Monday, January 14, 2008


All right, which of you nuts out there sent me this? Seems Wollf is becoming popular.

I would be highly flattered if it were real, but the story is much more mundane than that lovely shoulder.

Here's the deal, because it's a non imbed video. Takes alittle time, and it's kind of a guy thing, so Ladies......yah know? Here's the directions, it's kinda cool visually.

Follow the link HERE . Type my name, Wollf in the first box. Type your name in the second box.

Skip the e-mail boxes, they're optional. Click Visualize.

Enjoy our moment together. Realize they're speaking Portuguese, I think. Listen, she even says my name.....Aye Caramba.

Cuando caliente el Sol, aqui en la is definitely in the air.
Guarantee I'm gonna get comments on this one.

It might load patient. Men you'll love it and use yourself. Faire Ladies, I'm expecting a solid chastisement for my base sense of humor.


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