Friday, November 2, 2007

Maybe Wollf should write a book.....

Kinda like this piece of unholy crap. More on this tonight if I have a chance.

The blurb on the picture probably gives you an idea of where this one's going.

I disagree with the caption......ya Think? I think we should all take turns beating This hairball.

In the Face. Schmuck.

For now,

Where was I? Oh yes, Beating this Schmuck.....And his Ilk....with a stick..........a BIG stick.

This So Infuriates your Gentle Host. This Hairball's name is "Dr." Muhammed Al-'Arifi. He gives advice to Muslim men on how to properly "admonish" their wives.

Dr. Jerko advises solemnly, "Beating in the face is forbidden, even when it comes to animals," he explained. "Even if you want your camel or donkey to start walking, you are not allowed to beat it in the face. If this is true for animals, it is all the more true when it comes to humans. So beatings should be light and not in the face."

Thank you, you piece of human debris, for clearing that up for us "Infidels". Oh, that we were as "enlightened" as you and your fellow followers of the "pedophile proffet"........Grrrrrrrrr

As I understand this, we are not to debase our wives, read women, by beating them in the face, thus treating them with LESS respect than we would our Friggin' donkey? Wouldn't want to do That. Might lose a virgin or two, huh?

Make SURE, gentlemen, to treat your female friends with the SAME respect that you would any other animal.

It is NOT one World, One People out there, students. As you may have deduced by earlier posts, Wollf "respects" all religions.

I do NOT, however, respect all men. I am SO G-D d$%mmed Angry!! Yes, with this so called "Doctor", and with Anyone who "Believes" his version of this religion.

Where's my Dragunov, my scope, my airline ticket to Saudi and my Ghillie??

Arrghh,........ Bigger Wolfie borrowed it to be a "shrubbery", remember?

Damm Nation! I was Just getting going there.......Darned Cub! Went and made Wollf giggle again about how "cute" he was. I've lost the moment. Anger dissipated as smoke in a strong wind.

You live, Al-'Arifi, you piece of camel shi-ite. All because of a Christian American boy in a Bush costume. Get the intentional pun? I hope that bothers you, dung heap. And......

I hope that all your "virgins" are America Loving, Iron Pumping, Reformed, Beard Loving, MALE,.....Hell's Angels with USMC tattooed on their forearms.

Eff You, Jerk.

Oh, did I mention that I felt rather strongly that the treatment of Women in the religion of Islam is contrary to my core beliefs? I wanted to clarify that particular point just in case I was to ......subtle.

G-d Bless Women.


Rose said...

How many wake up calls does it take, Wollf?

Rose said...

Try this one - there's no shortage - this is the opposite of KT's World of Good -

K T Cat said...

It is NOT one World, One People out there, students.

This was brilliantly located in your post. I hadn't made the connection with the multicultis. I was just reading along and the abrupt change from harsh reconstruction of this dimwit's yapping to the utter demolition of the whole multiculturalist philosophical foundation was very striking.

I'll excise, link and post.