Boxing.

Football, basketball, Fighting and learning to defend yourself and your Chosen.......necessary. My High School was primarily Hispanic, with a few Anglos and Amerinds tossed into the mix. Life was interesting for this little Wollf.

Funny....well maybe, story.....Virgil, I hope you take this well if you're still with us...... After Varsity Wrestling meets, or sometimes just to do it, a number of friends would drive the couple of miles out to the Resevation Gate, visit with and get an Amerind Gentleman to purchase our small and motley group of teenaged Anglos, Amerinds and Hispanics, a case of beer at the local Mini Mart.

Usually cost us a bottle of Thunderbird.....yuck. Then we'd move on out to the Reservation Graveyard at about dusk.....weave our way between the Headstones and Crosses, and sit on the central bluff and get.......tipsy.

Virgil....remember him? He was the Native Police. He was charged during his shift until ten o'clock each night, to make sure that things were secure, and that no mischief was performed on his Reservation, on his watch.

Unfortunately for him, my friend Augustine, a fellow Papago, knew Virgil well, and knew also that his Superstition would not allow him to enter the Lair of his Ancestor's Spirits after dusk.

I wonder if I'll go to hell for taking advantage of his deep-felt beliefs? Thus the idea for drinking in a place where the Local Gendarmerie, which knew us well, and the Native Police couldn't touch us.

We drank with the Ancestors. We regaled each other with tales of Heroism, of Girls, of our strength in our battles......and heard stories from the Papago Youth among us of their History.

All the while, poor Officer Virgil.....constrained by an invisible boundary that he could not cross....shouted at us to "Come out of there Boys!! It's dangerous!! You are not allowed!! You are drinking!! Come out Now!!"

We didn't. We invited him in...."We're right here Virgil! Come on in and we'll go peaceably!"

"You boys know that I can't!!", he'd cry.

We'd wait till ten o'clock, at the end of his shift.......we'd hear him start his cruiser, and we'd hot foot it to the Reservation Gate. By the time he had complained, traded his Cruiser to his replacement, and he got back to the "Misbehavers"....we were out of jurisdiction.

We'd wait around by the gate for a bit and wave goodnite to Virgil, who was good natured enough to wave back....and then we'd meander home.

Somehow, I think old Virgil enjoyed the game as much as we did. Sleep well Virgil. I remember you.

Thanks for listening.....someday, I promise....I'll edit a few of these and try to make them interesting......


Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Goodbye, and a Howdy......

The weather is a bit melancholy skies and fluffy clouds make no nevermind. I am less than amused at some very normal antics for a particular "Personality Profile".....and treating my Cubs in a way that I would never dream.

I have them fifty percent of the time......I am with them one hundred percent of that fifty percent.....whether I've been invited out, or whatever. Well, Wollf shall not dwell on it, she's just hurting herself and cannot realise....I'll just post the query....

Know what's more difficult to stomach for an Extroverted Sensing Man whose ADD is under control than a true INTJ?

Two of them. Her sisters are in town.....the INTJs felt it is proper to leave the littlest sister's, (Not an INTJ) young children with Bigger as Designated Babysitter, while He is not happy. I told him I'd hang close to town in case anything untoward happened while he was reluctantly in charge.

I don't want to become up-sot, so I'll just give a gentle Adios song, and support my Cubs......and I truly hope that she can be happy.....

Says shes had enough of me
Ive had enough of her too
I might as well go on and set her free
Shes already turned me lose
No fault no blame nobody done no wrong
Thats just the way it sometimes goes
Sometimes two people just dont get along
And its time to hit the road

So long
Vaya condios
Wish you well
Take it slow
Easy come girl, easy go

Thank you George Strait.
How ever did I stay with that woman for twenty years......OOOh, a Lizard!!

But then.....I'm much more in tune with the Yin of my Yin-Yang, the opposite side of my coin.....

Thus, this hopeful Howdy to the Lady. A Man has to work through his problems before he Knows that he wants to Dance again......Again with the George Strait....Hey, I'm a Country boy at heart.....

I dont want to be the kind to hesitate,
Be too shy, wait too late
I dont care what they say other lovers do,
I just want to dance with you.

I gotta feeling that you have a heart like mine,
So let it show, let it shine.
If we have a chance to make one heart of two,
I just want to dance with you.

