Thursday, January 31, 2008

And another........heh......

Please feel free to "borrow" and H/T........maybe my sense of humor leaves a bit to be desired, but I'm not allowed by societal constraints to act out these LOL, spew your coffee things.

Besides.........I love a person who seems to be a magnet for people who need this........
* her a laptop*.........................

If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you on a plane or train follow these instructions:

1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case.
2. Remove your laptop.
3. Start up
4. Make sure the guy who is annoying you, can see the screen
5. Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky as if in prayer

6. Then hit this link ........... HERE
Good Bye irritating neighbor......hello Air Marshal

I am almost ashamed of myself.........almost.


Howdy, Texas !!

Wollf was the subject of a few minor comments at a friend's place. I took this pic on a "trip" to Houston a year or so ago.....I'm s'posed to wave on my way, heh.


For those of you.......

That can't let go. This new pharmaceutical discovery is the key to your happiness this Political season.

No true Conservatives in the race anymore? Want to move to Costa Rica or the Golan Heights.....just to get away? Save that expense.......hell, the Politicos are going to find a way to take everything from you anyway.......

And remember as you enjoy the video......the name John McCain could easily be inserted......Ahhh, sweet, sweet SOMA.

Although......Costa Rica is quite pretty.......

Hat Tip....."The Shield"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mountain Hight "Teen" Trip.....

Bigger and the She-Cub went on a Teen Center sponsored Snow Board trip on Monday. The She-Cub got her name and quote in the local paper.....Oh the Fame!!

Bigger didn't have any interview or name recognition, but the local news did a video of the event......and I'd know that red coat and Joe Cool attitude anywheres.....

Even though he's the littlest guy in any group.....five foot and not much....he seems to always be in the center of attention. Watch out world....puberty and the growth spurt are coming soon.

Lock up your daughters and wives..... (if they have a wandering eye). This ain't gonna be pretty.

Heh....they had a Great time. She-Cub had to beg Wollf for an excuse call to the high School, she was so beat up. I complied, of course......someone accused me once of being "easy"


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The mind's eye.........


I have seen you from afar as through a mist.....

The mind's eye.


I have the Cubs tonight, Hoo-ray....changed the "custody" days to make them more fair, and less time away from each Parent......Going to try to play the DVD based
"24" game.

We get to thwart terrorists.......heh

This day is up there on the charts......

Monday, January 28, 2008

I have been Stumped........


Feelings. I have not waxed philosophical in a bit. The words simply did not come. The Poetry stuck in my throat, not able to pass my lips......

I knew her. I felt her. She was there. I Loved her once, twice......and more. And I died to this world, leaving Her alone. Once, twice.....and more.

She knew me before She was born. She has waited. I have grown. She has waited and She is ready to learn. I am ready to teach and to share.

Close to half a century of experience this time.....before we are together. Maybe this time we get it right and spend Eternity......

Or maybe we simply learn enough and live enough and love scale the Tree a bit higher, to sing the Songs of our do it again.

And if we do........Malsom and Qaqsoss (Wollf and Fox), will dance again with one heart, remembering a step at a time.

Maybe this time we will understand. She has loved. I have loved.

Now it is time to Love.



The words will come.........Patience has gotten us this far.
I have given life. I have taken life.
I have given. I have been forgiven.
I understand.

I think that I shall mosey a bit.
Take my hand. There is no hurry.........

Not any more.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tombstone....a different sort of place

Just for a bit of fun.....I was "forced" to see a movie today that made me realize in totality, that modern civilisation is doomed. Do not, if you cherish your days as I do, waste your eight dollars upon "Meet the Spartans".

Unless, of course, you happen to have an extremely bright ten to fifteen year old male Cub. Watching them laugh hysterically at the sophomoric antics upon the screen.......absolutely worth the money.

I began to thinking, and decided to share some bits from "Tombstone", one of the finest renditions of the History of the area. Purely because Tombstone will always be my "Hometown", no matter where I go, or what becomes of me. I've always had an attraction to the genteel yet dangerous real character of Doc Holliday.

An original "Charming Ruffian", as Grandmother would have said.

No one, in any of the myriad movies or books captured the persona of the Man as did Val Kilmer in the movie Tombstone. He read and re-read the original book that I have on my dresser and was published just ten years after the "incident" at the O.K. Corral. He spent three weeks in town studying the accents and colloquialisms common to the area. I thought that I would share.

Enjoy this clip of moments from the movie. Join the Cubs and I some October when return as we try every year to the "Town to tough to die". It's called Helldorado Days and it is truly a hoot.

Tombstone hasn't changed much from the days that I played Cowboys and Doc Holliday in it's back alleys. It hasn't changed all that much from the 1880's in it's look or the character of it's Citizens.

And just so's you know,
I am your Huckleberry,


Saturday, January 26, 2008

A little more History.........

Well, who is this Fellah, you ask? He's my eighty five year old Sire.......

He called me last evening. This is as rare as the appearance of Halley's Comet. Usually in my weekly calls to check up on them, our conversation is something on the order of, "Yulloh!", "Hey Dad, Wollf here, how ever are you?", "'s your Mother."

"Tis the way he is with his male Cubs. Yesterday though, he called to check up on me.
'Twas odd to have a conversation of length with the old Man. We had a time. It made me feel good. I think it made him feel good too........

As you can see by the picture, he still looks pretty good, not as steady on his feet as he used to be, but as he says, "If I had any idea that I was going to live as long as I have, I would surely have taken better care of myself."

Did a lot of things in his years, including defending our Country in WWII, 1st Marines, Pacific Theatre, where he managed to pick up two Bronze and one Silver Star for Bravery in Combat, and three, count 'em, three, Purple Hearts in the Marine Corps' bloodiest Campaign.

Peleliu Island in the Palaus. I stood in awe of his exploits and his Courage. He would say that Courage is simply being scared shi-iteless, and realizing that if YOU didn't do something, Nobody would.

He taught me a lot, even though he was a distant Father. He had his own demons, like everyone, but he got things done, and made dammnable sure that we had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. It amazes me sometimes how much we learn from both the good and bad of a person's Character.

There's a lot that I want to write about the old Man, but now is not the time. Good things, Bad things....but overall.....he's a good Man.

I had a Spectacular personal day yesterday. I was stunned first thing in the morning with one of the most out of left field, beautiful moments that I have ever experienced.....had a talk with my Father.....hell even my oldest male Cub, Bigger, called me late in the evening to tell me simply that he loved me.

It feels good to be loved. It feels really, really........good.

Skywalk, Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, Indian Reservation........I'll be taking the Cubs in April. Wanna come along?

It looks like a daisy to me.

For you!

You know who you are, right back.........

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pretty Woman

And that last post just "cries" for a musical interlude, dontcha think?

I do, and this is my Blog. You absolutely know it. I wonder if anyone else does?



A quick glimpse of my mind.....

If someone were to ask Wollf, "Are you okay?"

The simple answer would be......

yes, no absolutely, top o the world, flying high, watching out for jet intakes, i,m so high, but i'm up with the eagles and you know how indiscriminate jets are, nope, maybe safer being a weasel, screw being on the ground, it's so beautiful up here, all the blue like your eyes, what am i gonna do, what am i gonna say, holy shit is this happening to me, the roller coaster has started and i'm in the front seat and i never sit in the front seat and it's scary and i know i'm in for the ride of the rest of my lifetime 'cuz there seems to be no end to the tracks and did i say it was beautiful up here and i really really like roy orbison, definitely, but not mayonaise and would you keep a stock of miracle whip in the fridge even though you don't like it and holy shit what has happened and why are my eyes filled with tears and i have to close my office door 'cuz it wouldn't do to let the minions know i have any sort of soft underbelly, but you found it and i don't know why or how and i don't care and talk about having protective walls around you, i don't care, i've opened the drawbridge to the grail castle and have drunk of it's sweet wine and it tastes oh so of your lips and the scent of merseilles and which way's up and which way's down and why is it that i'm smiling even though tears are welling and is this what love is going to be like and will you accept me as i am and not worry too much and accept the fact that i worry, hopefully not too much but i am wollf after all, and i take care of business that needs taking care of and wollf has come out of his lair and heading down the game trail toward the southeast and why am i thinking so fast and so furiously even though i'm in muggle mode and is this what it feels like, will this be the way i feel when i'm sitting in a rocking chair sipping a brandy and telling the same old stories and feeling the love of a woman and curling up in front of a fire in the winter in colorado and dragging our toes in the warm wet sands of the carribean and how did i ever get so lucky, or is it not luck at all, because it feels like it's happened before, two souls learning through their lives enough to finally touch and what lifetime was that anyway, does anybody know really know what time it is, is this how it's going to feel?

