Monday, December 31, 2007

There is no resemblance.....

And wow I need a haircut. This Very stupid picture is to amuse myself and mostly the Cubs. Nothing more fun than a good laugh at their Sire's expense.

No fair don't need to see the pores in my skin. Damm, I have to watch you People.....

I did my best to scowl and look pissed off. Just doesn't work when I try.

Oh, and I forgot my running shoes, (mine aren't as Ghe as the "House" character), and my jacket. I was in the mood for my Tommy cardigan. Oh well, the Cubs'll love it anyway.

We rented two "new" old movies that were made before the Cubs were born. They have finally accepted that Wollf knows his funny movies. I got Beverly Hills Cop, and....Blazing Saddles!!

They shall now be introduced to the Manly joy of Flatulence jokes. You Women Folke out there don't get the humor.......but it's my duty as Sire to teach them in the "Mysterious Ways of Manhood".

Pull my finger? Just kidding, sheesh. Wollfs don't do that......

But I am wondering.....Why do Ladies rooms have a couch? Just seems so...."Pre-Women's Liberation" to Wollf. I mean to say....oh I'm going to annoy somebody, I'm sure, you don't suffer bouts of the Vapors and such any more, do you?

The Ladies Room is such a mystery to we Men. I'm perfectly ok with that, I suppose I don't really need to know....and I'm sure as hell not going to start a reverse-rights movement to add couches to the Mens Room.

You ever been in there? Not a place you might want to sit down in and visit. I think that's what got that Congressman from Idaho in all that brouhaha. Straight Men do not visit in the toilet.

We don't even look around while doing what we're there to do. That's why we're called "Straight". As in straight ahead, stare at the wall kinda straight. And no, Ladies, we don't "check" anything.....sheesh, you're curious!

Ok, enough for now, Have movies, will watch. Until I fall out, that is....I did not sleep well at all last night. Sore shoulder, poor Wollf, and a lot to think about.
I should be back in a bit to make another feeble attempt at humor.

Oh...Happy New Year!! I hope the best of all things to you and your Families. Do the same for me, this New Year is going to bring Adventure most sublime.....

Carry on....and quit laughing at the picture, or I'll take it down, dammit.

Butt Head of the Month....

Oh, sorry, I don't seem to have a "Butt Head of the Month" column, do I?
Sorry again, it must be the ADD.

I read a MilBlog named Blackfive about once a week for information "from the front". These Men, Blackfive himself, Uncle Jimbo, et al, take no prisoners, show little in the way of Mercy, and are genuinely "my kind of People".

It's just not what I do here. This morning early, I couldn't sleep for some reason, I bipped on over and found a story about a young Marine readying for second deployment who had his car "keyed" by none other than an Attorney.

A Military hating attorney. I won't go into the story, but I have the feeling that it might just raise your blood pressure as it did mine.

If you're interested, check out the story, and don't miss the comment section, these guys can be vicious and laugh out loud funny all at the same time.

So, you've been warned. If you don't want to read about a scumbag attorney trying to run roughshod over the rights of a Marine, don't go HERE

That is all. See? Wollf didn't even rant. It's all Love and Flowers and Butterflies on this site. Heh


Sunday, December 30, 2007

MEDIC! Medic!........medic? Hello?.......

I am sans Cubs until later this afternoon at best. I am also sans mobility, which is truly less than acceptable.

Wollf didn't emerge from the Lair until about 6:30 this morning. The Cubs and high emotion worked their skills on my exhaustion index, I suppose. An absolutely gorgeous morning greeted me.....the fog had rolled in, it was brisk but not cold, and I decided to go for a run-hike down in the canyons......

About two miles into it, I'd worked up a light sweat, walking a bit more than running, cutting across country, enjoying the serenity of the foggy mountain landscape, I vaulted a little stream cut into the side of the hill. Nothing much, about a four foot jump across a three foot deep cut to the burbling water.

The side of the bank gave way as I landed, hyper extending my knee. I twisted during the fall to the water and rocks, and "softened" the landing by striking the ground with my left palm first.

Should have just crashed on my side, but I've got this "thing" about hitting my head.
Dislocated my shoulder. There lies Wollf, in about six inches stream water, a bit stunned by the oh so eloquent pain in my knee and shoulder, and all I could do was laugh.............

Rolling over and getting to a standing position was a bitch. The shoulder wouldn't support me, and the knee was complaining loudly that I had abused our friendship.
I eventually got to a standing position, reset my shoulder, and sat back down to survey the damage and my alternatives.

I was soaked to the skin, it's 58 degrees, I'm two miles from the road, my shoulder seems to be holding in place, and my knee is screaming that it is never going to forgive me. The alternatives open to me were fairly obvious.


Or, rather, Limp out. The twenty minutes in country became an hour retreat.

At least I had my house keys with me....I could not have borne getting the spares from the frisky married woman next door, not again. I called my Orthopaedist Friend and invited myself to coffee. My initial diagnosis was validated.

She checked the shoulder to make sure I'd reset it properly, (I had), and then gave me a brace for the knee, told me to ice it, keep it elevated, ya da ya dah....and to come in and see her on Wednesday for a work up.

So, here I am. I'm quite sore, took a couple aspirin, wrapped the knee against Doc's advice, and as soon as I'm done writing, I'm going down the hill shopping. For a cane.

The Cubs will friggin love it. They're both big "House" fans, a tv show on Monday nights about an irascible, acerbic Doctor with a limp, a cane, and a genuinely big heart buried deep beneath his garbage. They, and a number of Folke here in the real world see a lot of resemblance, both physical and mental between Wollf and this House character.

They will Love the cane. Guess I'll have to break out one of my casual blazers to really freak them out. I don't see any resemblance at all, do you?

