Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ.....One of the Good Guys.....

It's Lunch time in So-Cal, and I was cleaning out some of my collected jpegs and found this one.

Made me think of Someone you should Know. Check out his website once in a while. He's in the Wollf Pack in the sidebar.

Fighting in the Shade.

Leonidas, do what you will with the Picture, I found it shortly after watching a History Channel documentary on Thermopylae and then see The 300. Cracked me up.

It "might" have come from that "Grouchy old Cripple" in Atlanta, but it's been a while. H/T anyways, Dennis. Forgive me, it's a Guy Thing.......any Woman who has actually sat through the movie and truly Enjoyed it..........Please send your Proposal of Marriage right now. heh.

Three Days til' "Drunk and Disorderly" day....otherwise known as the USMC Birthday. Haven't had a drop since 4 July.......hmmmm, made a "covenant" with Him 'bout that. If He would help save that relationship..........I wouldn't partake of a favorite "spirit".

Big decision. If I's over. Period. Somebody cut the cake.......but for the Cubs? Errrgh.

Worst part is the B-Day is on SATURDAY.......Corrigan's Bar and Grill will be Hopping with fellow Formers, and the "spirits" will flow as easily as the Toasts.

Any Advice?

Deus Vult, indeed !!! Or in the words of a new friend,




Baby Brother Wolf said...

Hey to you from your Guts!!

If you even think about drinkin this weekend, I'm gonna come over there and rip your Liver out!

It doesn't help the cause! Have fun being sober watching the drunks have "fun" BUUURRRRP!


Howlsatmoon said...

It moves Wollf to know that his "baby" brother cares enough to rip his liver out.

Such is the love that only Brothers share.

I should have beaten him more as a child.......heh