I hope so.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

37....just a Picture.....

Played a lot with Lil'Wolfie tonight and had some fulfilling conversation.

This is Mount Boney, in the Satwiwa Preserve of the Santa Monica Mountains. We're planning a day hike for this weekend if it doesn't pour. If Lil'Wolfie comes along, it'll be a nice adventure....if he doesn't and it's just Bigger and I, we'll probably rappel down that large rock face.

It'll be great, and I'll share the pictures in a future post. (Yes, I know how to do it, and yes, I'll be careful with Bigger Wollf........

It's beautiful country, not five miles from my house......might even see a Cougar or at least a bobcat.

Sleep well, Lil Wolfie is already out cold, and I'm quite tired tonite. Dream well,


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am doing this.......

Sophomore Homecoming Dance......

File this under fond memories......

And no date. Fifteen year old, She-cub "woe is me" angst to the "nth" degree. Had to GO! Had to be SEEN! "Sire, five of my friends and I are going to go 'stag', okay?"

"I suppose that's fine, Little One....I'll ferry you over and pick you up after. Sounds like fun!"

"NOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOooooo!!!, Daddy, you're ruining my LIIIiife!! We can't be seen with YOOOOOoooouuu!!"......all at about 180 decibels and a pitch barely in human hearing. "We'll have "friends" take us!"

Well, gentle readers, if you know Wollf, this was not considered a viable option for Wollf. Do the math.....Sixteen year old, apple of my eye She-cub + baggy pants ed, brain dead, one thing one his little mind "boy" + Not Home Til Midnite = Trouble.

She wanted to go. Her friends wanted to go. I wanted her safe, her friends parents wanted them safe.....what is a Wollf to do? I turned it into a mission and decided the target goals and parameters:

Overall Goal of Mission: Get all Six She-cubs home safely and within non-worry time lines.

Secondary Mission: Make it an enjoyable and memorable evening.....include safely.

Tertiary Mission: Don't "embarrass" the easily embarrassed She-cubs......include safely.

So....once outlined, the answer became clear. Mission needs: Chaperon. But not a parent....destroys the tertiary mission parameter. Not an older sibling.....could affect parameters one and two.........heh.

I made some calls. All the parents agreed that Wollf's plan had a strong chance of success. I dialed once more and called in a "little" favor.

Enter Lance Corporal Bussey, USMC. In a Marine Corps Recruiter's van. Dress Blues, young, handsome.....and after a "teeny" discussion with Wollf, thoroughly understanding of the importance of maintaining the young She-cub's virtue. (that's really what I meant by "safely")

The girls Loved him. He introduced himself to each parent, assured them that he understood Wollf's directives, and drove them all, in one vehicle to the Dance, escorting them by twos to the door.

He stood at Parade Rest on the edge of the dance floor all evening. Every "once in a while", he would "snap to" and "ceremony" glide out onto the floor, tap a young male on the shoulder, and make the universal hand signal for "You're dancing a bit too closely to be considered virtuous and if you don't repair the situation, it shall become less than comfortable for you".

All with that pleasant smile of his. By the end of the evening, all of the adult school chaperone's loved him, the little girls wanted to marry him, and the boys....well, the boys hated him.

Hey.....they all learned to do the "Box Waltz". Hee, hee.

Oh. And they were all home well within the "worry zone", not a hair or a corsage out of place, virtue intact......and Lance Corporal Bussey had a crisp hundred in his wallet.

Feel free to use this model for your own. Just don't use the Navy. Wouldn't work. Heh...Foxfier, don't make that face. You married one of those guys.

Editor's Note: My Cub is Bottom Row third from the Left. See why Wollf worries?
Makes my muzzle gray, that Cub.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about it.
I enjoyed doing it.

G-d bless the USMC.
And you to, Lcpl.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Presidential Candidate Endorsement....

An earlier post linked to LindaSoG regarding the Candidacy of "Billy Jack", famous "Hapkido" Karate/Native Amerind/Green Beret/Defender o'the Weak/Beater of Bad Guys.....for the office of President of these United States of America.

Sorry, Tom Laughlin, aka "Billy Jack"....I kinda, sorta laughed my a$$ off at the article. I didn't care for your self importance back in 73 when I was a college kid trying to get an "extra" part in your movie.

I figure you were a putz then, well......evolution of your personality hasn't moved forward at a breakneck pace, has it buddy?

But here's the deal, People......There's the very real chance that Fred! might be dropping out of the race. Duncan Hunter already real Conservatives left after that. We need to get behind a Candidate that's got what it takes to win.

Someone a little different. Someone that will catch the imagination of a generation of Americans. So who? The Chief Ronulan, Ron Paul is Loved by Hundreds. Not a lot of backing, but I have it from a reliable source that LindaSoG has been given "The Power" to have Ron Paul elected if she so wishes.

Bestowed upon her by no less than the biggest Paultard in the Ronulan Empire. Wollf researches his sources, and is not afraid of "Full Disclosure". Check it out yourself, right HERE .

So, that being said, and knowing that Paul could be a shoo in, even though "Normal" People think he's a wingnut, what we have to do here is create our own perfect Candidate. Wollf has done just that.

I think "Billy Jack" is a putz......but I really like Karate Movies, especially with bad acting ex-Special Forces guys kicking pompous people's a$$es.

I think Ron Paul is a wingnut.......but he really reminds me of an English teacher back in High Schoolthat let me skip class.

I give you "Ronny Jack". Looks tough, got a carbine and a cool "Injun" hat, but also looks like he'd let you slide if you were late to class.

Now all we have to do is get the Power Bloggers in on this. I'm talking the real deals, (Please don't notice the shameless brown nosing), like: Rodger and SondraK and GOC and of course IMAO .

It's a sure/safe bet folks. We know that LindaSog has kicked "Billy Jack" in the a$$. We also know that she can get Paul elected using her Super Secret Paultard Jewess Powers.

And, as an added extra attraction...if Ronny Jack gets out of line.....She'll just have him kill himself with his own deadly feet.

...."Ronny Paul", he says to himself, "In that case,yannow what I'm going to do?...I'm going to take this foot of mine, and I'm going to kick myself on this side of my face"

"And there's nothing I can do about it".....*swish whack splat*

I think the idea has promise.
Be good. Vote for Ronny Jack.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Full Moon indeed.........

Hadn't thought of this song for quite a while.......time to take it out and dust it off? least we can try it out and see how it feels, right?

I can hear the clack, clack, clack as the coaster climbs slowly, inexorably to the top of the first drop.

Love and Life are interchangeable in this one without the other. In case you wondered, I howled at the most beautiful moon tonight. It was rising in the Southeast.

Good call, Robin. A countdown it is. To the grandest of all things for Wollf. The Adventure 38.

Goodnight, try not to feel lonely. Keep those you Love in your heart. You can always feel their presence there. Me? Wollf isn't going anywhere. I'm right here next to you.


Some Links for the afternoon........

First of all, a Funny post about Billy Jack, remember the movies in the early seventies? Your less than humble scribe was a Karate Extra in the second flick. Seems Tom Laughlin, the "star", has progressed to full fledged Moonbattery-ness. LindaSoG sends him up quite well with his own words.

Check that out HERE

Her Blog is in the side bar. Something and Half of means "Nothing", as opposed to the A$$ kicking and Half an A$$ kicking that she just performed on Billy Jack. Don't tick that Woman off, Folkes.

And then, one of the most heart tugging posts I've ever read about a Lady, a survivor of a Suicide Bomber in Israel. Her Spirit is astounding. Her courage is Beautiful. Please go visit, take a handkerchief, but be prepared to laugh, leave her a note of encouragement and thanks.

Thanks for bringing to our consciousness the true Horror that is the aftermath of these Ba$tards "Pieceful" religion.

Meet Gila HERE

Thanks to LindaSog for introducing us to her.
Links Class.......Dismissed!
Wollf.......................................................................39 stuff

None of you......not a single one, noticed anything odd about the treehouse picture. For shame. And, I'm not going to tell you. Now it's too late, and nobody gets the prize.