Ok, maybe a bit, but I have Amerind Brown eyes.

In a strange Wolfie way, I really enjoyed the trip back. Minor Physical pain doesn't bother me, so much as it invigorates me. It cleared my head and allowed me to think.

Just because there's a risk of injury, will Wollf stop doing the things that make him feel good? It's called Risk vs. Benefit, I think. If something seems as though it might be absolutely wonderful, should we shy away from it because it might hurt us?

Not in my world. Not any more. I've hurt my body before many times. It has healed. I don't remember the pain.(well except this particular one)....I remember the Adventures.

I suppose it's the same with matters of the heart? Imagine the Adventures to come. Count me as all in. I'm about healed from my last mishap.

I gotta go pick out a cane.
I'm better looking than that darn House guy. What's he got that Wollf doesn't, besides a few milion dollars, blue eyes, fame,......oh never mind.

Talk later,

Saturday, December 29, 2007

My, how my world has changed.........

A New Years Post

A brief retrospective.....A little over six months ago, Wollf began his personal re-creation, thanks to his then wife. She was done. As in "I don't want to be married any more" done.

Like a brick to the forehead, I was knocked to my knees. I made some major physical and mental changes in my the earlies if you're interested....started this Blog.....and here I am. (insert blare of strumpets here).

Yes, I know it's not "strumpets", but I enjoyed that post and its comments.

I've been quite prolific since, logging 229 posts since that time in late August. Not necessarily good, mind you, but definitely prolific. Its been good exercise for the mind and Soul. I'm a different Man than the one who began this journey.

Different concerns, different joys, fears and desires. The tone of my posts has evolved accordingly. My self perception has changed. Hell, everything has changed.

Mostly for the good. I don't have as much spare money as I used to, but now I decide what to spend it on. That's a good thing. I've got a ton more alone time. I didn't care for that at first, but that was laziness and short sightedness on my part. Now I cherish it......

What's the joke? "A Hermit doesn't have to worry about peer pressure". My decisions are mine, good or bad, and I take great pleasure in that.

My heart is mostly healed. I'm pragmatic enough to realize it isn't completely over yet, but I've come to accept that little crack and embrace that vulnerability as a shield of sorts. No Fortress walls to protect me any more.

I am truly Wollf. My emotions, pain and joy have regained their freedom through these postings.......Never to be walled in again. If you the reader think that I've said something stupid......good for you. I hope it made you laugh.

These last few days have been a glimpse of what life can really be, given the proper perspective.

I think I'm falling in Love again.

A seemingly impossible sort of Love, fraught with dangers inconceivable, obstacles insurmountable......but it's happened because of a Will beyond my own. I have said any number of times in the last half year, "Never Again!"

But that was said by the mortally wounded Wollf, who wanted nothing but to lie insensate, but safe in the depths of his Lair. I've now drunk deeply of the Chalice, and the wounds have all but healed.

Wollf will walk gingerly through this New Year, but walk he will. Further and further down this path of Life, drinking in its Beauty and sharing his odd fellow joy with anyone who wishes it.

Yes Folke, I think I'm falling in Love again.......with the notion of Love. "Have I told you that you're beautiful?"

Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Social Commentary......

A movie that is not a must see, but it's most definitely a must "read about". As is well known, Wollf loves his Country and its Laws and Protections. I am unashamedly proud of my citizenship in the Greatest country that has ever existed.

I am loyal to the office of the President. I am not, though, by any means, noncritical. I understand that any President is blamed unjustly for myriad troubles in the world that he is not reasonably capable of affecting.

He can affect the direction that our Country moves. He cannot, however effect a lot of those moves himself. He is not responsible for Global Warming, the Housing downturn, the death of Ms. Bhutto, et cetera that he is currently being blamed for. Anyone who espouses this "Blame Bush" vitriol simply doesn't get it.

He does, however affect Policy. I am not happy with our President's stance on illegal immigration. My perspective, from having lived in the beautiful southwest for most of my life is quite simple.

Secure the Friggin Border. That's it. Simple. Our system is wounded and we need to stanch the bleeding first and foremost. Do what it takes, Mr. President. You do have the power to order the National Guard to the Border.

With bullets this time. No, no....Not to shoot innocent Peons' who are simply and desperately searching a better life, but rather to enable the Guard to protect themselves and the Citizens along and above the Border.

I wrote a piece a bit ago which showed the ecological damage to the Deserts caused by this illegal migration HERE. I, like many Americans am concerned for the sake of the Security of our Nation.

Once the Border is secure, then mightier minds than mine can draw up Laws to give those illegally here more incentive to go home and fix their own country than to stay here. Punish the Employers, not the Employed. Denial of benefits other than life threatening emergency. Removal and, or incarceration of felons and gang members.

Wollf does not claim to know a whole heck of a lot about any one thing, but I sure know human nature. If it is uncomfortable, People go elsewhere.

Below, I've embedded the trailer for a movie that is stark, and graphic and disquietingly Real. People a lot like you and I are dying in the deserts at the hands of smugglers and drug dealers. It doesn't matter whether they are Citizens or Illegals.....their bodies litter the landscape.

These are dangerous times we live in Folkes. You don't have to see the movie, but you should see the trailer. I saw the movie. I didn't enjoy it. I didn't enjoy it at all.

Better mood next time? I pinky swear.

Ok, I'm being Political......

So sue me. Actually Wollf found a quasi-political ad that is not only enlightening, it tickles my funny bone. Wollf likes his funny bone tickled.

Warning though, if have have no sense of humor or if you're a "paultard" sort, just skip this video and read my attempt at poetry from last night.