I want to dance with you, twirl you all around the floor
Thats what they intended dancin for,
I just want to dance with you.
I want to dance with you, hold you in my arms once more,
Thats what they invented dancin for,
I just want to dance with you.

Mayda Laya......You don't realise what you're getting in to.
You Can dance, can't you?

Wollf....finished with his Melancholy

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Continued....An Absolute Daisy of a Day...

"Get down from There!!", I think is where I left computer was glitching quite a bit....I apologise. The Cubs, including the their new friend had a Grand time.

It is not allowed to climb up in the underbelly of the Ventura Pier. Damm Bear, newcomer and all.....well that was his excuse....Bigger had to risk life and limb to climb up about twenty feet and extricate the little troublemaker from the superstructure.

And then the day continued.....we built some shelters from the wind in classic lean to fashion, on the beach, using driftwood and bamboo....(where the heck does the bamboo that litters the beach come from?)....Bear did his best to help, lashing the bamboo verticals to the crossmember while Bigger installed the strucural members and Lil' Wolfie chased seagulls.......

We went up to and on the Pier, and trekked slowly out to the end, stopping and reading and discussing every "tourist" post......Lil' Wolfie visiting with all the fishermen and women, sporters and homeless alike, making friends as we went. Somehow, we picked up a stray dog that followed us for a while, Bear, not being used to the exertion, must have seemed dehydrated to Lil'Wolfie.......Sorry, can't help myself with this silly phone.....

We all decided to get a bite to eat at the restaurant on the Pier, and thoroughly enjoyed a light meal of shrimp, shrimp, some french fries and ...shrimp. Deliscious, though Lil' Wolfie ate mostly french fries......

Then we hiked back to the truck, chased each other through the beach brush, had one or two three way bamboo ninja sword death matches, ....the only deaths were the poor bamboo swords.....and headed out to "Main Street".

To shop.

No, don't be concerned, I haven't given up and become Ghe......That would be as bad as seeing Christopher Walken in drag...eeeuuckkk....we did Man Shopping.

The kind their blessed mother would not be able to tolerate for more than thirty seconds.....we went to "Battlefield Adventures" eclectic mix of Military Surplus, Gun Shop, Toy store and Paint Gun place.....we had a ball.

Bigger got a .25cal Beretta replica airsoft gun that matches my real ankler, and Lil' got a pile of new USMC and Army stickers and a Recon Mask for going to the snow.....way goofy stuff. I got a new "Peace Through Superior Firepower" tee-shirt..and we just laughed our butts off the whole time.

We meandered down Main Street for an hour or so, visiting all the cool Manly looking thrift and antique stores.......I just loved it. They have never been so involved. Questions, answers, truths, lies......Heck, the bear claimed that the University of Miami was the greatest football program in the country.

Bigger nodded, but Lil' Wolfie would have Nothing of it. He doesn't know his football, but at least Lil' is a die hard fan...."Bear Down!!", he yelled.

Bear hushed. I got Lil' Wolfie's joke. Bear didn't, you probably don't, but by gosh, I did.....and that's all that counts.

(Hint....Arizona fight song....duh)

So...we finally ended up back at Walkabout around sundown, watched a beautiful sunset, picked up one of Bigger's buddies....even longer hair than his, Leonidas!...and hung out and ate ice cream and watched movies and shot the shi-ite and......

It was an absolute Daisy of a Day.....

I need a vacation. I'm going in 13 days....any suggestions on where I should end up?
Heh......has anybody seen the cat? Heck, has anybody seen the friggin' bag?

Good night.
I have the banana split ice cream again......mmmmm


Friday, February 15, 2008

An absolute Daisy of a Day.......

Wollf, Bigger Wolfie, Lil' Wollf and Bear went to the beach, the Ventura Pier and Man Shopping.......ahhhh, Life is excellent.

This was Bear's first ever visit to the Pacific Ocean and he was a bit unsettled. I had the Cubs escort him. You can see that they "comforted" him.....They held his hand and made him feel almost like a wollf pack member......

It didn't take long until they were off and running.....doing what all young males do, Adventure. Of course, they got in a bit of trouble, this time Bear leading the way, Sire having to raise his voice to warn them to "Get Down From There!!"

