Friday, November 9, 2007

Heh.....a New Perspective......

I saw this and after last evenings' "whew", it's almost over moment, I thought it was fitting and funny in a slightly sad sort of way.



Rambling Rose said...

Ya gotta love that picture, though! It's a gift to be able to still be able to see the humor in even the things that hurt us to the core. You got the gift, Wollf.

Rose said...

Yeah, but that picture implies that she is ahead of you, and implies that is better - from what you have described, her path may not be better... make sense?

Howlsatmoon said...

Thanks, Ladies. First, humor is Definitely one of the easier, not necessarily best, ways for me to "deal" with the truly difficult things in my life.

I imagine I have been misunderstood on many ocassions because of it.

You know, "Tough" guys don't cry and all that Bravo Sierra. Shake it off Wolfie, see the humor in it.

Aaagh. And Rose, thanks....I'm learning not to think in terms of "better".....just "different".

If I had that ability before....Nah, I'm where I am for a purpose....not just a reason.

Sheesh. Sometimes I think that "IF" there is ever a "next and Last" one, she'll have a pretty good Man on her hands.

If she can keep her hands off the modeling clay, that is.....

(humor, people)

Rose said...

Yeah - I'm not making light of it, though - just wish you well.