Do not make the little girl in the video cry. Wollf does not like People who make little girls cry.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


The lone wolf increases speed
A scent is on the breeze
His heart, the ancient need.

Pounding in his chest.
A scent is on the breeze

Slipping, sliding on the shale,
Moonlight's briefest glimmers pale.
Up, upward to the crest,
His lithe form challenged by this test....but...

A scent is on the breeze.

His nostrils note it strange..
His path he knows has changed.

A scent is on the breeze.

The perfume of her Lair.
But where......


Wollf has got to learn to edit.........

By way of explanation.......

A number of readers have asked over the ongoing course of this Blog, just why in the heck I chose to do a half face of myself instead of the whole homely shebang. I have finally decided to explain this silliness.

The answer is in fact, twofold. When I had decided to post my picture, I had already discovered another site with a talented young Christian writer,
Living Life on Purpose wherein the author had the "Half Face" as her avatar.

I had left a few "amusing" comments on her site as I am wont to do, and she reciprocated in kind. I made gentle fun, and "stole" the idea, thus giving you poor readers a glance at Wollf, thus........

Part two of the joke, which "possibly" was understood, was that my bouncing brain had laughed at the humor of doing my picture in the same way as one of the most famous real wolf pictures available....."The Peeking Wolf".....

Ok??? Just 'cuz you didn't get my twisted sense of humor doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't funny ferjeezers sake. Might mean it was stupid, I'll grant that, but it doesn't matter.

Wollf was and still is amused by himself. That's why I do this.
Now you know.

Oh yeah, the biggest reason for this post tonite was to occupy me long enough that my "annoyance" at the ExP would subside. (hmmm, I think I will give her a last name...."Alley Docious"...get that one?) This post, along with an extremely pleasant conversation and a "gift" from a Man I now refer to as Friend, got me over the hump, and left everyone involved a bit less bruised.

Time for some Rocky Road ice cream, I think. I need to put back a few pounds that I lost....sitting at about a buck seventy five, and I want five or ten more pounds of Wolf muscle.

Damm, I'm vain sometimes..........
Oh, and don't even start on the beard. It's come in nicely, I even bought a grooming kit for all three square inches.

And yes, that's the only place my facial hair grows worth a darn. Amerind blood, remember?
Sheesh, every body's a critic.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Interrupted by Female Angst.......

Un-Holy Shi-Ite, I just got an earful......Wollf's ears are sensitive as you might guess....

The She-cub is having a tiff with her mother. A tiff? Whoo-Doggies, Jed Clampett would say. I had to hold my cel phone a foot away to make out the vile invective that was polluting my not so virginal ears.......

Synopsis, because Female tempers of the 18 year old variety sap even the seemingly boundless energy of your humble scribe. Suffice to summarize the "colloquialisms" used,as being the Proper, though not in polite company, sexual term for the female of Wollf's species.

Add the clinical psychological term for a person who not only builds, but Lives in castles in the sky, and you get the point. (Sorry, Wollf clings steadfastly to his PG-13 Rating).

She-cub is "Done". Don't even waste time checking the internal temperature on that turkey, Folke, she has one foot out the door. 18th birthday in three weeks, graduation in June......she's leaving the nest, and doing her unconscious best to leave that nest a shambles.

The surface screaming, (at poor little defenseless Wollf, an innocent bystander), is her way of rebelling against what she sees as the inequity of the Divorce, and at the same time as her way of shedding the reins that her mom has on her. All perfectly normal......I've been through this two times before, so this "ain't my first rodeo", but my poor ears!!!

That Cub has got a set of lungs. I swear that I heard her in stereo from her mom's house a mile and a half away. She also has a vocabulary that both impressed and stunned me to be coming out of "my little girl's" mouth.

I shifted into my best "hostage negotiator" voice and talked her down. The gist of her unspeakable rage is unimportant. Her mom didn't give her what she wanted, her mom was too preoccupied visiting with her sister who's in town to listen to her and of course most importantly.......her mom didn't give her what she wanted.

I advised the Cub to re-enter the house after I had calmed her down, (using my awesomely mellifluous voice), and tell the biXXX, oops, I almost fell into it myself, the mom clearly and respectfully that her feelings were hurt.

Lay the cards all out on the table about what she wanted, why it was a "good" idea, and that her feelings had been hurt. In a manner as though she were the "Grownup Woman" that she so desperately "wants" to be and at the same time is afraid of being.

I have sired and raised three female Cubs. I have survived three disparate personalities that all went through this horribly scary time.

She'll make it. I'm close to Female raising retirement. Yay for Wollf.

I'm beat. This is NOT what I was going to write about tonite. I have a whole lot of Wonderful going on in my life right now, and this little alpha female battle was not anything that I was looking forward to.

They'll make it, Wollf doing his best to just work the corner in thei prize fight.
Not to worry, all the guns are with me. I told her to call me if the calming strategy didn't work out.

Did you know that Parrots can't wear sunglasses because they don't have ears? I had never contempated that before. Who would have thought?

I'm in the mood for some fresh snow peas and ranch dressing.
A little too late too call someone with a quieting voice.

I think it's time for a heavy work out, shower and the rack.
I've decided that I'm adding Land Crabs to my list of animalia uncared for.

Love?..........can't find it if you don't look for it, I suppose.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tired and Thoughtful......

My goodness, how time flies when you're having fun. These last four days, despite my subconscious literally screaming failure at me, have been a resounding victory over the Christmas Bogeymen of the Soul.

He lies in ravaged pieces at Wollf's feet. My "Fake it til you Make it" plan went not only perfectly, but as yet, though the casualty count hasn't been tallied, without any discernible collateral damage.

