Friday, November 16, 2007

Take the time to waste some time.......

Take some time to waste
Some time.

We're all on the same journey
With different goals.

Self inflicted goals.

Take some time to waste

We rush down our paths
Never seeing the view.

An outstanding view.

Sit down in the shade
Your dues are all paid

It's a beautiful view.
Waste a little time.

It "seems", according to the News, that a "Surfer Dude" has created a Unified Field Theory of Physics. I won't bore you with it, every time I let my mind wander that direction out loud, cattle the world around fall fast asleep. Yup, ADD People can be quite boring when we wax scientific. I've learned that sometimes thinking to myself is much more fulfilling.......

Suffice to say that this 39 year old PHD with no full time job or permanent address has found, or so it seems, a rather simple mathematical that ties together three out of the four basic forces of nature: Electromagnetic force; Strong force, which binds quarks together in atomic nuclei; Weak force, which controls radioactive decay; and Gravitational force.

Prior to this, the Standard model has been the accepted norm, weaving together the first three forces. This "Surfer Dude".....(right), uses the E8 "shape", the most complex mathematical pattern, to model the unification. Enough boring stuff......I used to Love this Shi-ite.......

Let's just say that this theory is a lot like me....."it's so simple, it's complex".
This guy is about to set the world of theoretical physics.....and by extension the physical world on it ear.

All by taking some time......
To waste some time.

Take a detour off your path, climb up on a prominence and enjoy the view.
You'll be amazed by what you can see.



Scott "Shakespeare's Cobbler" said...

Dude, do you have a link to that? I'd love to check it out, being geeky myself and really into such topics.

Howlsatmoon said...

Scott, no link but you can check out one of my "secret" readings. over at
But you gotta swear not to let anybody know I read that stuff.

I get a kick out of going there every now and then just to relive the feeling of "noncomprehension" that I get.

You can also google his name......Dr. Garrett Lisi, every surfer dude knows that the Unierse is "tubular", man.