Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Feel Funny................(note the REDACTED in the Title?

No, Steve Martin fans, that does Not mean that I have a piece of Bologna in my shoes.

It's just that You're going to get hit with, (Oh Horror!) Philosophy Wollf in the next post. I just have to get the "funny" out.

Now, it "might" take some effort on your part to get the "funny", but it's there. Have I ever lied to you? (I did lie, a teeny bit today, to some Gabachos, but it was to spare their sense of propriety). "Gabachos". It's what "real" Mexicanos call Anglos. Go check it out for yourself.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, "funny".

I decided that I don't respond to Comments often enough. I have been Chastised, and told that it is a Breach of Bloggerite (another made up word, go ahead and use it),
Etquettte. I shall conform.

Besides, sometimes I get some quirky ideas from what you so kindly say. For instance, Wollf?

Like, today, I received two wonderful gifts from Readers. I got "smooches" in the comments from a Pack member! Check it out. Wow, I mean wow! You'll get it.

And then........Notice anything "NEW"? Wollf taps foot, not the Tatto, though I still think it's bitchen cool. Another one MOONED me!!!!

I was sent that pic, and it's by gosh gonna stay up there forever! Or until I get threatened with a lawsuit, or I just get tired of it or sumpthin'.

Oh, as an aside, Bigger Wolfie "almost" got a "clobberin'" today. I stopped by other house and showed him the Tatt. He thought it was "bitchen cool" too. That's a pretty great compliment from a 15 year old........

And then he followed it up with, "Hey, Wollf, you've got some good Guns.........

...........FOR AN OLD GUY"!!!

I musta chased him a quarter mile before we Both fell over laughing and gasping for breath. Ever tell you it's Great being a Dad?

End "Funny"
Next up, Philosophy........

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