Monday, October 22, 2007

A bit of Seriosity..........

I Know, College Grads. I made it up. But it's a cool word, and I think it should be in your lexicon. (See, I used that one correctly)

I wanted to start out this evening by quickly explaining my self imposed redaction of the picture from one post down. Quite simply, it turned my friggin' stomach. It's a necessary Symbol off the Scum that we are at war with.

It just doesn't belong Here. It belongs mostly on the serious sites. It Belongs on the front page of our Daily Newspapers, it Friggin' Belongs on the cover of Time and Newsweek.

It Belongs in the Halls of Congress and Senate Chambers so that some of those Morons can see WHY WE ARE THERE. These dirtballs would do this to our Women in Our sporting facilities if they had the opportunity.

I HATE them. In Viet Nam we had the Execution picture of a NVA at the hand of Nguyen Ngoc Loan. It symbolize the animal brutality of that war for millions to see. The redacted picture symbolizes the brutality of an entire group of people.

Islamo Fascism. That is what we're fighting. And we cannot give up.

If you want to see this murderous, beastly "Religion of Peace" at its' worst, visit Fighting in the Shade....he's in the Wollf Pack. An excellent read by a Man that I'm coming to respect more and more each time I read a bit more.

We share a lot of life experience and views. This little "Glitch in the Matrix"(copy write pending), is not the place. I'll admit a frailty here.

I'm not healthy enough for that kind of day in and day out writing. If you enjoy my goofy take on life, lots of humor, the occasional philosophical piece, that's what you'll find here at Howling at the Moon. The "rare" rant shall have to suffice.

I've tried to give up Anger, but as time goes by, you'll see me Rage when necessary.

Eff Muslim Fascists. Followers of the Pedophile Prophet.
Ok, bad mood ends.

Wollf takes an ice cream break and comes back with some News.
Oh yeah, Eff Obama...the Barack one. We place our Right hand over our Heart during the National Anthem, you friggin' Feeb.

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