Friday, November 30, 2007


Well, I guess I'd better post. I've been rather busy this evening. Bigger Wolfie, he wishes me to refer to him as "Liddo Brudahh!", yeah like a Wollf can be doing that!
Anyway, he's decided to stay up here at Walkabout with me this evening instead of down the hill where he's scheduled.

Something going on in that handsome young head of his. I've got to try without seeming to, to get it figured out. He's a bit ticked off about the divorce which is understandable, but I Really don't want it to affect his relationship with his momma.

So, What to talk about? Well, Evel Kneivel died today. Sixty nine years old. I think he broke every bone in his body. What do you do to remember him? Should I wreck a motorcycle, maybe beat someone senseless with a baseball bat?

I don't know. It's just such a sensitive subject. I wonder if he liked that latest Nick Cage movie, "Ghost Rider"? Heck, I guess he's the real deal right about now. Goodbye Evel. You're a part of my memories......

Red Haired Women!! Oh Bother.
I'll be back. I need some strawerry ice cream.
Me and Liddo Bruddahh.....that simply sucks. Me and Wolfie are watching "Hit Man" this evening. Silly movie.

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