Maybe....hopefully, tomorrow I'll start writing early enough to do a bit of justice to the thoughts that are flying around in my head about Dreams. I've been having some doozies lately.....about traveling and adventure and the color Royal Blue.

Which is an odd thing, because I'm color blind, so I have no idea what it really looks like. In fact, I'm not completely sure whether it's Royal Blue or Purple, but Blue just seems to sound better.

But, of course, it's rather late tonight to start in because O-Dark Thirty comes early after a busy weekend. Thanks for hanging out. I'll get back in the swing of reasonably good writing next week, I promise.

I can hear my muse, dagnabit. Yannow?
Dream well.

Wollf 39

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lil' Wolfie's Wrestle Mania......

Just a little insight this evening into the Joy that I have with the Clone Cub. The little dude Loves his wrestling.....Big Time Professional type Wrestling. I wrestled all through high school and a couple years in college.

Because of that......and the fact that Lil Wolfie may just read this post some day, I shall refrain from giving my opinion of the veracity,(I don't "think" he knows what that means), of the "sport".

Friday night has to be scheduled around "Smackdown", a well choreographed display of athletic showmanship on television at 8:00 every week. Nothing takes precedence. Dudes are true Athletes, of that there is no doubt. My cub knows every single active Wrestler in all the different "Leagues".

When not watching, or playing a Wrestling game on the X-Box, he can oftentimes be found whiling away spare time with his collection of Action Figures, a picture of a "portion", below.

He knows all their names, their histories, height, weight, "finishing moves", even their home towns. Wow. I followed Bart Starr and Ray Nietzche of the Packers......and sometimes got confused.

Point of this is that I think I'm going to set him up a little Blog of his own, help him to publish it once a week or so.....A ten year old perspective on a Redneck pastime....I think he'll love it, and it'll get him writing.

"Lil'Wolfie's Wrestling World". Kinda has a ring to it. Heh
(Sorry......had to post this, cuz I have to put away the toys so I can navigate my bedroom....they take up a lot of space) Oh, his favorite wrestler?

John Cena...the guy in the upper right corner of the ring, has a Military demeanor and starred in a movie entitled "The Marine". Favorite by far.....go figure.


A Message from Management....

A Testament to the kind of Men we have out there, every Generation young men of Character take up the Mantle of Honor and do what they feel needs to be done.

I am always humbled at their Courage and Honor. This sign is on the hospital room door of a wounded United States Navy Seal.

NEVER pity a Man like this Folkes......Honor him and his Brothers and Sisters in Arms and Harms's Way. Men like this don't need your sympathy. They and their Families DO need your support.

Thank you, Linda at Something
You're the Best!


It's Sunday......

Thank you, Moosealready! This is Amazing Cherokee. Thanks. Fitting for a Sunday morning.

Wollf Howlsatmoon ...........40

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My picture......again.

Seems there's one reader out there that thinks that Wollf has a disfigurement of some nature on the left side of my face, what with my "reluctance" to show a full face shot.

In the interest of full disclosure, and to allay any fears of my grotesquerey...thet's either a five dollar college word, or I just made it up.....I shall herewith post the "Left Side of Wollf's Face" for all coming generations.

I don't see the problem or concern, myself.......

I'm going to most definitely get an e-mail for this one......but hey, This is about amusing "Me"......heh

Wollf 41

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Tree House

Just a really quick posting because it's getting late. This is the Tree House at the house down the's a picture from last Christmas that we sent out along with cards and notes......

There's a little difference, though. Just as I've redacted some of the descriptions in the Header title and "about me" portions of this Blog, I've redacted a "little" bit of this picture to more accurately paint a picture of Wollf's life as it evolves.

There we are, Wollf sans beardie thing, in the Neighborhood's tourist attraction. I began the tree house, in order to create a "safe" platform, and then let the Cubs go at it.

Wow, is it's grown over the years to many levels, bridges between trees, a crows nest up at the fifty foot level, Pirate name it.

Nothing like watching, and occasionally helping your Cubs with a "forever" project. They'll remember the building and playing and scraped knees and bumped heads for the rest of their lives.

I'm glad I started it. I hope they never life.

Doors close......other doors open. Like this next symbolic picture.

It represents two women that I have loved, in two completely different ways. They are both gone forever to me in this life. Neither of their leavings were my choice.

One, will always be with me as my daughter and best friend. The other, a relationship that soured from lack of attention and selfishness. I learned an inordinate amount about life from both of them.

One I truly wish I had back. The other I'm relieved to be free of. Both, as the photo depicts, are relegated forever to the shadows of my Soul. Thanks, Ladies, for the lessons learned......two doors closed, two new ones opened.

I wonder where they'll lead?

Wollf 41

Believe it or not........

Forgive me my indulgence. A musical interlude with "Stuffed Monkey". The original guy in the video wore spandex....can't handle men in spandex.....ewww.

It's Friday, I have the Cubs again tonite....Lil' Wolfie took that silly test and came out my clone as a "Ranger", but leaning a lot more to "Good" than "Neutral".
(More "Intelligence too, who'd a thunk....)

Hope I didn't make you hum this song all day.....heh, I'm singing it out loud. Good thing my Office Staff understand me......

Life is Good.

Wollf 42

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fun Stuff..................

H/T Foxfier/Sailorette at Head Noises write some more on both these posts later.....I'm kinda goofing off....don't tell.

Long and involved test, but fun...who'd a thunk that Wollf would turn out a character like this......oh, I guess everyone that knows him, heh.

At least I wasn't a Dwarf or a Princess, (though I have the legs for it)...the princess, not the dwarf.....wait, I didn't mean that, they're just not all short and stubby and cripes.

I hate dwarves.....

I Am A: True Neutral Human Ranger/Sorcerer (4th/3rd Level)

Ability Scores:







True Neutral A true neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most true neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil after all, he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, he's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. Some true neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. True neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion. However, true neutral can be a dangerous alignment because it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Primary Class:
Rangers are skilled stalkers and hunters who make their home in the woods. Their martial skill is nearly the equal of the fighter, but they lack the latter's dedication to the craft of fighting. Instead, the ranger focuses his skills and training on a specific enemy a type of creature he bears a vengeful grudge against and hunts above all others. Rangers often accept the role of protector, aiding those who live in or travel through the woods. His skills allow him to move quietly and stick to the shadows, especially in natural settings, and he also has special knowledge of certain types of creatures. Finally, an experienced ranger has such a tie to nature that he can actually draw on natural power to cast divine spells, much as a druid does, and like a druid he is often accompanied by animal companions. A ranger's Wisdom score should be high, as this determines the maximum spell level that he can cast.

Secondary Class:
Sorcerers are arcane spellcasters who manipulate magic energy with imagination and talent rather than studious discipline. They have no books, no mentors, no theories just raw power that they direct at will. Sorcerers know fewer spells than wizards do and acquire them more slowly, but they can cast individual spells more often and have no need to prepare their incantations ahead of time. Also unlike wizards, sorcerers cannot specialize in a school of magic. Since sorcerers gain their powers without undergoing the years of rigorous study that wizards go through, they have more time to learn fighting skills and are proficient with simple weapons. Charisma is very important for sorcerers; the higher their value in this ability, the higher the spell level they can cast.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

Reader Comments
Don't allow
Post date and time

Definitive proof of Global Wormening.....

There you have it. Finally a time line that I can sink my teeth into. A simple yet elegant statement of the "unmentionable" facts. I don't know as I believe it, but hey.....who am I do argue with results?

Yay Global Wormening!! H/T- DW for sending the pic.
What are those big ol' things on the left, anyways?


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Not gonna write tonite.......

Can't make me, ain't a gonna do it. Not in the mood. Gonna take a bath. Old fashioned, soap and hot water and hard bristle brush Bath.

The Santa Anas have kicked up, and the gusts are rattling my windows. All alone in the house, just took the Cubs down the hill, got some pretty amazing things running through my mind.

My road trip is coming together....probably the first week in March. Do I take this mind sucking computer with me or do I take a pure break from it? I'm a little concerned that a break like that would get me out of the habit.

I don't want that to happen. Someday maybe my Great Grand Cubs will find this thing and get a glimpse of who I was......

So....I ain't writing. Period.
I am gonna listen to the video again that song. The guy in it is a metrosexual dork, but I still like the song. Makes me think of things just around the corner.


