Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuckered out........

Doesn't seem as though I should be....I just want to snuggle up, close my eyes and dream of far off places. Places I've never been with exotic unpronounceable names. Places I've been and want to see again. Places I wish I had never gone to....

People I want to be with, People I've never met. Oh, the dreams I shall enjoy and endure tonight. All alone in my bed with my thoughts. Never alone with my dreams.

Pleasant dreams of strolling through a sultry evening, arm in arm under an alabaster moon. Nightmares of times gone by, replaced by the ecstacy of contemplating a future.

Look to the sky tonight, my Darling. See Orion in his glory and know that our eyes share the moment....what was the line? "Third star from the right and straight on til morning"?

She's out there, waiting. Soothing, laughing, crying, loving.

I'm here, working, playing, writing........dreaming.
A Wolf reflected in your eyes

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Rambling Rose said...

I can see why you would be tuckered out. You have been doing a lot of delving, a lot of processing, a lot of living.

Nice Post!