Monday, November 12, 2007

Another of my rather odd apostrophes...a bit on the serious side again, so just skip it if you wish.

Yesterday and today, while thinking of Veterans Day, it dawned on me. I know I've posted about becoming "depressed" and of course how good it feels to be out of it.
It wasn't one event, but rather a horrible series of three, over three years, all in January.

Four years ago I lost my first born She-cub, Heather.
Five years ago I lost my finest Dog, Killian.
Six years ago I lost my eldest brother, Michael.

Talk about progressive depression! I'd Start working one through, and about the time for a yearly remembrance....Bam....I started over again. We don't need to follow this tack.....we've done it before.....all I have to do now is reread it if I feel the need.

The thing that dawned on me is that all three of these Souls were Veterans.

Heather......United States Navy
Michael......United States Marine Corps
Killian......United States Air Force Dog the Veteran. Bomb sniffer. Absolutely Hated my re loader, heh. He was stationed in England and faked a heart murmur to come home with me.

Best, smartest and at the same time dumbest damn Dog that ever pleasured me with his companionship.

So......Veterans Day now takes on a whole new set of memories for me.
Rest easy.
Save me a spot. I love you.