Different sort of mood....ahhhhh

Ok, call me goofy.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's there to say...........

This is that day. There's a lot to say, and I'm going to say it. I'll be working the draft through out the day, and post this evening. I need to ease into it from a good place.......I'm going to post this in little bits at a time. My eyes get a little misty from the concentration, so check back if you want.......

(Ed Note): Thanks aA for the comment. Maybe I really should edit. My Eldest She-Cub, Heather, left this Mortal coil for grander adventures four years ago today. This is the first I've written of it. Damm me for a vain fool. I've become so comfortable here with you that I feel you already know .....

Wollf is back. This is going to take a bit more effort than I had suspected. My grieving is over, but this particular day......

Heather. Beautiful, grey-green eyed baby, precoscious as hell, walked when she was seven months old. Never stopped talking from the time she learned her first words. A mind that sometimes made me feel that I didn't have a clue.

Taught her to ride horses when she was just three years old, she'd go everywhere I went, I remember she was thrown....well actually she just sort of slid off the side of my horse once, a$$ ove teacup and a little plop, right on her butt.

As I dismounted to comfort her, I watched as she got up, dusted her little bottom off, looked me square in the eye, and asked imperiously with our Southwestern accent, "Where's muh hat?".

Tough, intelligent kid. Hard as a rock on the outside, nothing but mush inside.

She was difficult. Superior intellect, easily bored, she got into "trouble" quite often. I had a ten speed bike that I'd gotten waaay back while in college. I remember precisely the cost...$125.00, because the darned thing was so expensive for back then in the early seventies.

Loved that bike. Kept it clean and shiny and parked in the garage....Heather, alone at the house at age fourteen, got bored....decided that she could probably teach herself how to drive my truck. She executed the joy ride around the neighborhood without incident.

She really sucked at parking. I remember the words I used as I arrived home to find my beloved ten speed mangled and speared through our new washer and dryer at the end of the garage.

"You should learn how to use the brakes first."

Her stepmother did not see any humor in the incident at all........I guess that I did, because although I loved that bike, I loved her more....

She came to live with me full time when she was a freshman in high school. She opted to join the Navy and put off college for another day. I think that school bored her, and the adventure of Military Service was a siren call not to be trifled with.

Stationed at GreatLakes, outside of Chicago, Evanston, I think. She mustered out after four and joined the Police Department. Loved her job, hated her job. Heh, so like her....loved her mom, hated her mom....Wollf....she just loved.

We talked all the time. She shared about anything with me. I miss that. I miss her now when something goofy happens to me, or I pull a stupid stunt, and I reach to pick up the phone to share and......

Not so often any more. I look at her picture on my dresser now and smile, and remember that little cowgirl with the dust on her britches, the grin on her face and the gleam in her eyes.....The world was a better place because she was in it....

I'm back again, and I think I'll close this post and put away the melancholy for another time. My youngest She-cub called, remembering the day.....drove up and kept her Sire company....visited and talked about wonderfully outrageous things.

She'll be eighteen in two days. She is going to get a tattoo.....on her foot....of a Peace sign.....Oh, Lord....I asked if she was going to include the phrase "Through Superior Firepower", and she laughed and said she'd "think" about it.

What's a Sire to do? Well, for starters, I'll take her down to "Memmo's" shop and ensure that the young Lady-Cub is treated with due respect by the "artist"....spell Mongols Gang member. They understand me down there, heh.

Great conversation, more than tattoos, on to Love and Life and Dreams of a young woman and a middle aged Wollf. Seems we have a lot in common....kinda reminds me of someone. And most presciouly, reminded me that Life is for the Living.

Heather was a prescious gift. I miss her, a lot of People miss her. Wollf has other Cubs to tend to. She is Alive and Safe in my heart.

Always and Always.
Thanks for listening.
Love your Cubs with all your might. It's not supposed to happen, but sometimes....

It does. Love you Cowgirl.

Monday, January 14, 2008


All right, which of you nuts out there sent me this? Seems Wollf is becoming popular.

I would be highly flattered if it were real, but the story is much more mundane than that lovely shoulder.

Here's the deal, because it's a non imbed video. Takes alittle time, and it's kind of a guy thing, so Ladies......yah know? Here's the directions, it's kinda cool visually.

Follow the link HERE . Type my name, Wollf in the first box. Type your name in the second box.

Skip the e-mail boxes, they're optional. Click Visualize.

Enjoy our moment together. Realize they're speaking Portuguese, I think. Listen, she even says my name.....Aye Caramba.

Cuando caliente el Sol, aqui en la is definitely in the air.
Guarantee I'm gonna get comments on this one.

It might load patient. Men you'll love it and use yourself. Faire Ladies, I'm expecting a solid chastisement for my base sense of humor.


High Fivin'........

A good friend gives Wollf a High Five after the Giants-Dallas game. He's the one wearing the watch......

The Cubs want a dog. I haven't had a Best Four Legged Friend in a number of years. Another of my Jaanuary tragedies. Killian was his name. Air Force,(I didn't hold that against him), veteran.

He was stationed in England, MOS-Bomb Detection. He got out on an MD, or Medical Discharge. Heart murmur, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure.

He faked it.

I don't know how he did it, but somehow I knew. I received him into my home fully grown, fully trained for a most unnecessary task around the Wollf household.....Squirrel Jihadis notwithstanding....and fully healthy.

I had been tipped off by an old comrade that this dog was being discharged, and as he knew that I had both young children and a heart for dogs, he arranged that Killian be remanded to my, (our), custody.

When I first laid eyes on the fellow, I was struck by his good looks. A Golden, as opposed to Yellow Labrador, three years old, wet, sad eyes and a downcast look. I took him from the handler, got him into the truck and drove home, wondering if this poor morose, sickly creature was a good idea.

He sat completely still during the ride, staring out the window. We pulled into the driveway and the Cubs were there. When he saw them, Killian became a different animal. Animated, barking, tail wagging like no tomorrow!!

I opened the door, he vaulted out past me, ran to the kids as they ran to him, bowled over Lil Wolfie, tackled by Bigger, it became Boy-Dog Bedlam. It was magic how they took to each other, wrestling and running and falling over each other....

No sign of the "sickly" dog I had rescued. Never was. A devoted, kind, gentle and rough and tumble rolled into one big goofy beautiful dog. Never been one like him. Never be another. I still miss the wonderful goof and his two legged happy dance, his sneaking, crawling up the stairs each night to sleep with one of the Cubs.

Their Mother would not allow it. Heh. Their Sire downright enabled it. Each morning, as I left, a low whistle, and he'd sneak back down the stairs with me. Our little secret, we males.......she probably never knew. Didn't matter. Boys need Dogs, Dogs need boys, heh.

We had a lot of fun back then. I miss that guy.

So, we're finally getting another dog. I was thinking Welsh Corgi, but was resoundly ridiculed, my very Wollfhood brought into question by a dog person of reknown. Said I should think before I get a dog that people will laugh and point fingers at.

So.....We're getting a Wolf-Hybrid. Looks of the Wolf, long legs, oh heck, you know what I look like by now, and a shepherd personality. Gonna be a female, and we're gonna name her Sabre. You know, like "Parry, thrust?" Heh.

We'll pick her up in April soon afer she's born. Life will be just a little more fulfilled.

Good things are coming, adventures to be had.
It's late and I've got some heavy thinking to do....

Oh, cool picture huh?


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Out of office message.....

Gotta leave for a bit, posting later.....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Got the Cubs.........yay!! mood is a goofy thing. Hell, my Life is a goofy thing. Visited down the hill with some dear friends tonite for a bit....not nearly enough time with a couple of wonderful Folke.

Lil' Wolfie is an endless supply of amusement to his Sire. He wanted a snack a moment ago, we're up hanging out in my suite, the "snacks" are downstairs in the kitchen. He won't go alone.

Seems that our staircase is haunted. How was I to know? In fact, I was just so taken aback by this news that I asked him why he thought that they, of all the places in this house, were?

"Because they make noises when I step on them, Sire", he responded.

"Logical deduction", said I, stifling a giggle. "Like...Owooooo aahhhh eeeoooh?"


"Aaaaiiiieeeee Oooooowwwoooo?"


"Arrrrghhrrooowwwllll UUUhhhhheeerrtibooo?"


