Saturday, March 22, 2008

Really Bad Poetry Alert.....

I wish sometimes....

That I had no feelings,
Like those men who take and never give.

That I felt no Loving,
That I felt no heartache,
Only my own experience to live.

Love 'em and leave 'em all,
Like those men who never feel.

That I had no Honor,
That I felt no pain,
That I my heart was made of steel.

Never caring,
Simply wearing
Their virtues on my sleeve.

The problem though,
As you may know....
I simply,

I Believe.

And Believe I do. And Honor I have. And Patience......oh the patience of a Wolf when waiting. An hour....a day...a year, five, ten.....

I'm right here.
Being a Friend.

I Love. I am Beloved.

*Break From Bad Poetry*
This is an amazing video. It spoke to me for reasons and reasons and reasons. Where I am right now, and the fact that I have to keep on going.

Turn down the sound, you don't need to hear the chatter, and walk with Wollf a little bit down this rather precarious part of his Path.

Don't be afraid, we shall get through this as better and more fulfilled People.

Get that little tingle in your groin following them down the Pathway? That's how I feel right now. Just got back from a mind clearing.....and not "quite" so dangerous climb. Decided to write a bit after all.....

Thanks to DOUGM in the comments at Knowledge is Power for the Precarious Path Video.

I gotta go out again.....make a call....hear a voice


Rambling Rose said...

Though it may not always feel like it, a man with a thinking heart is miles ahead of the rest, Yannow!

Howlsatmoon said...

Yah, I "get" that, but sometimes I think too damm much....yannow.

Rose said...

INsane! How many bodies are at the bottom of that canyon? Holes in the cement? The cement only look like it's an inch thick, no supports! There's more rebar in my sidewalk than in that trail. There's adventurous and then there is just insane.