I made the peanut brittle and enjoyed a wonderful evening Sunday. (Really do try the recipe, it's easy, quick and damm tasty). Christmas eve was a Joy. All three Cubs came up at 4:00p,(I've made a resolution to use civvie time for the mathematically challenged), and we proceeded with the evening.

The She-cub had to go to work at 5:30, so we cut to the chase and opened the stocking presents. We did 'em one at a time, the Cubs were duly impressed with their Sire's goofy gifts, and the She-cub was off to the mill. Oh, she didn't bitch about the tree with the Harleys and chili peppers....she thought it was "way".

"Way"? Way what?.........I just accepted it as a compliment.

The Cubs and I made our new Traditional Honey Baked Ham and Swiss sandwiches on a Kaiser, String Potato sticks and Veggie plate, and settled down to watch our new Traditional movie, The Simpsons.

She-cub arrived back around 21......oops, 9:30, and the fun began. I was s'posed to have them back down the hill, but we called the Governer and got an emergency stay of execution. She-cub LOVED the two clothing items that I picked out for her. Really, I mean it. (Check Wollf's personality profile....."Intuitive", heh. And her hefty gift card to an upscale clothiers that sells nothing but $100 mechanic's rags, sheesh.

Bigger got exactly what he had not dared to hope for, a DS....some frigin thing. High tech electronic gadget that plays games and has a neat little feature that allows wireless connectivity between linked devices within a 1000 foot radius.

Makes passing notes in school seem rather tame. He can "talk" to his buddy down the street, including graphic uploads without the use of the Internet. I don't understand the technology and kinda wonder why it wouldn't be more fun to just go to the kids house, but who am I?

Lil' Wolfie was actually stunned speechless. I got him the WWE, or F, or whatever, Professional Wrestling "Exterminator Cage Duel".......or something like that. All I know is that the friggin thing is 30"x30" by 30" high, and it's STILL not all assembled on Christmas night. We worked on it all damm day.

They are all happy.......Then, the Business portion of the evening. Wollf told the Christmas story.......can you imagine? Good mood, ADD, some of the "facts" a bit blurry in my mind.....suffice to say that I got it all "mostly" right and it was portrayed in such a way that they enjoyed it.

I hope Lil' Wolfie isn't asked "Who was King Herod?", anytime soon. He was a d$ck, I think was the answer, for making a poor pregnant lady ride a donkey all that way...
I'm ruining that Cub.

Then, because I didn't get the "Night Before Christmas" in the settlement, I told it from memory......anybody else remember Harleys in the original version?

Wow, just oh wow...long winded post, and this isn't the half of it, light watching, cocoa, laughter....and hugs, lots and lots of hugs. and at the end of it, almost two hours late down the hill, I heard, "This was the Best Christmas Ever" from all three.

She-cub drove 'em down the hill, and I just cleaned up, and thanked G-d for the best damm Cubs a Wollf could ever want.

And then there was this morning....and phone calls....and today....and phone calls...and it just seems, that "right around the corner" is a place that'll make this all worth while.....

Listen to the song in the earlier's represents another milestone in my Life journey. I'll never forget these last few days.

I know a man without a nipple and have heard of People without belly buttons.
Have you?

I didn't think so. That's how special these two days were.
I gotta have my Admin plan me a trip.
Time to explore...........

Time to sing
G'nite right back to you......... Good dreams.


Christmas Morning.....

Wollf will be writing a Lot later on this evening, but as a "foreshadowing" or "hook", (that's authorspeak), I wanted to share a song that would have made me tear up a couple months ago.

As you know, Ol' Wollf has gone through a lot of external and internal adjustments over these last four months. All, each and every one, for the better....toward Becoming.

I've had the most astoundingly good two days.....and this song was a capper to the whole experience. I was out and listening to the radio, it came on.......

And Wollf smiled.

I don't know "exactly" who the "you" is........but it might be just around the corner......enjoy, I hope it makes you smile too.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2007

Thank you to Everyone........

I just know that I'm forgetting Something.....

A Joyous Holiday to everybody! And a heartfelt thanks from ol' Wollf to the Loyalists, be you Commenter, Reader or Wollf Packer. This goofy place that started just four months ago has changed me and my perspective forever.

I was going to say, "helped me maintain my sanity"......but I could hear the giggles before I even typed.

I read back, and see the pain that I was in, and the place that I am now, and I'm just amazed at the difference. I still have down moments, but they're softer. And they're mostly outward oriented. Feeling a bit of melancholy for the Cubs, and what they're missing.

But then, a lot because of you Folkes, I'm able to reassert my resolve to be the best damm Sire that I can for embrace this new life with a joy that infects them, and makes them feel safe.

So....what are we doing tonight? Here's the list.

I'm going down the hill about 1600hrs and doing a jail break. The She-cub gets off work around 1730.

I have thermoses, bikes and battery powered Christmas lights, headlamps and.....I have to go get the friggin Cocoa!

After dark, we're going to ride around this "uppity" over decorated neighborhood of mine and enjoy the Lights, drink Hot Cocoa and sing "Infidel" songs.

Then, when we get good and chilly, we'll come home to Walkabout, light a fire, turn on some music and eat Honey Baked ham and Swiss sandwiches, a lite salad, chips and soda......yum.

Then the movies come on, the "Shoot your eye out" one and a compilation of Southpark Christmas episodes. I'll let them decide on which...

We have Snacks!! Home made Peanut Brittle, Thank you PWW for the recipe, and DW for the Kitchen turned out wonderful. I shouldn't have patted it down though......the baking soda is to make the bubbles in it.

We have oatmeal and rain, chocolate chip and ginger cookies, plenty of chips and salsa.....and I bought the worlds largest bag of Cheese Balls.

The stockings are filled, I put the wrong nametags on the main presents to drive them crazy in their guessing games, I had Lil Wolfie fill Bigger's and vice versa, they are going crazy.