All completely straight faced on his part, a hint of true concern on his face. Ok, the little guy is definitely a bit afraid of going downstairs by himself. It's dark down there, and big, maybe he just needs some support on this bit of irrationality.

"All right, Wolfie....I'll go down with you, we'll both see that the stairs aren't haunted, maybe but I doubt it, they creak a little bit, and I'll make you a sandwich, Ok?"

Off we went, brave Wollf in the lead, down the haunted stairs......holding hands....Lil' Wolfie dragging behind....two steps......five....nine....

Lil' let loose with the most G-d awful scream of fright. I as is my tendency when surprised by a sound of such volume and Horror....jumped completely out of my skin and shouted myself. Scared the Bejeezers out of me.

"What?? Why did you scream?", I asked as I caught myself. "It was That one, right There!", he pointed to the step I had just vacated.....

I hadn't heard a thing, not a creak, not a groan, most definitely not an "Ooowwwaaahhhggrrowwoooo"........."Didn't you hear it, Sire? It groaned.....

"It said, 'Lose a few pounds, Fatso, that hurts when you step on Meeeeee!'"

My momentary shock at the fact that the Cub had gotten the only thing that allowed him to scamper past me, down the remaining stairs, around the corner and lock himself safely away from my ire in the bathroom, Wollf hot on his heels.

The gleeful laughter from the Cub....on the other side of the door....the conspiratorial guffaws from his brother at the head of the stairs....The wholly untrue cry from Bigger that I had "screamed like a little girl"......Wollf had been taken down a a 15 and 10 year old....

The shame.

I sat down on the floor and laughed too......I should have beaten those Cubs a bit more when they were littler, but what's a Sire to do?

I feel a wrestling match coming on. Tickle holds legal.

Friday, January 11, 2008

This is my Happy Wollf picture. I may use him as my Avatar. Just looking at this animal makes me smile. His smile is a lot like your less than humble scribes own. I identify with the Soul of the Wolf more and more each day.....

As much as I've shared in these pages, there are still volumes of even more intimate thoughts and feelings tto be delved into. I had thought of starting the new Blog, but I think that I'll just stick to this one.

"I don't know what I'm getting myself into." I've been told that once or twice in my life. That's incredibly true. I've always been quite impetuous in my decision making. The end results of which have varied between the extremes of Grand success and Total fiasco.

Looking back and meditating on some of the bigger decisions of my Life so far, I'm pretty damm pleased with the cumulative quality of all those choices. Some have hurt quite badly as you know. Some have brought Joy beyond belief.

Some have been both. Life is like that. I'm in such a strange place right now, I'm actually at a loss for what to write. I so very much want to write of Love. I want to describe what I envision as my next evolutionary step in my Journey.

To be able to say that the way that I feel right now is akin to putting on a fresh out of the clothes dryer, thick terrycloth robe on a cold evening, curling up in front of a fire with a good cup of coffee and a favorite book of short stories, some soft jazz playing in the background....

I'd like to write about the feeling that I'd have after a three hour phone conversation with a person that I love and want to be with as badly as I want to breathe. That sensation of fulfillment without being fulfilled. A bittersweet embrace of electrons rather than skin.

The Wollf's perspective. Alone and alive and searching and finding and never wanting to let go and.........Being. Embracing the moment with innocent eyes, throwing off the blindfold of jaded experience and living each moment as if it were for the first time.

Slow down to enhance the taste of experience.

Yup, Wollf had an epiphany tonite. Such a mystical experience, looking back on it, that I have no words to describe eloquently enough to do it justice. I'm at a loss.

And so dumbfounded am I at my good fortune and my emotional escalation...that I won't even try. I am drained, as after an evening of intense lovemaking in candlelight. My eyes are not capable of staying open. I'm punch drunk, flustered, and oh, so pleasantly, dreamily sleepy.

Sorry that I can't find any words to describe how I feel tonight. We'll have fun tomorrow, I promise........'Nite,

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January.....Month of Remembrance.......

I just did an edit. If you would, please do Wollf a tiny favor and scroll down before you read this. It's an important Posting to me, and I'd like you to click the music so that it plays in the background........thanks.

Stewart Michael, "Mike" Brother, in more ways than blood, died in March six years ago. I always associate January with him and the other three Loved ones I've lost. Mentor? Nah, just a pain in the a$$ big brother, seven years my elder, with a penchant for leaving punched shoulders, bruised egos and fond memories.

Probably the archetype, besides our Sire, of what my Grandmother called our Clan of Men.....Charming Ruffians. Handsome in a Michael Landon way, big, powerful, and with a voice that would set you back with it's silky tones.

Couldn't fight his way out of a sack though, and with quite the sarcastic tongue, they were fairly often. I remember as adults stepping in and removing him from harms way on many an occasion. We could beat on each other, all well and good, but No One else is ever allowed to bring harm to one of the Brothers Wollf.

He made it through the 'Nam in the middle years, relatively unscathed, but his last duty killed him anyway. Manned the 50 on a mud boat....swift boat, my a$$, patrolling up and down the Delta. Dangerous M.O.S.......espescially that smelly, oily substance that the slow movers would drop on the riverbanks, and him, time after time after time.

Agent Orange. Good for clearing vegetation and taking away Charlie's advantage.

Bad for the Marine who scuttled back to his hooch and collapsed, exhausted, to dream of "back home" with the stench of chemicals still in his lungs.

Mike was a Marine. Not your fantasy Marine, although he could've done recruiting posters, he was your basic avoid responsibility, but get the job done, cover your a$$, but kill the enemy, drink hard, but make muster, "so many Women, so little time...." kind of Marine.

The Eleanor Roosevelt kind of Marine, “The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!”

Cancer. Smoked two packs a day, but not a sign of it in his lungs. Lymphatic. Diagnosed before Christmas, gone within a couple of months. 'Nam killed him as surely as it killed his 58,148 Brothers in Arms.

Agent Orange. We didn't know. As he told me be before he died, he didn't begrudge the chemical or it's use. "Probably kept me alive over there, let me raise my kids".

A good Man was Stewart Michael. I miss him.
For his sake, I hope the Angels in Heaven are females. For the sake of Heaven...I don't.

Listen to the music. Young Men and Women, just like him are right now....doing what they believe in.....

Rest peacefully, Mike......58,149
Carry on.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuckered out........

Doesn't seem as though I should be....I just want to snuggle up, close my eyes and dream of far off places. Places I've never been with exotic unpronounceable names. Places I've been and want to see again. Places I wish I had never gone to....

People I want to be with, People I've never met. Oh, the dreams I shall enjoy and endure tonight. All alone in my bed with my thoughts. Never alone with my dreams.

Pleasant dreams of strolling through a sultry evening, arm in arm under an alabaster moon. Nightmares of times gone by, replaced by the ecstacy of contemplating a future.

Look to the sky tonight, my Darling. See Orion in his glory and know that our eyes share the moment....what was the line? "Third star from the right and straight on til morning"?

She's out there, waiting. Soothing, laughing, crying, loving.

I'm here, working, playing, writing........dreaming.
A Wolf reflected in your eyes

On Militaria ....

This is in essence only a link....and one for those who don't mind a long read on Military Strategy and Tactics.

It explains the our Military's OODA loop concept of modern warfare. I was engrossed. You might not be....but it's very educational when pondering how we do it.


Ever wonder why "Baghdad Bob" didn't realize the tanks were right behind him in his televised report during the War?

Big H/T to Mike the Marine
Carry on,

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Add Posting, hold on to your Focus........

Wollf is emotionally and physically exhausted. My knee feels better, my shoulder is coming along nicely, and.......

What in the heck is the deal with gym equipment nowadays? My offices have a full blown gym, Universal Stage trainer, treadmills, bikes, free weights and those climber thingies that make your legs ache.

I use the free weights and occasionally the stair step climbing thingie, but what is up with the treadmills? There's always somebody on the friggin things. I just don't get the appeal. Take a walk, People.

It's prettier, cooler, and you don't have to smell the old sweaty guy next to you. But no, it makes more sense to spend a grand on a treadmill so that you're stuck inside.....Wollf doesn't understand.

I felt great today. Took a non planned Muggle patch holiday today. I forgot to renew my prescription.....uh oh for the folks that work for and with me. They had gotten used to my relative normalcy over the last few months and then Bam! The Emeril seasoning heated things up.

Realize, please, that I'm not a head case or anything, it's just that the ADD takes me in directions that no Muggle person can predict. And.......I'm a little more impetuous in my decision making.