Aaaagh, dammmnable computer is glitching on me...lots to write, tired from the Adventures....I'll finish tomorrow morning.....Promise.....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I just had a feeling.......

Hey, I'm a sucker for these silly tests....and I espescially like 'em when my fave ends up as answer.

I liked him better back in the day when he still carried pistols.....sigh.

So, who are you?

H/T Mike the Marine, aka "The Punisher"

Please, Somebody?

Reassure me that THIS is not a real photo of Chelsea Clinton? It's something humorous from "Curmudgeonly and Skeptical"s warped and wonderful satirical imaginings?


I mean....."The Omen" and "The Excorsist" were frightening.......and we Knew who their Sire was. Tell me she doesn't look like the Spawn....

Hey, just sayin', is all.....


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day......hmmmmm

Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life. ~William Faulkner

I suppose that I shall not have a timepiece accompany me on my hiatus.....time, and thus Life, will then Be, as shall I. I wrote a poem.....not a good one, don't start expecting anything of worth here, quite a bit ago, just before I started this blog.

Love simply is.
Real Love simply is
True Love

It's too late to write.....I'll do a real Valentines Post on the morrow. I suffered an inordinate amount of thinking this eve.

I read a bit over at "Something and Half of Something"....sidebar, sorry, too exhausted to link......and the post on the Missiles into innocent neighborhoods made me......upset.

I commented. I commented a second time....a bit less......"light heartedly", using my rarely seen secondary nom de plume....The lady does not have a clue.

Happy Valentines day.....tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be all lovey then. Heh, odd day for me and my Daisy it will be.........but I'll grow from it, and so shall she.

*Hugs all around*

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ok, Call me Crazy.........

But there just seems to be..........something....maybe I am a bit, umm, uh, kilter, but I think this is funny.

Mostly because he should have poured some Blonde Pale Ale in the pan, dashed sone Chili powder on the pears, and probably added some crushed garlic to the interior of the chicken.

But hey.....who the hell am I? I surely can't dance as well as he does...well, matbe, but I sure can't fly......Right Here

Really, I mean it, espescially the chili on the pears.....hey you can use Curry if you want, but try it.


Goofy Romantic stuff...just for me.....

Are you strangers when you know?
Can you wonder if Love grows....

From knowing?

Never touched but always feel.
His Heart and Soul is all too real...

From knowing.

A lonely heart has just one fear.
A Love that isn't quite as near....

But knowing.


Nope, I will not side step.
I love her.

Wollf Happy dances...........

(Heh, to my Dear was Karaoke ....and then Raspberry Sherbet tonight, yummy on the Sherbet......I sang "Desperado".....the fences can mend themselves. I'm going on Vacation in......16

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey...I'm back........

*knock, knock, knock*...ahem,...uhh, anyone care? Ok, now that we have that out of the way.....Christopher Walken.

The greatest "Bad" guy, villainous, moderately.....yes, I said moderately.....Insane character actor that has ever been. (ok, not as scary as Nick D'Mitri in that friggin' Zombie movie that scared the livin bejeezers out of me), but still....

I shall at inopportune moments quote the Sage wisdom of C.W. Don't be concerned if you don't "quite" understand the fact, you might want to embrace your Normality because of it. I just love the guy.

Oh........way Wizard tonight, (see the sidebar glossary if you don't get that), and my main desire is please a few Loyals and speak of the Cubs........Wollf is trying here, but we'll just see what comes.....?

Problem is, I'm bothered. Bothered by numbers, and things that require my attention in detail. Matters of the Heart which warm me, Cubs who need me, Friends who I treasure......and Oooooh, something shiny!! Sometimes it sucks just a little bit being me.

Oh sure, you say, Handsome guy, reasonably successful, healthy, great personality......well, the truth is, I'm a dwarf.....with a bit of an acne problem, I live with my mother and I'm the guy you hate at the drive through window at Mickey Dees........Sorry, had to let you know.

Now that we have the truth out of the way......I kinda miss the Cubs tonight. We had a really wonderful time this weekend......didn't end up making the Tall Ship trek though, Bigger had a buddy spend the night up here at Walkabout, and it was the kids' birthday, and X had some plans, cetera.

We went for a short but lovely walk instead. It was warm again for a change....still a bit early for a lot of snakes, Lil' Wolfie was full of himself....I simply do not understand where he gets his cockiness.....and no Grand Adventures were to be had........