We are ready. We will have fun. That is the Mission, and it shall be achieved.
Seems like something is missing though..........

The COCOA!! And disposable cups, and teeny marshmallows, and.....I gotta put on the Muggle patch, slow the brain and thoroughly enjoy these moments to come.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.....

(Oh, I like Dean Martin again for some reason.......)

Wollf is Smiling.......

For more than one reason......but definitely including....

Want a good feeling for Christmas Eve? M'Lady Linda has found my heartstrings and probably yours with these two video musicals.

Trot on over and tell her how much you appreciate it. (you can tell her Wollf thinks she's kinda cute too......heh, self serving Wollf)

You'll find her site by hitting the "clicky thingie" for....

Something and Half of Something

I feel like leaping a couple of sheep again.....I'll get nothing done at this rate.
Back in a bit to discuss plans for the evening with all the Cubs...

Cocoa for Everyone!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wollf had a wonderful twenty four or so hours.....Three teenage Cubs and Lil' Wolfie for a "stay awake over" up at Walkabout House.

It was grand fun, watching movies, playing video games, I even outfitted the big ones with some night vision and they went out to play "tag" in the neighborhood.

No Police even showed up, it was so perfect. I didn't tell them to shut the heck up till about 0200hrs. They of course, rolled out rather late, and I took them all to breakfast. It took nearly $60.00 to quell their hunger....ravished like wolves, don't you know.

Then we went final stocking shopping, I had forgotten myself and was reminded that they wanted their Sire to have some gifts too......with my money of course, sheesh.

Well, I dropped them down the hill, and I'm getting ready to go to a dear friend's house to attempt PWW's "easy" peanut brittle recipe. Sooo..I won't really be posting tonite, even though I have a Lot of stuff to share.

I had a bit of work to get done, I'm responsible usually, but I was just in such a dammed good mood, I just couldn't really get into what I was "supposed" to do. Don't tell anybody, it might ruin my fierce work ethic reputation.

Lil' Wolfie took a picture of me.....I hope it doesn't get out to the boss. Oh Heck, It's Christmas, and I'm just trying to get in the spirit........

Don't try this at home. Wollf is a professional.
Damm, I amuse myself thoroughly.

Merry Christmas to all The Sheep and Sheepdogs out there

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"The Trampoline is Dangerous"..........

Lil' Wolfie came in from the back yard, out of breath, and announced in quite the serious tone, "Well Dad, looks like we're not going to be able to jump on the trampline at my birthday party this afternoon, it's just too dangerous for some of the little kids."

"Wolfie, I replied, I put that trampoline and the safety ring an net together myself. It's not dangerous, so long as we have a grownup watching. Has something come loose? I'll get my toolbag and fix it."

"No's not broken. But I don't think I want to jump on it either, I could get hurt."

With that, he turned and trotted out the front door. I was beside myself. Had he been jumping without supervision and scared himself? It was just so unlike my fearless Lil'Wolfie............

I walked out to the backyard, turned the corner.....and decided that the little guy had good sense.

I didn't want to jump on it either. A fellow could get hurt......

A made up story for a picture that seemed to beg for one.
Gotcha? heh.......


I have been Tagged.....

Wollf has been been tagged with a Christmas meme by K T of the Feline Aristocracy over at the Scratching Post.

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. Share Christmas facts about yourself. Tag random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Of course Wollf was tagged. K T has never forgiven me for accusing Jacob the Hamster for stealing my sunflower seeds....Sheesh the work I have to do as Pater of Prowling, it just never ends.....

So, I have some questions to answer. Kinda spooks me to give anyone a glimpse into what makes me tick. You know I'm really private with my inner thoughts....hah

1. Wrapping or gift bags? Gift bags are the greatest invention for Men ever invented.
I'll do a small sized gift in ten increasingly larger bags to make it interesting, but wrapping? I can never find the scotch tape......

2. Real or artificial tree? Real for the main tree, and then a bunch of smaller artsy ones in other rooms.

3. When do you put up the tree? In the new Wollf world, I'm going with about a week before Christmas. Nothing worse than a dry tree. (Well, except decorating it yourself)

4. When do you take the tree down? About a week after Christmas.

5. Do you like eggnog? Yes, but Wollf waters it down with lowfat milk. A taste I probably got growing up in a five littermate lair. It made the half gallon last a lot longer......

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Wow, The "Man from U.N.C.L.E" super sekrit spy kit and my first Daisy BB gun.....who'd a thunk that of ol' Wollf?

7. Do you have a nativity scene? I didn't get custody of the Baby Jesus this year. I'll get one. I'm going to get a Menorah too. I like the juxtaposition.....

8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? The news about Big Bro and the Agent Orange.

9. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards? Cards, and hand written. I blew it this year, Too much going sense in it, I write everything here.

10. Favorite Christmas movie? It's a Wonderful Life.

11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? Wow, again....this year, in Muggle mode, I had all the main stuff by Thanksgiving. In the past, I've been out with the teeming hordes of confused Men on Christmas Eve.

12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? Raspberry Salsa, Jalapeno Jelly with cream cheese and fancy crackers...

13. Clear lights or colored on the tree? Red Chili Peppers!!! And multicolored Palm Trees. It just screams Christmas.

14. Favorite Christmas song? Let it Snow!, Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, and of course Hula Hoop by Alvin.

Now I have to "Tag" someone......hmmmm, who needs all three of the "Hits" that will come from Wollf's highly sucessful Blog?

Let's go with Rambling Rose for the Christmas and Holiday memories, and The Geezer Chronicles for the same thing. I'm in a semi Holiday mood now, got my Cubs in the house.

