Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yup, it's happening.....Freedom was not what I was looking for.....

Aaagh, I just noticed the time.....I have to get the Cubs down the hill to MrsP in just a little bit. She's finally talking to a Lawyer......shhh, I retained one also, just in case. You might have your very own high opinion of the legal profession, but I kinda lean toward the old joke......

Tree.....Rope....Lawyer....Some assembly required. I retained mine as a second set of eyes and of course his somewhat jaded point of view. Honor is of course above all things......but I want to be reined in from giving away the farm

If she stays "civil" and I feel that I'm being treated fairly.....she shall be "given" more than is required. Once again, "for the Cubs"

If not......well business is what I do, and I follow through relentlessly when wronged. I shall try to have faith in a woman who doesn't seem to believe in faith.

I'll come back up the hill and write in about 45.....
Oh yeah.....I played with the most amazingly curious and unafraid Raccoon last nite.
Tell you in a bit

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K T Cat said...

Wollf, don't mess around with this. Get a good one. Get some recommendations. Follow their advice.