Until we got back to Walkabout House. Then Lil' showed me something in him that I hadn't seen before..

He, remember, ten years old....went on a bike ride with his Sire, then decided to go off on his own with a new friend. He ran afoul of a group of four neighborhood boys who taunted him and his rather "chubby" little friend.

His buddy showed up back at Walkabout in a bit of a panic, "Lil' Wolfie is beating up four kids down the block!!"

I headed out....wondering how my peaceful munchkin Wolflet could raise his hands to strike anyone........well, unless they really "needed strikin'".....

He came up around the corner, smiling and singing and fixxin' his hair, and smoothing his shirt and said....."I didn't hit anybody, even though they needed it." Seems the taunting wasn't directed at Wolfie, but rather at his new friend.

Wolfie sent his buddy off to safety while he confronted the four ruffians. He wasn't afraid. He was confident in his ability to either stare them down, which he did, or to "punch a few right on the nose....then they'll quit because they're cowards...."....

His words....including "cowards". Nobody got punched, his little buddy might just have learned a lesson about courage and friendship.....and I got a glimpse into the gentle and charming ruffian that will become a Fine Man some day.

I love that Cub. (Ummm....anybody knows her, don't tell X....she would abhore this situation).

Christopher Walken wouldn't.

Oh, by the way..... Bear is a bit concerned about his Bear Belly......we decided it would be best if he joined me for my noon time workout. Amazingly strong for a beebee filled Bear........


As a reminder......

Of what, exactly, I simply do not know.

"He who needs light blue, should mix blue and white... Oh man, I love Spanish!" (Christopher Walken on Colours, Spanish, and Penelope Cruz)

I really have a yearning for strawberries right about now. What the heck is THAT all about? If Christopher Walken speaks to your help. I know I'm going to.......

Back tonight,

Greatest...Recruiting Poster......EVER.

Stolen shamelessly from the comments section at SondraK, Knowledge is Power.

Thank you, Ms. Stepps


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wollf was tagged again.....

Sheesh, thanks KT Cat, as though I don't have enough on my plate.......really, though, sounds like fun.

Here's the deal. Folkes and Friends. KT Cat of the Scratching Post....check the side Bar , "Tagged" me with what is called a "meme".....kind of a Game that we "Big timeBloggers" play with each other.

This time, the theme is to answer four questions...... If Wollf had outrageous amounts of Capital, and time, where would I spend One Week, One Month, One Year and Half of my Life?

Well, the answers at this point in my evolution were fairly easy.....finding suitable pictures and creating prose.......not so. I'll get you for this KT. Being the "Pater of Prowling" in the Aristocracy has it's Responsibility. Make sure you drop by his house and take him to task about picking on poor Wollf. Go right

So, the answers.......Anywhere? One week I would spend at Machu Picchu. It is 70 kilometers northwest of Cusco on the crest of the mountain Machu Picchu, about 2,350 meters above sea level. It is one of the most important archaeological centers in South America and the most visited tourist attraction in Peru. It is also just plain old Bitchen Cool.

I want to be there, or have my Path lead me to someone who look in their eys and "see"....something about me and eyes, huh? Must be the ENTP thing...and of course,

I have a bit of Indiana Jones in me I suppose......

One month?....heh, is the diamond of the Greek Islands. Its white sculptured villages are nestled atop steep volcanic cliffs that fall sharply to the deep blue Aegean Sea. This is paradise for shoppers, photographers, artists, hikers or anyone who just wants to sit at a cafe and soak up the sun and scenery.

The Home of the much History and Romance......just friggin' wow. Plus lots of hiking and swimming and drinking and eating get the drift.....

One year? Wow.....I need a place to explore, to feel, to learn......what better place than the Isle of Mystery itself, New Zealand, full of unknowns, Flora and Fauna still being discovered or rediscovered. Great rivers, reefs, mountains, valleys, People who understand what it means to be pioneers.......oh my goodness.

And finally......where Wollf would spend Half of his Life? Which amount of time seems as though it would probably be the Rest of his Life?

Holding the hand of the Woman who this represents......wherever that might be. I have known Her also. Things happen for reasons that we cannot understand. She's not that far away........and she knows it. She just hasn't yet found me.....