Now, I guess I have to let them know that they're "It".

Kind of a neat idea, this game.....gets some worthy Blogs a bit more attention that they deserve. Warning about the Geezer....he's from Texas.

"Nuff said? I tell you whutt!"

Back in a bit with todays adventures.....very little melancholy.
Thanks, K T......I'm pleased


On Discipline and Children.......

A large percentage of America's population thinks that it is improper to spank children,
so I have tried other methods to control my Cubs behaviour when he has one of 'those moments.'

One that I have found quite effective is for me to just take my Cub for a car ride and talk.

They usually calm down and stop misbehaving after our car ride together.

I've included a photo below of one of my loving discipline moments with Lil' Wolfie, in case you would like to use the technique.

Much better results than spanking...........

Sheesh, just kidding!!
I photoshopped the speed sign. I was only going seventy.......

Hat tip to my #2 She-cub in the Land of Missouri!

(Figure I owe you a few random Laughs after last nights post)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Greatest Moment in Baseball?

It might not be, but it's not bad........

Oh....thanks to whoever sent it to me.

Tummy Rub......

Every once in a while, every one of us just needs a good tummy rub. I think I'll go and get a haircut. That's "almost" as good. Why doesn't it feel as relaxing when we wash our own hair? I suppose for the same reason we can't tickle ourselves.

It's because we need someone else to really experience life as it's meant to be. Wollf loves interaction. The spoken and written word, hearing or reading other Peoples' perspectives, usually even when their opinions are opposed to mine.

Wollf loves touching. A good long snuggle is a wonderful thing. Watching a movie, going to a play, listening to music, shopping, seems so many things are better experiences when done by two.

Decorating a Christmas tree has got to be at or near the top of the list. The Cubs and I had a grand time last they're down the hill....and I'm just not up for it. I began, but too many thoughts were running through my mind about Christmases past....I needed the closeness of the Cubs, their eyes and their laughter, to experience it the way it was intended.

I'll hold off. The She-cub called and "intends" to swing by with her friends for a visit. If she makes it.....busy, busy young Lady, we'll all pitch in and do it then. Otherwise, I'll just hold off until tomorrow for the Cubs.

No wonder psychologists refer to these Holidays as the "Danger Zone".

I could hear my inner Wollf as though through a megaphone, "Put DOWN that ornament, and STEP AWAY from the tree........"

Luckily, I had "Alvin's Christmas Song" to cheer me up a bit. Thanks, Linda. (anybody needs a little chip munking, check her "clicky clicky" in last night's comments, heh).

It's a little bit lonely up here at Walkabout House this evening. Rough day at work, a bit annoyed with some of "you know who's" selfish behaviour regarding the Cubs today, and it just seems too damm cold to go for a walk. (besides, I might run into the neighbor Lady. I haven't given her back my spare set of keys yet, and I think she has the "warmies" for me. She's too close and too married for Wollf to entertain.)

Damm that Honor.

I think I'll go down the hill, visit the local "Cheers" replica, say hey to a friend, maybe punch a hippy in the face, get a new pint of NON-Ben and Jerry's, rent a movie....and cheer myself up.

Hey, just kidding about renting a movie.........

Oh, and anyone that's an e-mail friend? I changed my google avatar back. I had absolutely no idea that I was sending out notes with "Angry Wollf" as the picture.
I apologize profusely.

Angry Wollf doesn't exist anymore.
The hippy? All in the pursuit of the Christmas spirit. it considered improper for a Lady to call a Wollf on the telephone? Inquiring minds want to know. This is the new millennium, and I'm just not up on the new rules.....

I'll be back shortly, hopefully in a better mood.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh Tannenbaum Night.......

Busy evening at Walkabout House.....Got the Cubs, threw some chow into them and headed to the tree lot. We picked out a little, for us, six footer...., I was figuring half the ornaments we usually have,...a really pretty Noble Pine, bought a stand, set it up in one of the front windows, took Bigger to drum line, lit the tree, installed garland and half of the half of the ornaments..........

We have a Male tree. Lil' Wolfie so noted. Heh, would you expect anything different from this pack? I knew that trying to make it "the same" was going to be a dismal failure, so I had gone shopping before I got the Cubs for some less "Traditional" items to spruce up the tree and catch their focus.

Just like our lives now.....different. Not worse, not better, just different. It's "our" Life, and "our" tree. For the first time in what seems forever, Wollf doesn't have to meet with anyone's approval.....that should have always been the way.

We have a tree that would fit into any Fourth of July party in Santa Fe hosted by Hell's Angels with a tropical, Jimmy Buffet theme...... This baby is festooned with Red, White and Blue ornaments, flags and garlands and lit by four strands of red chili peppers and palm trees. I added a few Harley ornaments for good measure.

Cut me a little slack here, This is my first personalized tree in quite a few years. And, just so you know.....I do have relatively good taste.

From any distance at all, it truly is a magnificent tree....and in colors I can almost see. Red is my favorite color after all. Up close, it's all I can do not to giggle at my tangoalphacharliekilo....Yankee efforts.

The male Cubs Love it. That's all that really matters. Bigger proclaimed it to be the best damm tree ever. I told him to watch his words, he gave his famous crocodile smile, looked all innocent and said, "I'm sorry Sire, I guess I was just caught up in the moment....."

I really need to beat my Cubs more often.....

So, life is going on.......we're getting in the mood, change is good, even necessary for growth.....All in all a good evening.

The She-cub is going to either love the tree or hate my guts....or vice versa, all at the same time. that I'm about done, I've been playing with the Cubs, answering e-mails and writing this bit of goofiness all at the same time......

