Monday, October 22, 2007

And quite a bit Less Serious...........

I GOT MY TATTOO!! All of the things I've done and gone through in my life. Never had a mark of ink.

That's Changed. My Life's Changed. I thought Long and Hard about it. This was by No means allowed when I was a young Officer, and "Distinguishing Marks" have been frowned upon throughout my "uninteresting" life.

It symbolizes Independence, my freedom to be Wollf as I truly am at heart. A goofy puppy at play, a loving Sire, a Fierce protector, and one day maybe to someone, a Loyal and Loving Mate.

Wollf sings Loudly.
Ya like it?

I can take it, it's like this Blog. I have to do it for Me. If you enjoy it, Blessings are bestowed upon me. If not, I'll just go have some more ice cream.

Ooh Rah.
Wollf's arm hurts a little bit.
Sniffles softly.
Heh, I Love it!


LindaSoG said...

Congratulations! Its fabulous!

I'm sorry Wolff has a bit of an owie, but that will go quickly.


Howlsatmoon said...

Wollf got Smooches! Wollf got Smooches!!

Yay, oh Yay!!!

Oh wait, that was "lower case" smooch, huh?

Note to Wollf, Redact: "Yay, oh Yay", Replace with: "yay, oh yay".

(Don't want to look to anxious for Smooches).........

Wink said...

I think it's perfect, personal and unique but not freaky. Nice arm too (for an old dude).

Now quit whining. :)

No smooches here - maybe a kinda half hug. I don't know you THAT well...yet.

K T Cat said...

Dude, you don't have just a tat, you got guns as well. You been workin' out, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

sweet tat, not to mention the muscles that go with it!!!