Friday, March 28, 2008

Some Physics......Because I want to......

That little baby there is a Black Hole. Everything goes in, nothing comes out. Physicists don't really have a clue about them, except that, repeat with me, "Everything goes in, Nothing comes out".

So, what's up with Wollfs gray matter today? Well, you see, the worlds largest and most powerful ever "Super Collider" is set to go on line in Mid May.....for you spiritual conspiricsts, that's like umm, 15 May...the 60th Anniversary of the creation of the Nation of Israel.

Stick with me.....and no I'm not being overly serious, sheesh...hold the letters.

Any ways, one particular physicist, one Walter L. Wagner, is suing the Large Hadron Collider and it's attendants to stop the frigging thing from doing what it was intended to do......Collide.

As in itsy bitsy teeny almost the speed of Light. Remember that? Let's just say tha t the particles are gonna be going faster than anything man made has ever done before. Close to 186,000 miles...per second. Got that?

The resultant *ka-boom*, the scientists "hope" will render, TEMPORARILY, a new type of matter.....or as Herr Doktor Wagner is deeply concerned.....

A frigging Black Hole.

Truth is? Neither side really knows what exactly is going to bounce oughtta this bad girl. If it's a positively charged electron, (usually negative)....may be kinda cool.
Could shed light on how the Universe was actually formed.

A frigging Black Hole.

Remember that earlier lesson? Black Hole equals....."Everything in, Nothing out". Doc Wagner thinks that these big boys are biting off a bit more than they can chew.

He has filed in Hawaiian Court for a temporary restraining order until the eggheads can prove....and of course they never really can, until the *Ka-Boom*, that it won't create a World eating Particle of Black Holiness. (Did I say Black Holiness?)

So, you can see the Court Documents RIGHT HERE . If you're interested....kinda Legal Science talk, non proven, possibly nothing to worry about....kinda like Al Gore.

But.....Look at the tie-in...besides the fact that "theoretically what Wagner is screamin crazy about "could" happen.

Sixtieth Anniversary of Israel on or about the day they turn this bad girl on.

Black Holiness.....Yes I did say that....could it be a reference to Barack Obama? (Maybe the "Evil One"...or is that Hillary?)

Al Gore and his Man made "end of the world" theories.....

Anybody thinking Armageddon? Didn't think so. Oh well. If it was, at least the French would go first, it's on the French-Swiss border.

Damm....I was kinda hoping for some "End of the World Sex". Just having some fun.....everything seems to be so horrible in the News today.

Gotta go.....
Wollf, I only play the scientist on my Blog.

PS.....Honestly though? Wagner is right in that it really "could" do what he's worried about. Anybody really really really worried about it, my e-mail is in the "about me" section........heh


Ohioan@Heart said...


A detail... Black holes do in fact emit blackbody radiation, so it really is not "Everything in, nothing out". The hole will emit random radiation equivalent to the blackbody radiation for an object of the surface temperature of the hole (the temp is an inverse function of the mass of the hole, and very small holes are very hot and therefore emit lots of radiation).

OK that's a big meaningless sidebar. Meaningless since if the earth gets pulled into a black hole, the fact that the hole will evaporate later, isn't much comfort to anyone sucked into the hole.

Anyways, the odds of creating a blcakhole big enough to swallow the earth, rather than blowing up, is essentially zero. Reminds me of the story from back before the first H-bomb detonation, physicists calculated whether or not the Hydrogen in the atmosphere would take off in a chain reaction, immmolating the planet. They weren't really sure, but it looked very unlikely. Same thing here.

K T Cat said...

I'm with Ohioan. They just aren't colliding enough mass together to do anything other than make a tiny "POP!" noise.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...


Personally, I'm not superstitious, but...

I'd choose a different day.

that's just ASKING for trouble.

Rose said...

You might like this guy's post on the topic, Wollf. 'fact, you'll undoubtedly like his whole blog, The Reference Frame. I do.

cry_alone said...

I took everythink you said seriously wolfie... i'm jusy ina silly mood :) sooooo as forthat end of the world sex (eotws), thats simple. just have sex everyday, then when the world ends whether its today or 12 yrs from now, you'll have had that eotws :)

cry_alone said...

seriously tho, this scientist is on the right track. 1 am all gfor advancement of science and trying to undertsand how things work good bad or otherwise... but seriosuly there are some things you dont screw with! i mean, come on....dont ppl watch shows like star-gate or star-trek or doctor who anymore... yeash. take a lesson from sci fi folks..... ya dont try to make things that can potentially make bad ka-booms! ACKH! wheres the damn doctor when u need him! :) sorry gonna get silly again this sounds like a good dr who espisode i can hear it now
dr: are you MAD? you are going to try to create something that could create a black hole?!?!?!
scientist: yes
dr: i'm getting in the tartuarus and getting the hell outta here. i'm sick of saveing this damn plant over and over for centuries. enff is enuff.... good riddance!

cry_alone said...

and yes, it is very odd that this falls on such a day.... but, we have yet to see other stuff come forth b4 armageddon. . but this certainly iss concerning and an odd coincidence
"coincidene is Gods way of remaining anonymous@