I was so full of Life and I just didn't feel like being in the office environment. So, I cut out for an early lunch hour, didn't tell anyone where I was going, and drove down to the Ventura Pier.......for a swim.

In January. Fifty two degrees.....I figure the air was a bit cooler than the ocean, but not a hell of a the words of a dear friend....Dayum!!! I just stripped down to my workout shorts, and ran at the waves.

The shock didn't hit me until I was about three strokes and thirty feet from shore. I made it round the Pier with only a bit of a shortcut between the pilings. The blood pump and adrenaline warmed me up pretty quickly, and I was probably only in the water for about five minutes......

People must have nothing better to do. Can you believe they stopped what they were doing and stared at me as I walked out of the ocean as though I was the crazy Man.
Heh.....they just couldn't understand. They were gawking, while Wolf was Living.

I felt so wonderful.

I kinda wish that my impetuosity had included bringing a towel......I grabbed my now sand filled clothes, ran up to the truck turned it on and changed. My lips were a different color than usual, kinda looked like a palsied rock star what with my shakes and purple lips.

I always seem to get the shivers when I'm warming up....which took a long time. I decided after the fact that it was probably a less than wholly logical thing to do....I shivered for about an hour back at the office.....but if you want to really feel have to feel.

Like that post last evening about Love. If you really want to Love and be Loved, you have to feel. I'm Loving a lot more since the breakup. I don't worry about what anyone else will think of me, how they'll react, whether or not they'll reciprocate.

I Love a number of People now. Because I understand what it is. Does anyone Love me? Probably so. In fact there's probably a few who do......all in different ways. And I bask in it, and try to do my best to accept it and be as good a Man and Loving friend that I can.

Life is good for Wollf. I turned yet another corner on the Journey this morning. I'm truly alive.

Oh yeah......Eff the Iranian Navy. All one destroyer, one sub, a few frigates and a little pile of missile boats. They mistook an American Air Craft Carrier for what? They thought it was a bus full of Jewish tourists? WTF?

I don't hate very much anymore, but I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that those people are no Daisies. They are not Daisies at all.

Embrace Life, find Love and hold onto it no matter the improbability. Take it as slowly as you feel necessary. It will come from a direction and a distance never imagined.

I've got some more banana split ice cream downstairs, this post made absolute sense to my Wizard mode mind, and I'm hungry.

My washing machine is being repaired and I can't do laundry. I guess I'll run down to the department store and buy some clean clothes.

Boxers or briefs? I'm thinking a compromise with those new combo boxer-briefs. Color or white? Tees or tanks? Sport or dress? Dayum the decisions. I'll just find an attractive clerk and let her decide. I'm not myself while shopping.

I had the Alpha knocked right out of me by a phone call this evening.........

Wow, can hardly wait to reread this oddness tomorrow.
Be good Americans and good People. If you're new and don't understand any of this, don't worry, it's a sign of normalcy.

There's a glossary of terms in the right sidebar....

Thought I'd share my mood......

This is how I feel.....I'm gonna go to the beach and walk around at lunch.....

Mmmmmm, It's a Beautiful Mornin', uh huh...


Monday, January 7, 2008


As my Grandfather, who oft times in these annals has been portrayed as a wise Man, once proclaimed,"Brakes are the most important part of an automobile, Wollf."

"Stepping on the accelerator makes the car move, the steering wheel directs it where to go......but you don't need either of them. You can walk to where you are going."

"But once the car is going, you need the brakes to slow you down. You need to know when and how hard to apply them if your Journey is to be a safe and productive one."

Life's Journey is a bit like that. We can choose to start the car, whether it be out of laziness, or we think the Journey is too far to walk, or we're in a hurry, and hit the accelerator, turn the wheel, and off we go......

To whatever awaits us. Sometimes we get to moving to fast, or we lose our way. We mustn't be impatient and forget the brakes. It's better that we arrive eventually at our destination in one piece than to ignore the speed limit in our excitement, and not get there at all.

There are some things in Life that are well worth waiting for.

When we graduate high school, the world is ours, our friends have jobs, making money, a car, apartment, toys.....But the words resonate. Apply the brakes. Put off the money and all that comes with it.

Deferred gratification. Go to College, try the Military, learn about adult life at a safe speed. After a few years, a reunion with our old friends reminds us that we made the correct choice. Ours is a productive life.

When we fall in Love, we can, in the infatuation and exhilaration of a new relationship, accelerate too quickly, move in together, get married, have Cubs......with a mate we hardly know. And fail. Or.....we can apply the brakes judiciously and practice patience, enjoy a real period of courtship and enjoy each other without hurry.

And love each other for the rest of our lives.....

Yup, Wollf is feeling his "Good" kind of melancholy tonight. The kind of melancholy that awakens the Soul to new possibilities. The kind of melancholy that allows him to rejoice that he's in Love..........with an improbability.

Possibly that song. Never had the ability or patience to examine myself before. Never had the notion that Love was above all things, patient. Now, through the changes wrought through the storms I've weathered, I have patience.

The patience to wait for Love. It's there, somewhere, in it's infancy. Wollf will simply wait to see if it's the real thing. It might just be, improbable as it seems.

Patience, for years if necessary, to see how the storyline unfolds. I'm in such a good sort of melancholy, I think I'll forget the car.

Grandfather always said that "Life and Love are both walks too beautiful to miss."
Wollf is going for a walk. And think of Love......

The warm, feminine scent of a woman not touched but in dreams.
Dream well,


But this one is mine......

I've had this for some time......

Thought I should share it and save some words.
Sometimes half formed thoughts are best kept that way......for a little while at least.

The time will come for those three words.....


Sunday, January 6, 2008

This is Rose's fault.......

Don't blame me for this one. I happen to pay attention to the comments, think deeply about some of them, and attempt to adjust my perspective occasionally because of them.

I had written that I was thinking of starting a second blog to deal with things that I felt didn't really belong at this evolved site. The commenter explained first how to do it.....and then bipped me on the head and told me I might want to rethink that option.

Soooo, I did. I will continue to shy away from some of my youthful adventures, personal details of relationships that don't need the light of day and little items that might be considered......well, you know, I've had a storied life. That being said, there's still a ton of "stuff",(not shi-ite any more, just "stuff"), that I really should work through in order to continue my Journey.

I'm not the Best, I'll never be the Best.....but I can do all the work to be the Best that I can be. The last few nights the topic has been Love. I thought about that this morning after I was awakened at about 0230hrs.

Had the most beautiful dream, couldn't sleep, went outside into the cold and thought.
I saw a meterorite hit the ground, about three miles away. I've seen shooting stars before, but never have I seen an impact. It was absolutely breathtaking.

I am going to find that little message that G-d threw through my window. I think that if there's anything left of it, I'll be able to. I know exactly what I'm going to do with it.

Earlier in the evening, Lil' Wolfie was upstairs watching a movie, and I had gone outside to stand in the rain and enjoy the feel of the cold drops hitting my face and chest....I know, sounds like a stupid idea when the house is nice and warm, but it somehow makes me feel totally alive....kinda like that "other" thing that we humans do to feel complete....and it saves on cold showers, heh.

Anyway, I had a new visitor. A Barn Owl swooped in and landed in the tree next to me, not twenty feet away, and perched on the lowest branch of the tree, only about six or seven feet off the ground. Just sat there. And stared at me, no noise but the pattering of rain, no feeling but the breeze chilling me. His eyes shone from the reflection of street lights, and he stared.

For about a minute, a very long minute, then he took off, flying directly over my head, his huge wings all but grazing me, the soft shoosh, shoosh of his wings beating time to the falling rain as he gained altitude and disappeared.....

It made me want to dance the night away.....
Beautiful evening, astounding early morning.....all in all a perfect setting for the goofiness that I'll be writing later about what I feel it all portends...


Saturday, January 5, 2008

On Comments from last evening.....

A quickie response to comments from last night, wherein ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ of Fighting in the Shade quoted Don Quixote. My response seemed a bit long winded for the comments, and it seemed an excellent idea for a follow up. (tips hat in a generally eastern direction).....

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ, Cervantes and you are quite the battle of emotions, a closer look often times reveals only windmills where ogres once stood. When it comes to matters of the Heart, it seems that Men of our Breed,(and I don't think I'm being too arbitrary in that phrase), do tend to "tilt at windmills".