So......who is next? I think it shall be .....hmmm, Hah!! Sorry Rose, tag, you're it. Change the tenor of your Blog for a bit. Be a teeney bit less serious...enjoy the challenge. Oh....and that darned Greek Leonidas....I'm looking forward to his choices as he is quite the well travelled Soul.

Enjoy, my friends....I'd link, but you're in the sidebar.....Watchpaul and Fighting in the Shade....and my poor shoulder hurts......

There is one "very" small problem with my dreams here, though.....that darned Bear. All he wants is older whiskey, younger Sow Bears, faster cars and more money to spend foolishly. He's even picked out his new ride.......sheesh, I should never have introduced him to my world. He was perfectly content "sitting on the dashboard of her car"........

Oh, by the way.....18


A New running Theme......

Just a short Sunday morning post to introduce a "goofiness". This is my new little buddy, "Bear", pronounced properly as "Bay Uh"'s a Southwestern thing. He'll be accompanying Wollf and the Cubs on any number of Adventures, and I shall post his pics as I deem proper.

This first is Bear and Wollf tossing one down at the local haunt. We had met, taken to each other as complementing Souls, and bonded right away. We decided to throw one down to celebrate our good fortune. (Mine is O'Douls in a glass, not to worry....)

Taking the Cubs plus one up to Ventura to hang out and see the Tall Ships. Should be fun. Last year, one grounded itself on the beach......we'll hope the Captains are better this year, heh.

Yah, Bear will come along for the trip. Hope we get some good pics to post.

Oh......El Presidente Calderon of Mexico? Eff that self important third world twit. Telling US who to vote for?

Happy happy, joy joy...........gotta run, Bear's already out the door with Lil Wolfie.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Cubs.........heh

There are times in my life when I become a bit melancholy......not a bad thing, maybe it's a product of where I was raised. Just a part of Being. And not nearly as bad where I come from as is defined in Funk and Wagnall's.

Tonight I have the Cubs.....and Bigger's attendant Entourage. Four of 'em. Fifteen year olds.....yup, you guessed it, Hungry. Lil' Wolfie and I went on a food run to Wendy's down the hill....Bought a landfill worth of Chicken nuggets and hit the Seven-Eleven for Gatorade to wash it down for them.

The drive through window was interesting....I ordered the ton of chicken......I received three baked potatoes, two hamburgers, four fries......and all the nuggets they could eat. I explained in my broken Spanish that I had been overserved.....

No Problema, Senor.

Hey, I got about ten dollars worth of free food for the teen Cubs.....who am I to complain? They'll be hungry again soon anyway.

Oh yah, Point here Wollfie......It is quite difficult to be melancholy when I'm busy entertaining......or rather being the Cubs, or their goofy Buddies.

Tomorrow, we're running up to Ventura Harbor to see the Tall Ships. Lil' Wolfie loves them......Bigger will moan a bit until he sees the multitude of equally unhappy teenage girls that have been forced to go with their Parents.

Thank you to my dear friend Dammit Woman for the heads up. Maybe I'll see you there with your young Lady.

It's a sleepover tonight for Bigger and one of the Buddies, so I have to go and attend to them. The other two are being picked up in a bit and they're outside carousing......I had best go....I'm feeling better....heh, who would have thunk?

20....yee hah, and Yippee Ki Yay.....vacation, road trip, Adventure...I can hardly contain myself.


Friday, February 8, 2008

None of the Above......NOTA Party...

Francis of Eternity Road has set poor Wollf's mind to reeling and whirring.......His writing as always is a kilometer or so higher than mine, not to mention grammatically correct.

He is calling for a "None of the Above" initiative for November's Presidential ballots. I have proclaimed Wollf to be a Founding Member of the fledgling "NOTA" Party.

And I will make one promise.....with Wollf as a Founding Lupine, NOTA Party will definitely feel like a PARTY !

Beer for everyone!! And check out the writings of Francis right

And, we can never be blamed for anything....this is NOTA Protest, NOTA Seditious Act, NOTA Political thing at all.........

But it DOES seem to be the Will of the People. Thank you, Francis.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

B.U.D.S. Camp..........

I might not ought to tell you where this fact, I probably shouldn't. So, I won't.

There, that was a short post. Nah, I need to tell a story. From a Civilian Contractor's (CC),point of view. An interesting and unforgettable six months. Where doesn't really even matter to the story anyway.......