I really have to get some new Christmas music. I turned on an old Dean Martin cd, and it seemed all the songs were "I'll be Home for Christmas", which I won't be, "Blue Christmas", which I refuse to have, and "Let it Snow".......which it damm sure won't.

I turned it off.
What's he know?
He's a drunk. Oh, and dead.

G-d rest your Soul, Deano......I think I'll break out the Alvin and the Chipmunks music.


What, No Magic??????

Wollf hangs head, wipes tear from eye with furry paw....(ouch, I have GOT to trim these claws...)....

Raises voice to the Moon.

I read a posting over at Rambling Rose.....her link is in the Auspicious Wollf Pack in the side bar.....and a teeny part the Christmas Mystery was revealed to be a Hoax.

Something that I have always believed simply on Faith. One of the very cornerstones of my personal Christmas Vision. What comes only at this time of year? The Gift that lasts the whole year long?

The Creche? The sleigh? Frosty the Snowman? The Menorah, Guiding Star, Miracles, "Christmas Vacation", The Wise Men? Trees, Holiday decorations, Family and Friends.....Midnight Mass, Stockings........Santa????

There's a man behind the curtain..........

Home made Peanut Brittle can be created by ANYONE!!!!!

Someone......anyone......? I always believed that magical, once a year Treat was made by the Elves, and they alone. Rambling Rose has pulled back the curtain, and my Faith is wounded...

But, on the other hand....Wollf is going to make.......

Peanut Brittle

1 cup sugar 1 tsp butter
1-1/2 cups salted peanuts 1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup white corn syrup 1 tsp baking soda

Microwave peanuts, sugar and corn syrup on high for 3 minutes. Stir and then cook for 3 more minutes. Stir in butter and vanilla. Nuke for 2 more minutes. Add soda. Stir quickly but thoroughly to evenly distribute soda. Pour onto greased cookie sheet or pizza pan. Cool. Break into pieces. Makes 1 pound.

Note: Every microwave is different so the time may have to be adjusted . The first batch will be sort of trial and error time wise; but once you figure out the correct cooking time for your microwave, it's great because it is so easy to do and turns out the same every time.

Next, she going to tell us that Egg Nog doesn't come from Easter Bunny eggs.....

Sheesh! Don't EVEN mention Santa, or I'll jump. Lil' Wolfie started telling me about Him last night. Get the picture? Wollf with paws on ears howling LALALALALALAL, Owwooooo, LALALALALA....

I don't want to hear it.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guest Blogger!! Presenting.....Lil' Wolfie!!!

I can't wait for winter break to start! It's only one day away and I have sooo much stuff to do.

I have a big test tomorrow, an awards ceremony and on Friday I have to go to Child Care all day long. Last night I had to write an entire essay with FIVE paragraphs!!

It was really boring and I wanted to play, but my mom told me I had to get it done.
It was a good thing she made me, cuz if I didn't get it done early, I wouldn't have got five extra points.

I had a substitute teacher today. She was really nice to us. She even gave us toys at the end of the day.

Well, that's all for today.
Bye bye,

Lil Wolfie

Blog Lite, Better taste, Less filling........

Well....the best laid cetera.

I had "planned" to pick up Cubs and go get a "smallish" Christmas Tree this afternoon and into the evening. Would have worked out well.......except......

Bigger's best buddy, the Way longhaired young fellow in the House decorating post, is out of school and in town for the Holidays. Poor kid lives in the Redneck Mecca of Southern California, the Meth Capital of the Left coast.....Lancaster.

Yuck. He loves it here in good old Newbury Park. Bigger wanted to "hang".

I began to nix the idea when my trusty phone "went off". A quick aside, my phone does not ring. It does not sing or play music. It quite simply "goes off". Yes, like BOOOM!! It makes me pay attention, as the BOOOMS become successively louder each time.

That's my special sound for the She-cub. It's fitting, because at her current age, it usually makes me want to dive for cover.

No disappointment this time.

"Daddy, my Jeep wooon't staart!"

Then the 17 year old "speed talk" starts....."I havta be atworkin an hourand I can'tbelate, andwhereareyou, and whydoes thishappen to meeee? Huurrry!!"

The battery was dead. It was a gloomy, rainy morning when she went to school. My detective instincts told me the story.

"Left the lights on, huh Scoot?"

"No I didn't, Daaadddyyy!" Jeezers......Zero to Sulky in point two five seconds....

Did I save her? Of course I did.
Was she appreciative that I had to change all the plans for the evening because she forgot to turn off the lights?

What do you think?

Her way of saying thank you was to tell me that, "I called you because you know how to take care of things. Mom wouldn't have known what to do........But she wouldn't have thought that I left the Lights on!"

Wollf can't win when it comes to the female of the species.
Oh well, some day.

Taking the Cubs down the hill. Hope you enjoyed Lil' Wolfie's Blog. He likes comments.

Hear that?

That is all.


Linkie, Linkie.....Damm I Hate these Morons......

A quick little item that as Linda says, will Never hit the Main Stream Media. It just
Pi$$es me off. I'm not a highly Religious man, nor do I begrudge anyone their own Personal Belief or Disbelief..........

Until it comes to this kind of total rot. Iran's Supreme Spiritual Leader's right hand man has stated that Women who don't wear the Hajib, (face covering), deserve to DIE.

WTF?? I'm sorry Folkes, I work very hard at being a "relatively" humble and accepting Man, but in this case.......I feel that I am millions of years more "evolved" than this Muslim A$$hat.

Read about it at Something and Half of Something, right......

You might ocassionally disagree with M'Lady Linda, but she keeps the watch fires burning. Heh, also the fires of my passionate dislike of the fascist branch of the Religion of Peace.

I wanted to post about Happy, Happy Christmas preparations, dammit.