It's quite simply, and you all know I relish simplicity, that Men of our type were never taught to examine our feelings to find a solution. We were taught to fix things, whether it be the garbage disposal that is clogged, the building that needs to be built, the bridge that needs to be removed, the enemy that we're directed to neutralise, a relationship that is broken.

Now. Immediate reaction. Whatever it takes.

And we can't do it when it comes to matters of the Heart. We can't repair another person's broken psyche. And we can't mend our own broken hearts without doing a bit of self surgery. We have to cut. We have to examine.

It really does take a catastrophic situation to make us even consider that we might need to dig into "who we are". And to accept that we can't fix the problem, we can only fix ourselves to the extent so as not to have a repeat performance in a future relationship.

Once we, or in this case I, realised the course of action to be taken, that I was chasing windmills instead of the real enemy, the path became clear. It was difficult, it was learning new tactics for a different battle, but it was done.

I balked at it as all Men might.....

"But all this must be suffered by those who profess the stern order of chivalry" (Don Quixote, Book 1, Part 11).

Deus Vult

Friday, January 4, 2008

Anybody even Notice?......

As any of the Faithful have probably noticed, the tenor of the writing in my posts has changed dramatically over these last four months. The bedraggled, injured beast that was me has healed dramatically.

Wollf still has his moments of melancholy, but they're few and far between. Sometimes I think I ought to start another little space and not tell anyone. There are still some things that need to see the "anonymous" light of day.......

We all have those things inside us. It's a huge part of what makes us human. I can't in good conscience write about a number of things here that weigh on my mind. It's because a lot of the readers of my ramblings have truly become my friends. And some,even more than that.

I can't and won't ever betray those confidences.

That being said, I'm going to keep this Blog going, and moving in the same direction, but with a bit more of my life perspective. I'm becoming a very happy Man.

I will find a small, discreet place somewhere in the Matrix to stash my most personal concerns, just as I did in the beginning.....if someone finds it, fine. If not, fine also.

Long time readers may have noticed .....I sort of doubt it, that I've changed the more mention of the erstwhile Beautiful MrsP. Simple enough reason, she no longer exists in Wollf's world. That's a little sad. But just a little.

The Cubs exist. My Friends exist. The casual Reader exists. Even, and necessarily so, the Cubs' momma exists. But she who visited this life change on me, she who reawakened the Wollf in me, is no more.

I also changed my Bio. Basically the same, but with a much lighter emphasis on the pain, even as the pain is so much less. So, that's the "dealio" as Bigger Wolfie would say. New, anonymous Blog to create, this Blog to continue.....with a few more goofy philosophical posts, mixed in with the occasional total ramble, rant or what I think passes for humor.

I have the Cubs tonite.....ya hoo! I've felt cheated of their presence a bit since that wonderful Christmas Eve....their mom, hereinafter and permanently,(unless I change it again), referred to as "X" was a bit selfish with them. She's a "bit" selfish with a lot of things but........that's for the other Blog.

I've come through this horrid period pretty well. I want to keep venting and from what I've been led to believe, even helping other Folke that might be in the same place. So here goes, and I'll make this one as short as I can, being as this friggin preamble is as long as The Declaration of Independence....

It's all about Love. I thought I lost it. So wrong I was, but it was that perception that crippled me. It's what is hurting you too, quite possibly. We fear not being Loved more than we fear Death himself. I've begun to feel that the fear of Death is at its' core, the terror of not being Loved.

I've never been afraid of Death or injury, and yet I have had the shakes in certain dire circumstances. What does the dying Man flash on? Loved ones. The mortally wounded Soldier calls out the name of his Wife or Mother or Child. He can't bear to lose them, not his life.

So....Love. (keep it short, Wollf), As much as we fear not being Loved, we don't understand how to get it. Without it, we can't really be alive. Here's the secret.

To be Loved, you have to Give Love.

It's that simple Folkes. You have to take the gamble. Give your Love away and don't "expect" anything in return. You'll get it back, maybe not from the immediate object of your giving, but you'll get it just have to give it.

Enough preaching. Love somebody. Your Cubs, your Friends, your Family and Love will find you.

Gotta break, my shoulder is killing me.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Time for the News...with Wollf

Good evening. (sonorous self important talking anchorman voice),

Wollf has searched the News sites for items of interest in the world of News. I will share the pertinent issues with you, the Few, the Faithful, the Fanciful who seem to find a reason to read my tripe.

Ok, first a News Roundup.....a bunch of Muslim Whack jobs blew themselves up and killed (insert number here), a slew of wholly innocent Souls were killed, a few Muslim youths burned some cars in France, Harry Reid said something stupid and condescending, Ted Kennedy said something unintelligible, The Reverend Jackson accused someone of being a racist, Nascar ran a race that included only Left turns, President Bush mis-spoke himself, Obama forgot to cover his heart during the Anthem, Hillary promised free and excellent health care to everyone, 5,000 more Illegal Aliens crossed the Border, Britney, Courtney, Lindsey, or Paris did something trailer trashy, a bus crashed somewhere in South America and killed a bunch of People, and some jerk off Politician, somewhere came up with a new Plan for Peace in the Middle East that won't friggin work.

Oh, and th U.N. blamed the Jews for all of it.

All of this News before I even looked. All made up. All true. Wollf should simply sit back and write the news. It's trite and cliched. Just like Life. Any day of the year, every one of those items will occur.

Wollf is bored with the News. Here's a Late breaking story:

Obama and Huckabee win the Iowa Caucus! Anybody really give a rat's a$$? Anybody? What in the Eff is a friggin Caucus? Why do they refer to their Primaries as a "Caucus"

Is it simply because everyone in Iowa is a "Cauc-asian"? And what the hell does it matter when a state of mostly white, down homers choose a Candidate? Give me a friggin Break. My prediction: Neither on of these two Know nothings will be our next POTUS. Iowa. "The Heart of America"

We need a by-pass, stat. that the "Introduction" is done.....The News that caught my eye, complete with VIDEO and PICTURES! Herewith:

Global Warmening has Hit South Florida! (anybody know how to insert one of those ticker tape sounds? This would be soooo much cooler with "Important" sounds in the background.......ok, just imagine...tiktiktik....tiktik.....tikkytikk.tik.tikktik...)

39 degrees in Miami, down in the 20's elsewhere in Florida. The Orange crop, a maiinstay of Florida's agriculture, has been hit, but "experts" think that the crop can be saved.

But, hee,hee, Lizards are falling from the trees. Seems the cold blooded little beasties, not being able to regulate their internal temperatures, have fallen victim to Lizardsickle-itis. They freeze up......and fall out of their trees, smack, bounce, plop.

Residents have been advised to carry umbrellas to protect against the possibility of larger reptiles falling from the skies. Please Folkes, watch where you step, the little critters shatter when stepped on. Rumor has it that Al Gore had scheduled a Lecture on Global Warming in Saratoga.......

Not to worry about the Iguanas, though, those that don't break into a gazillion pieces on initial impact, if not eaten, will arise as from the dead upon thawing. Hey Forida, your own little four legged Lazarus Miracle!!

I can't share this story with Lil" Wolfie, he'll have his mother's freezer filled with all the SoCall lizards he can find as an experiment. (Hmmmmm, insert evil grin here).....maybe I can. Oh, I can see the Face!!

Oops, sorry, I digressed. This is a serious News Report. (Anybody guess what sort of evening this is? Even I can't wait to Publish and read back to see if it makes any friggin sense at all)
Back to the ADD News...

And then there's the Model who is suing the Jewelry Company that she did a commercial for. She claims that she had contracted to do a spot enticing People to buy diamond jewelry, the tag line being "Rock her World". She says that the spot portrays her in a bad light, that the spot seems Pornographic to her.

She was directed what to do, she did it, they filmed it, she was paid for it.....and she had no idea that the spot was going to look like THIS? Was she having an out of body experience? Who the heck was there if that isn't her?

Warning: Fake Female Ecstasy Alert.....not very convincing either.....

Imagine that....the poor dear had no idea what the eeevil corporation was going to do with her......her.......uh.....fake orgasm? What the hell else do you call that performance? Can anybody say "Tort Reform"? Sheesh

I can't stand it any more. More News at Ten.
I'm gonna go get the Cubs......or take a shower....ah, get the Cubs.
Good night
Wollf.......has left the building.