As you who have read for a while realise, there are countless "stories" inside my stories. I'll come back to this post one day and flesh them out individually and maybe be able to make the experience sound more ......interesting.

B.U.D.S.Camp. Basic Underwater Demolition School. It's an advanced class for the Elite of the Men who protect you and me. Exactly what it sounds like. Muffled BOOMS underwater.

It was a compelling.....hell, it was a Fun, experience for me to hang with the Tough Guys, Navy Seals and enjoy the decidedly different ambiance of "Island Life", Navy style. I was a CC, and did a few jobs in the mid nineties for the Feds, one of them being the implementation of a new off-shore Planning and Training Facility.

What a friggin' hoot. Six months,.... four days on, three off island. I was away from Family, but times were good. We were billeted two to a 12x12 modular. My bunkie decided to move out after three days......I may have asked him too, heh.... and I had the less than posh amenities to myself.

And Maida.....she was a fox....the real kind, with a fluffy tail, furry coat and a surprisingly gentle and snuggly disposition..... After coaxing her with bologna, (illegal to feed), a lot of patience, and a low gentle voice. Not a lot to do in off hours except drink with volatile personalities much younger than I at the Salty Crab, and bowling.

Not having a goodly portion of one of my digits, bowling was not a pleasant pastime. Drinking to excess with Seals, while being an ex Marine didn't sound safe for our Nation's Finest, so I decided to tame the Fox.

I think she tamed herself. No natural enemies on the island except the occassional Golden Eagle, it was pretty easy. She loved the scent and taste of my treats. (Rat only goes so far, you know). By the end of my Contract time, she would jump up and snugggle on my bed, eating Bologna or fresh fish, out of my hand.

Absolutely stunning creatures, the Island Fox. The fresh fish came from either fishing off one of the many promontories that sat above deep water, or simply waiting until 1530 hours on Friday for the scheduled underwater BOOMIES.

Trainees would be dropped a mile or so out in full battle gear, swim back to the main bay, blow shi-ite all to hell......the fish would be stunned.....and we would create the most delightful array of Fish-a-copia from the shores of the bay.

Deep water, Folkes......big BOOMIES.....Halibut, Mako, Yellowtail Tuna, Pencil Fish, Rock Cod......yummy. We'd buy beer at the BX and invite every one on the island. Wonderful times were had.....I enjoyed holding court with my Fox sleeping contentedly on my lap.It quite honestly made Wollf feel wholly like Wollf. Powerful, yet gentle enough, and loving enough to attract, almost mesmerize a beautiful creature like that Fox, Maida.

I was envied, and I was admired. By some of the most hardened and dangerous Men that G-d had ever created. It was an absolutely Spiritual time. I learned an outstanding amount about the inner workings of me. I will never forget.

I shall continue this adventure in the near future. A lot of never to be repeated experiences happened to me on that island....... Cruise missiles, hugging the wavetops and then the surface of the island, roaring just overhead, and then exploding on target a mile or so after whizzing past......

Pristine, never visited windward beaches, covered in abalone shells and thousands of new Nike tennis shoes from a cargo lost at sea. Unbelievable coral beds and deep fissures teeming with alien style life on the lee side......catching deep sea fish from the shore that dropped from the slim beach to a depth of a thousand feet within yards.......elephant seals mating rituals, Navy "zodiacs" at eighty miles per hour, exploding water spouts hundreds of feet in the air.......

The adventures of a lifetime, and all caught in a tiny six month period of time.

I'll share as the whim occurs....I want my Cubs to understand. I want to reminisce with you, my friends. I'm embarking on another Great adventure in 22 days. There will be stories to tell about that too.....


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tired and sleepy..............

And, although I said I'd be back, and I am.....I really am sleepy. I am enjoying Life. I want you to know that. My solitude has been good for me. I cannot thank some People enough.

Some things change.....some things are shorter term than we might imagine. Some things are forever. But I'm here.

Love you guys,

Can't help myself....

Forgive Wollf this bit of indiscretion. I just find it too funny. I shamelessly swiped the linkie thingie from Dennis of Grouchy Old Cripple

What won't they think of next? In Dennis' words, "Boobies and Booze". Hey, it's ok, still have the PG-13 rating.....Check it out.


