Saturday, January 26, 2008

A little more History.........

Well, who is this Fellah, you ask? He's my eighty five year old Sire.......

He called me last evening. This is as rare as the appearance of Halley's Comet. Usually in my weekly calls to check up on them, our conversation is something on the order of, "Yulloh!", "Hey Dad, Wollf here, how ever are you?", "'s your Mother."

"Tis the way he is with his male Cubs. Yesterday though, he called to check up on me.
'Twas odd to have a conversation of length with the old Man. We had a time. It made me feel good. I think it made him feel good too........

As you can see by the picture, he still looks pretty good, not as steady on his feet as he used to be, but as he says, "If I had any idea that I was going to live as long as I have, I would surely have taken better care of myself."

Did a lot of things in his years, including defending our Country in WWII, 1st Marines, Pacific Theatre, where he managed to pick up two Bronze and one Silver Star for Bravery in Combat, and three, count 'em, three, Purple Hearts in the Marine Corps' bloodiest Campaign.

Peleliu Island in the Palaus. I stood in awe of his exploits and his Courage. He would say that Courage is simply being scared shi-iteless, and realizing that if YOU didn't do something, Nobody would.

He taught me a lot, even though he was a distant Father. He had his own demons, like everyone, but he got things done, and made dammnable sure that we had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. It amazes me sometimes how much we learn from both the good and bad of a person's Character.

There's a lot that I want to write about the old Man, but now is not the time. Good things, Bad things....but overall.....he's a good Man.

I had a Spectacular personal day yesterday. I was stunned first thing in the morning with one of the most out of left field, beautiful moments that I have ever experienced.....had a talk with my Father.....hell even my oldest male Cub, Bigger, called me late in the evening to tell me simply that he loved me.

It feels good to be loved. It feels really, really........good.


Rambling Rose said...

Don't you just love those parts of Life?

aA said...

sounds like a fantastic day, Wollf! my dad just celebrated #79 today.

i'm glad we still have them. good for you and Sire!

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Life Is Good.