Monday, March 3, 2008

Sshhhhhhh! You'll wake them up.......

Jezeers, G-d a Goshin......This is a different world for Wollf. Remember that Bruce Willis movie......"The Sixth Sense"?

Shhhh, I see gay people........Was that the line? Criminitely, I guess I've led a sheltered example,

I am in a gorgeous and quaint Tropical Beach Bed and Breakfast....I leave my room and go outside and downstairs to this absolutely wonderful patio, centered by huge coconut trees and Bird of Paradise......the breakfast layout is exquisite, especially if you want to cook your own.....

Griddle, ham, bacon, eggies, potatoes, tomatoes, cheeses, cereals, cetera forever....and the one most important component.....Coffee!!!

I poured a cup, sat down at a plush lounge chair and just relaxed, enjoying the aloneness, the birds, little chameleon looking lizards, soft music.......

Then the well muscled shaven headed black man with facial piercings, red lipstick and a sarong sashayed by........"Good Morning!!" he greeted, big smile on his face....

Umm....good mornin'......oh boy. Finished my coffee, poured an extra cup, and retreated to my room where the welcome familiarity of Hetero-World could exist without pschic disruptions of Sarong clad, lipsticked men.......

That being said, I've met a number of the other guests, and they all seem quite cordial and "normal" in their way. Went back down, cooked up a deliscious California Scramble shared a tasty breakfast, pleasant conversation with a number of folks, and headed out on the town to walk tour South Beach.

I really have no problems with gay folks.....whatever floats your boat, I s'pose....although catching a glimpse of the skinny guy in the babydoll this evening was a bit unnerving......Oh, and the Picturesque Hot Tub tonight?

Not A Frigging Chance.

Pictures tomorrow, guaranteed. Having a really great time.
The Weather is here, yup........Beautiful.


aA said...

OMG, that's just *kak*, too much for me! I don't have problems with fruits and nuts, unless they "share" too much. No way that's normal.

Sound's like you're having a good time. I hope you have a great time, and then come STRAIGHT home!


dammit woman said... have me

Better cover up those guns!