Be back a decidedly good mood.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Code Pink Rant......

There are very few things that make my heart sing like hearing a By G-d Righteaous USMC rant.

Mike has a bit of trouble really expressing how he feels, but if you read between the lines, you will probably ascertain that he is less than fond of Medea, Code Pink , anti military, scum sucking a$$hat.

Ummm, if you have never heard the words of a righteously indignant, USMC trained Defender of our Country, and your ears are unable to handle....umm, colorful....language, please refrain from following the linkie thingie.

If you feel up to seeing what a fifty gallon drum of Marine Verbal Whup-a$$ sounds like......heh, can You handle the Truth?

Mike the Marine

Editors Note: Thank you to Linda SoG.....I simply do not understand this "Matrix Language" yet. Have I told you that I Love you? I soooooo...messed that up, the linkie thingie, I mean....

G-d Bless you Mike. Semper Fidelis
Oh....and Eff Code Pink.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Well, all righty then..........

Whatever shall Wollf discuss tonight? I seem to be feeling a bit Wolf-a-sophical, meaning of course that I have been both on a walk...and been thinking. I removed the Muggle patch at the beginning of my little journey to allow, and enjoy, the transition.....

It is truly an interesting experience. I walked in Satwiwa, a part of the Santa Monica Park system, wild and beautiful, just blocks from my Walkabout home. A trail head leads a meandering path up towards the mountains, and then suddenly descends through a set of switchbacks, swallowing the hiker into the wilderness.....

Wollf feels at home and at ease there. It is wild, and yet so surrounded by civilisation. The way I feel. The inner me that has lain dormant and stifled for years. The sun set out over the ocean as I turned the loop and headed back. My mind was whirling with thought, my nose filled with the scent of nature, my heart beating in rhythm to my steps.

I walked on toward my truck, almost a mile and a half in the darkness, enjoying the awakening sounds of the night. No snakes this day, too cool.....the sounds of a pack of coyotes cracked the still....they would eat well this evening, I was sure. I thought of family.

Of my Cubs, and my love of them. Of my parents, and the love that they still share after sixty years. Of my Brother Wollf and his mate who he loves so dearly. Of my friends who have entered and never left my life.......always there. Of loves that I have had and lost......or maybe really never had.

Of beauty and Beauty. The kind of beauty that graces the covers of magazines, that draws your eyes like a magnet, arousing instincts......but being just a magazine. Beautiful to gaze on.....but nothing to keep you warm. The kind of Beauty that is not just pleasing to the eye, but to the Soul.

The sort of Beauty that can only be fully realized while searching deeply in her eyes, seeing your reflection, the mirror of your very Soul....searching your eyes in return. And recognising. And knowing without knowing, feeling without touching, a life lived many times......

Our lives are a Journey. It's a path that we are familiar with, and every once in a great while, we come upon a side trail that looks promising. Some if not most, would hesitate to take it.....especially in the growing darkness. I don't fear the dark or the unknown anymore. It's just what I am supposed to do.

A fox crossed my path in the darkness tonight. Wonderful, intelligent, Beautiful creature. I followed

A great evening, glad I did the walk, cleared some cobwebs, got to know Wollf a little better, and had a chance to share. My phone has been broken, my internet e-mail on the fritz, looking to find a new house with proper room for a dog, putting finishing touches on the road trip, dealing with teen problems and work and on and on......and I'm glad I took the time for myself.

And the walk.

That fox? She was a daisy. Found a path that I had never seen before. I shall be exploring it intimately in the future. Life is good.

Be good to yourself.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Cat Fight........

Those reading this that have been here for a bit........probably understand my Politcal leanings....for those who haven't, well, I think that the best description of my particular "bent" would be "Quiet Conservative".

I do not become overly impassioned regarding Politics on the national scene. To me it really doesn't matter just exactly "who" holds the most powerful position in the world.......because, and I must qualify, they are all damaged goods......

I consider myself a fairly intelligent fellow, with good morals, a feeling toward things that must be done......I am even probably reasonably charismatic and my voice and demeanor might well lend itself to success in Politics. The problem is.....

I simply do not have the Genetic Defect that would cause me to want to have the power that these people crave.......