What.....are You kidding Me?

Wollf thinks that everyone should take the test. H/T to Something and Half of Something for the head's up.

Any Liberal readers might disagree, and claim that the questionnaire is "slanted" toward the Conservative side. Hey, get a humor bone.....Haven't you heard of the Great Right Wing Conspiracy?

You Are 91% American

You're as American as red meat and shooting ranges.
Tough and independent, you think big.
You love everything about the US, wrong or right.
And anyone who criticizes your home better not do it in front of you!

Seems I get a One Percent advantage because I don't say "Neener, Neener, Neener!"
Heh....How'd you Folkes do?

I knew the answer to the Sports question, but I simply couldn't Bear to choose "Left Turn Only" and "The Hulkster". Looks Like Lil' Wolfie has Set, Point Game on me there.

I hope you have as Great a day as I'm planning.......even though I'm at work.
It's gonna rain Buckets here in SoCal!
Ten inches in the mountains, four to six in the Highlands where I live.

Oh Boy! Injun Run!! .....ok, "Limp"....but Wollf and the Cubs will Definitely get wet. "X" is taking them to the snow today, I'll soak 'em good tonight. Fun, fun.

(Note to Wollf.....remember the House Keys. The neighbor Lady's husband is out of town......)
Be Good Americans, whatever your Political Bent.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home Improvement....Rodent Removal......

I had been having a running battle with Jihadi Ground Squirrels in my back yard for over six months. Our house was across the street from an expansive field that was heavily populated with the critters, and they had taken a liking to my little back yard vegetable garden, and the relative looseness of the soil under my lawn.

I tried all of the standard remedies, and a few that were not by any means "standard". The Squirrel is a relentless foe. It started out as a grass roots movement on their part to supplement their Squirrelly larders, and make a better life for their families.

I understood their motives, and had to applaud their resilience to the hundreds of dollars worth of "Squirrel be Gone" products that I implemented against them. Gofer Gassers, Black Holes, Live Traps, Dead Traps....nothing seemed to stem the tide across the Border of my fence line.

I had holes inside of holes in my lawn, and it was time to finally give up the stopgap security measures and launch a full scale Military Operation. I'm good at those, you know. Flooding the holes with a garden hose didn't phase 'em, the silly a$$ gas sticks didn't put out enough toxic cloud to get the job done........

Tim Allen came to mind. What would the "Most Manly" of all Home Improvement do? He would call for more....more....more power.

I had a brilliant, yet simple plan. K.I.S.S. is the Military acronym for "Keep It Simple, Stupid". After work, I brought home a fifty gallon tank of welding acetylene.
I figured that.....

1) Acetylene is heavier than air....thus, when I opened the valve by the hole, the gas would flow down the endless tunnels......and

2) It's deadly toxic. Asphyxiated Squirrel Jihadis in their pre-dug graves. No muss, no fuss, and best of more Squirrels.

I was a Genius! Wollf danced with glee as the tank emptied its contents into the ground. There was a third thing about acetylene that for some ADD reason escaped me.....I celebrated my victory a bit too early.

The gas was heavier than air. The Squirrels were mobile, and they didn't like the smell. I looked around and saw what must have been a dozen Rodent Radicals staring at me from the openings to their warrens.

They wouldn't leave the holes, I was there, and they wouldn't go back down and suffocate like good varmints. Jihadis. Indoctrinated Squirrels, Illegal Immigrant Squirrels.......It was too much, I took action.

I'd scare them back down into their holes! I had a firecracker on the gazebo, just the trick.....I lit it.....I tossed it....

And I immediately remembered that third thing.

Folkes, to say that the gas acetylene is combustible is quite the understatement. The explosion underground lifted my back yard two feet into the air, catapulted me down the hill and through the neighbors fence,(sorry Randy), and shot flaming Squirrels high into the air.

It is an absolute miracle that no flaming Squirrels caught the neighborhood on fire, that I wasn't killed, and to tell the truth...that my house was still standing.
I had a very nice conversation with the Sheriff's Deputies that showed up, explaining what had gone awry in my plan.

I must admit that I didn't cop to the was just an unforeseeable accidental explosion by misadventure.....I was read the riot act, made to feel like the complete and total idiot that I was, and they decided that it was too funny to arrest me for.

I s'pose so, my face looked like I had lit an exploding cigar. The ExP's house down the hill has a severely cracked slab, and it cost me a thousand dollars to repair some footing damage.......all in all, quite the bad choice with the gas and the firecracker.......except:

No Squirrel has dared to enter that yard in over eight years. Peace through superior fire power. Gimme an Ooh Rah!

But I know Squirrels. They're out there, across the street in their caves waiting. They know that I've withdrawn, and have left only a token peacekeeping force in the form of the male Cubs. They have long memories, those Squirrels......

Don't friggin EVER try this at home. The BOOM is very large, indeed.
That is all. Check for acetylene, then smokes if you got 'em...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Oh, and for you whiners.......

The picture looked mean......I swapped out the glaring "House" goof with a spur of the moment Lil' Wolfie and a cheap camera pic. That's my favorite "Kuwait" hat, and two days stubble.

(Duh.....Sunday's Post, not this one)

Oh, that Lawyer in Chi-Town? Still an a$$-Hat, nobody loves him but EVERYBODY wants to talk to him.

Phones down, fax, email, website......heh

Mathematics Lesson, Sheep and Carbon Credit Millions

Wollf really dislikes being less than 100% ambulatory. Mobility is freedom. Roaming, walking, exploring.....ahh, that is fun. Doing so with a cane attached so the knee doesn't pop is not.

It's time. Time to leave the familiar confines of my surroundings and adventure a bit. I've got vacation time up the wazoo, I'm single, the Cubs are headed back to's time to hunt.

And I have the ADD, remember? (if not, you will by the end of this ridiculous post. I'm in hyper-attention mode today) I was thinking about a Grand adventure. And my Spirit is soaring, so I started wondering......

Hmmmm, Coast to Coast is about.....2,373 miles as the crow flies.

That's approximately, give or take a few thousand, 14,418,622 feet between the Atlantic, let's say in Florida, and the Pacific, right here by me in Kalifornia.

The average sheep is just about four feet long. Stick with me here, it makes sense to me.......if it does to you, call a Doctor....

That would be 3,604,655.5 sheep standing end to end, right? Simple mathematics here, People. We give them a four foot separation, so that they can graze and not have to look direrctly at each others butts, and that number is halved.

Which of course, drops the necessary number to 1,802,327.5 sheep. I'll eat the half sheeps so they won't be wasted. Besides, a Wollf needs sustenance on his journey.

Let's assume two seconds for a sheep leap, one second to leap, one second recovery and approach. That would take 901,118 seconds, or 15,018 minutes, or 251 hours.

That's Ten and a half Days at full Wollfie leap speed, not to mention Rancher dodging time, an ocassional nap......and the two half sheep dinners might not be enough.

That's a long time. Round trip air is only about $400.00 with a two week lead. But, $400.00 is $400.00......gotta watch the money, and just think of the carbon offsets I can market out of this deal. I could get rich and retire in Miami by the time I get there!

G-d bless you, Algore. G-d bless Global Warmening.
Anybody have about a million sheep you don't need for about a week?

I simply have got to think a little more about this. I want to go in mid February. Any help will be appreciated.

Vote for Fred!
This Blog endorses Fred!
Please don't let him know, he might kick my a$$.

Next up, "How to Rid your Yard of Ground Squirrels"
Caramel Chunk ice cream tonite.....all mine, Cubs went down the hill!

Scumball Lawyer Update.......

Grodner, the little pukebag antisoldier douche is becoming a popular fellah.

Oh my, this milkweed is going to be lucky if he's only shunned by his Mother. Hop on over to LindaSog, and read the updates about This Bottom Feeding Dung Beetle and follow the linkie thingies for some Photoshop fun.

Warning: Not if you haven't eaten yet.....dude ain't pretty.

Keying a Deploying Marine's car......Tasteless and Cowardly,
Being late to your own Arraignment.......Stupid,

Posting a "Mantits" picture on a dating site for EVERYONE to mock.....Priceless.

The Internet and Photoshop.....the modern equivalent of "Tar and Feathers", the "Stocks", "Public Flogging" and "Being run out of town on a rail" all rolled in to one.

Wollf does happy dance. OUCH, forgot the knee.
Wollf does happy limp.