Friday, March 7, 2008

South Beach Street Art.......

Just a little quickie post........South Miami Beach has the strangest "Street Art" I've ever seen, but then, I'm just a poor under edumuhcated Country Boy.

Actually, the thing that impressed me enough to "waste" a shot on this was the fact that the owner of the object in the picture above spent about Thirty Dollars for a case hardened, unbreakable, saw resistant theft deterrent system for his fancy ten speed.

Well....I guess it worked. He has no gripe with the's just that who'd a thunk.....

The thief didn't need a ten speed. He just needed two wheels, a chain drive, brakes and a seat.

Bummer for the owner. A half hour of giggles for Wollf and his Lady....seems we share the same sense of ironic humor.

G'nite....have to check the weather channel, planning a trip to Key West tomorrow if the weather holds.......

Oh friggin' goodie. More Gay People.........But I'm told these ones are easy to spot, they're the ones dressed as women.


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Robin Shelley said...

Watch out for mannequins, Wollf! I've heard that some of them are gay, too.... heh, heh.
Also, I like the "bike art" better than the old toilets, bathtubs bedframes & junk cars that decorated the yards in the place where I came from!