POTUS?.......Horry Clap, who of righteous or reasonable mind would want the responsibility? Thus, because of my mindset about the type of person who might "need" the Position.......not to mention my gut feeling that all newly elected Leaders of the Free World are sat down and explained the Facts of Life by People who really understand......I feel that it doesn't matter in the Grand Scheme, who actually holds the Office.

Yes, Really. The POTUS influences Policy, he does not make it. Am I dissappointed that there is no true Conservative left in the race? Of course I am. But, I didn't really trust Fred! or Hunter to be all that they said they would be. The remaining field does nothing to make my heart jump either, being pretend Conservatives with hidden agendas and open agendas that I disagree with.......

Will I vote? Of course I will.....I haven't decided, but I will. Will I vote Democratic? Not on my life. I am now left with choosing the lesser of evils. Please make sure that you vote your mind. Not your heart.....I don't even care who.....just vote.

Now, that being said......the Demo----crat ticket and leading choices has given me a few giggles....the infighting, name calling, race-baiting and gender slurs made my mind remember a limerick that fits......

With just a one letter change.......remember this one?

There once were two 'Crats from Kilkenney
Each thought there was one 'Crat too many
So they fought and they fit,
And they scratched and they bit....
Till instead of two 'Crats, there weren't any.

One can only hope.
*end political diatribe nonsense*

Oh......people who "borrow" other People's writing and post it as their own......None of us should care for them at all. I read a comment over at Blue Star Chronicles by a "Pale Rider", pointing out that the kudos said site had received were not properly attributed.

I followed back, and sure enough, the entire well written post was by a Lady of whom I have just recently enjoyed acquaintance. Rather low, I should say, to take credit for another's work......... The original post, a tongue in cheek "Courts Martial" of a former Green Beret, can be found here

Ok....I am done with my rant........minor as it was. I shall add PCFrezone to the the Wollf Pack if allowed......

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Bouncing Brain of Wollf........29

Wollf stayed up late last night, or rather "this morning" with the Cubs. They wanted to watch movies, and after dinner we traversed down the hill to the local Blockbuster Video store........

They were in the mood for Rambo. Rental is about five bucks. Purchase was three for twenty.

Anyone need Rambo, One, Two and Three? What ever was I thinking?

0100 hrs rolled around, Wollf quietly slipped off the couch, silently, so as not to awaken the Cubs, turned off the DVD, turned.......stepped bare pawwed on a Wrestling Action Figure, and........well, you get the picture.

Howling at the Moon is the name of this Blog, and if by chance you live within twenty miles of Thousand Oaks, Kalifornia.......heh, I apologize for waking you.

Oh, and the Cubs? They howled as loudly as their Sire, first with the shock of sudden consciousness, then in mocking imitation.........and then......

"I'm Hungreeeeee!!!"

The Pack needed to feed. The Hunt was on. The scent of Big Mac was on the breeze. Whatchagonnadoo? We drove down the hill and slew the Beast of hunger. As of this writing, Bigger is still snoozing, Lil' Wolfie is up and about, reading a book, and Wollf is back

I had purchased a pair of sandals during the week for the Road trip, flip flops will simply not do, I understand, and I wore them this morning as I went out to fill the lardor. I wanted to get used to them.....I'm not really a sandal Man.

So....ADD, remember? Off I went, new sandals, cargo shorts, long Tee.....It dawned on me that it is fourty eight degrees. I'm wearing shorts and sandals. Wollf is feeling less than cozily warm. I should do the grocery shopping as quickly as possible and return to the Lair as quickly as possible, right?

Kohl's, our local Department store was open early. Wollf purchased a new pair of Everest Hiking Boots, six pairs of socks, three sport and three tall "Mil" type for the boots, two "long john" type sport pullovers, some spare socks for Lil'Wolfie because he's always losing them, a neat Tony Hawk ball cap for Bigger and a really silly tee shirt that says "More Cowbell".

I changed in the parking lot. My paws were warm. I have lost my sandals. I remembered to drop off my dry cleaning that was in my truck since Wednesday, bought a cup of coffee......and here I am, once again with the Cubs at Walkabout House.

Taking Lil'Wolfie to his Piano lesson, Bigger still snoozing, put on the Muggle Patch, feeling good. Feeling th SoG love, paws are cozy, still can't find those damm sandals......hell, they were too Metro for me anyway, and.......some thing just dawned on me.

Don't I need to go grocery shopping?