Monday, October 22, 2007

Islamo Fascism Week....Picture Redacted

This is Islamo-Fascism Awareness week. I had a Picture up, but decided (for the time being), that it's a bit graphic for my teensey little "Glitch in the Matrix

I May be ranting about this after my work day is done.

I "try" to stay away from the "Heavy" National and World issues on this Blog. Lots of much more eloquent writers out there handle the job quite nicely.

Besides, it just Pi$$es Wollf off. You wouldn't like Wollf very much in Pi$$ed off mode.

I know I don't. Do be aware though. Check out the Lovely Lindasog at Something and Half......

She's in the Wollf Pack Blogroll in the Right margin. She's usually fired up about something that desperately deserves our attention. H/T to Fighting in the Shade. You can see the Poster there. I'll add him also.


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Rose said...

Fighting in the Shade is one of my favorites! Highly recommended.