Friday, November 16, 2007

The Earth Moved.....

And jolted. And shook as tough to rid itself of fleas. Water sloshed from cups and People scrambled for safety. Headlines on Fox News. T.V. reporters excitedly relating first hand accounts of the temblor.

And I? Didn't feel a friggin' thing. A 3.5 earthquake, centered about twenty miles away and up the coast by Santa Barbara, and I didn't feel anything.


I did not move to the far left coast of this beautiful country for the joy of wildfire season. I moved here for the quakes. I looked Forward to the quakes.

Well.....until Northridge. That one was up close and personal, actually throwing me out of bed in the middle of the night, crawling, scrambling, clawing my way to She-cub's room, clutching her, yelling to MrsP to "Get downstairs! Get out!"

Halfway down the first flight it hit again, all we could do to just hold on. It's an unbelievable feeling of powerlessness....and pure primal fear induced adrenaline coursing through your body.

We got out.............(was it necessary to tell you that?) I am a master at pointing out the the Obvious.

Anyway, I missed the earthquake. The earth hasn't moved for me in quite a while, heh.

So....not much going on....the local high school is kicking the be-jeezers out of Santa Barbara High in the playoffs. I went down the hill to the game for a bit to visit some of my former athletes and give Bigger wolfie some money.

That Cub is an eating machine.....Oh drat, he just called. Wants to spend the night up here at Walkabout house with me. Gotta go....can't keep the crown prince waiting.

He's probably hungry.
In a bit,


Rambling Rose said...

Have you heard of birthquakes?

Howlsatmoon said...

Hmmmm... Yes, and panquakes too. I like those with bluerry syrup.

Rose said...

I love the interviews after a quake... "Everything rattled and shook".... in about 1500 different versions. We haven't had one up here for quite a while, we must be due.