Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Scumball Lawyer Update.......

Grodner, the little pukebag antisoldier douche is becoming a popular fellah.

Oh my, this milkweed is going to be lucky if he's only shunned by his Mother. Hop on over to LindaSog, and read the updates about This Bottom Feeding Dung Beetle and follow the linkie thingies for some Photoshop fun.

Warning: Not if you haven't eaten yet.....dude ain't pretty.

Keying a Deploying Marine's car......Tasteless and Cowardly,
Being late to your own Arraignment.......Stupid,

Posting a "Mantits" picture on a dating site for EVERYONE to mock.....Priceless.

The Internet and Photoshop.....the modern equivalent of "Tar and Feathers", the "Stocks", "Public Flogging" and "Being run out of town on a rail" all rolled in to one.

Wollf does happy dance. OUCH, forgot the knee.
Wollf does happy limp.

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