Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sometimes, Trolls and Orcs can be fun.........

Lunch time posting, we had a Halloween potluck. You folkes didn't get to have any of my chili.

I decided to give you this Motivational Poster instead. H/T GOC in Atlanta
Happy Spooky day.


aA said...

wow, i've never been mooned at work before!

great shot!

Howlsatmoon said...

Isn't it? One of my Fave Readers...dare I coin another Wollfism,(Hell, I just did another)
.....dare I say "Friend Becoming"? decided that I needed to redecorate.

Just like a Woman,heh.

She was right. I Love it. If you accidentally drop in, it fools you into thinking that you might be on some "Blog of Import"!

Did I just do another one? Maybe I should add another sidebar, "Wollfisms"

Nah......I like you guys a little confused.

K T Cat said...

I hadn't seen that poster. Love it!