Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've been asked Many times.......

People who have had the nerve to read my early posts, and Understand the true depths of my Sorrow at this whole friggin' situation, have occasionally commented on on how well I'm doing at getting my shi-ite back together.

The picture tells a Huge part of the story. That, my friends is One of the Great Joys in my life. Yup, Lil' Wolfie, in the flesh. I figured it would be safe to post him for a little bit, then redact the picture tomorrow.

The childish Joy of Life exudes from every single pore in the kid's body. Loves"almost" everybody, way too intelligent and athletic sometimes for people's taste, (yup "lower case" people).......but sure as hell fits in with his Sire's.

There's been four more just as well Loved, but of course, He's the baby.....heh, I'll Never say that to Dude, might be a worse outcome than that Brahma Bull incident. Cub's got a temper.

Does he take after his Sire? Hmmmm............I'm not that vain.

Talk tonite,


Anonymous said...

re: post on 13 Oct 2007
It's her G-man along with her Rommel checking in from the windy city. My G-lady is off and gone, never told you but glad you all took to her and let me not be alone. Again, I'm proud of the things u have said and have done...not that you need my approval. but you had it from the first time you gave me crap! Having a melt down here of my own but the fur ball will not leave my side, as if he knows. Spent some time back in the sand and now looking to go back to what I loved....midnights in a one man unit piss'n off the citizens of the city! I have "howled" enough for now. ~H would get a kick out of this and probably give you a run for your money.
Stay Safe

Howlsatmoon said...

Hey, G-man, Wollf howls with joy that you're back in the land of regular old goofy a$$ scumbags.

The sand does have its' siren song, doesn't it?

Good to hear from you, Son. Say hey to the rest of those Nciswit buddies.

I think I just decided on my Roadtrip. Warm weatther = droppin' some brews in Chi-town with the Real Men of America. Fireside still there?

G-Lady have friend of female type? Heh


Howlsatmoon said...

PS....~H gave EveryBody a run for their money!


Rambling Rose said...

Great pic - looks like a fun-loving, joyful lad. Chip-off-the-old-block?

K T Cat said...

Great picture. The smile and the love the radiates from him says a lot about you as does your prose that always talks of them in caring tones.

You're good people, Wollf.