Monday, January 7, 2008


As my Grandfather, who oft times in these annals has been portrayed as a wise Man, once proclaimed,"Brakes are the most important part of an automobile, Wollf."

"Stepping on the accelerator makes the car move, the steering wheel directs it where to go......but you don't need either of them. You can walk to where you are going."

"But once the car is going, you need the brakes to slow you down. You need to know when and how hard to apply them if your Journey is to be a safe and productive one."

Life's Journey is a bit like that. We can choose to start the car, whether it be out of laziness, or we think the Journey is too far to walk, or we're in a hurry, and hit the accelerator, turn the wheel, and off we go......

To whatever awaits us. Sometimes we get to moving to fast, or we lose our way. We mustn't be impatient and forget the brakes. It's better that we arrive eventually at our destination in one piece than to ignore the speed limit in our excitement, and not get there at all.

There are some things in Life that are well worth waiting for.

When we graduate high school, the world is ours, our friends have jobs, making money, a car, apartment, toys.....But the words resonate. Apply the brakes. Put off the money and all that comes with it.

Deferred gratification. Go to College, try the Military, learn about adult life at a safe speed. After a few years, a reunion with our old friends reminds us that we made the correct choice. Ours is a productive life.

When we fall in Love, we can, in the infatuation and exhilaration of a new relationship, accelerate too quickly, move in together, get married, have Cubs......with a mate we hardly know. And fail. Or.....we can apply the brakes judiciously and practice patience, enjoy a real period of courtship and enjoy each other without hurry.

And love each other for the rest of our lives.....

Yup, Wollf is feeling his "Good" kind of melancholy tonight. The kind of melancholy that awakens the Soul to new possibilities. The kind of melancholy that allows him to rejoice that he's in Love..........with an improbability.

Possibly that song. Never had the ability or patience to examine myself before. Never had the notion that Love was above all things, patient. Now, through the changes wrought through the storms I've weathered, I have patience.

The patience to wait for Love. It's there, somewhere, in it's infancy. Wollf will simply wait to see if it's the real thing. It might just be, improbable as it seems.

Patience, for years if necessary, to see how the storyline unfolds. I'm in such a good sort of melancholy, I think I'll forget the car.

Grandfather always said that "Life and Love are both walks too beautiful to miss."
Wollf is going for a walk. And think of Love......

The warm, feminine scent of a woman not touched but in dreams.
Dream well,



Rambling Rose said...

Beautiful post.

I love it when you wax philosophical.

It must have been wonderful having such a wise grandfather. Both of mine died before I was old enough to know them.

I remember my grandmothers, though, and some of the special feelings that go with that.

LindaSoG said...

That was an amazing bit of writing Wollf, and an absolute pleasure to read.

Your grandfather was a very wise man, and it seems to me that you are following his footsteps.

Howlsatmoon said...

Thank you Ladies. I don't impress myself, well with my writing talent anyway, but I think I've got a pretty good handle on what Life and Love really are.

And Life is no Life without Love.

Wow, ok, that one just impressed me. Please quote that one worldwide, give credit, and maybe I'll be mentioned in a whatsis book some day after I'm dead and gone.