Monday, November 26, 2007

A Welcome bit of Feminine Wisdom......

Hey, I bought another computer for the Cubs this weekend.......Hooray!

Now I have twice the computer glitches, sheesh. Before I start to ramble on, and I'll try to stay off the psych stuff tonight, I want to bring your attention to a newly "added" member of the Wollf Pack.

Rambling Rose is a Lady of great talent, Prose, Poetry and just plain straight from the heart Wisdom. I asked her to join......heck who needs it? I'm so proud that she feels ready to share her talent.

She and I are on the same path......I think I can see her just up yonder ahead of me...she started the same way I did, naively thinking that we could do an anonymous Journal on line.

Somebody always finds you, be you quirkey,(ME), or talented,(Rambling Rose). It's a good thing......

So, whilst I am cooking something up in this cranium of mine, get thee hence and see what she has to say. As if she doesn't have enough names, I have christened her:

Paints with Words.

I have simply GOT to figure some kinda cool gizmo for this stuff. She's in the Wollf Pack in the sidebar.

See you in a bit.
Anybody want a cheese ball?


1 comment:

Rambling Rose said...

Wollf, once again I am humbled by your generosity. And we both know the only reason I am a little bit ahead of you on the road is because you "pushed" me there. You won't be long outdistancing me and I'll never be able to keep up; but I will still take great joy in your journey - as well as in mine.