Lil' Wolfie are going to go get some ice cream, change my mood and swipe the Great video has posted.....Don't watch the Choir vid she has posted. Wait till I steal and post it here.

That'll teach
Back in a flash,


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Even an Alpha has his Soft side......

See, This is Wollf's Kinder, Gentler..."Prater of Prowling" side.

Showered, warmed up, some good music on.....

Nobody to share it with so I might as well.....roll over......and ummmm......


The Post I was Going to Write.....

Before Wollf's latest misadventure.....

This shall be abridged for now.....I'll go into details another time.

One of my Field People got me a Christmas gift today. His wife made a fancy basket with Rasperry Salsa, Jalapeno Jelly, crackers and chips and this Tee Shirt.

Coincidence running through my life again......I don't wear tees very much, but this There's Lil" Wolfie, Bigger and Wolf himself.......

Howling at the Moon.

And yup, for the curious, that's a corner of my office, tastefully decorated in stuff ExP wouldn't allow in her "home"....I think the picture's good enough to get the idea of the Bitchen Tee, but I kinda faded it so the background won't zoom.

Too many things to talk about on that one little wall....I keep "Me" on the walls of my office for now.....not long and I'll be able to set up my Lair...

I wrote a lot tonight.
I'm still freezing from that run....

Hot chocolate, anyone?
Good dreams,


The Post I was Going to Write.....

Impetuosity and the shivers......

First, I am Freezing!! It's raining pretty well, I've got a fire going, Amerind Flute music playing, have the house to myself, all should be well with the world.

I was checking my e-mail, and while responding to a special one, I got a wild hare to go for an Injun run. I've been doing more of that since I've been up here at Walkabout. I threw on a pair of what "look" like shorts, my Asics, and into the storm I ran.

Damm....the feeling of freedom, the freezing drops on my skin, the feel of the wind and the clear, clean smell of rain......exhilarating!

But I really should have thought to take a warm towel downstairs. And a change of clothes. Maybe some socks.

Absolutely the House Keys.

The very nice neighbor lady who holds a spare key for me, (I'm ADD, but still in touch with my inner Maroon...remember the locked keys in the truck story?)...

She may have wondered about me when I asked her to keep a set for the poor dear doesn't "wonder" any more. She answered the doorbell, and there in "most" of my glory, (a pair of cut off cammies, shoes and nothing else but a goofy smile), stands yours truly......

Her look of amusement shall haunt Wollf for the rest of his days.

"Umm, Hi Wollf.", she kindly greeted, while not so inconspicuously inspecting my thoroughly soaked self. "What can I do for you?"

The absolute absurdity of my situation struck me. What to say? I almost always see the humor in absurdity, and like an auto pilot, the ADD took control.....

"I was wondering if I could borrow a cup of sugar?"

She suppressed a giggle, and then smooth as silk said, "Will unbleached do? I like my sugar "naked." She was enjoying this entirely too much for my quickly failing bravado to handle.

I'm standing there, shaking from the cold.....I blurted something reasonably intelligible about having somehow locked myself out and could I borrow my keys and sorry to bother you and Jeez it's cold and I really really appreciate it and.......

She reached behind the door and handed me my keys. She smiled and waved as I ran back off into the rain. I heard her giggles all the way to my door. I'm inside, fire going, dried off, warm sweat pants, my new tee shirt and wool socks......and as this post began, all should be well with the world.

Except....I have to give her back the spare set of keys!

I'll be back in a bit to write the post that I had planned for this evening. Sorry, but somehow a Wollf misadventure intervened.

Oh, hey. Please don't tell anybody about this. It's kind of embarrassing, if you know what I mean.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A Cute Joke.....followed by........

WTH? (PG-13 Rating on this Blogsite, remember?) It hit me this afternoon that I haven't written much on how the ADD mind works in a while. I want to do that now and again so that you Folke with a Cub or Mate or Litter Mate can have just a touch of understanding......

It's both a positive and a negative living in a skull like this. It's perfectly easy to accept the bouncing thoughts as "normal" until you've experienced Muggle society.
Any Newbies to the Lair, check the glossary in the right sidebar. (actually, I s'pose it's the "Only" sidebar, as I don't have a friggin clue how to make a left and right)......Computer genieye, or is it geniuses, feel free to comment.

So, the thought was to simply write down a new joke that I had heard, let the brain bounce a bit, and then comment on the various rebounds....let's see if it works. If it doesn't, at least you get a cute joke.

Lil Wolfie's kindergarten class was on a field trip to their local police station where they saw pictures tacked to a bulletin board of the 10 most wanted criminals.

One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person. "Yes," said the policeman. "The detectives want very badly to capture him."

Lil Wolfie asked, "Why didn't you keep him when you took his picture?"

Thoughts that immediately pop to mind as I typed that:

Why do they call it a "field" trip? They're at the police station, not in a field. Laziness? They don't want to have to say a "Police Station trip"? Socialists!

Why is it a trip? Nobody is supposed to fall down, are they?

How is it that Deutsch, German, one of the harshest sounding languages on earth with its' Authoritarian pronunciations has a word that evokes such a beautiful picture? Kindergarten. Childs' Garden.

How did a People with such a gentle word in their common vocabulary also have terms like Blitzkrieg and Stalag?

It is my theory by the way, that the Germans invaded Fwance in World War II, not because of any Imperialist or Warlike nature or even because of the botched job of writing and implementing the Treaty of Versailles.....(that's a post for another evening)....they were just damm tired of bratwurst, sauerkraut, those ickey potatoes and thick beer.

"Mein G-tt, Heinrich!! Not schnitzel again? I vant crepes suzette, an omelette und a nice glass uff wine. Know where we can get some this time of night?"

They were in a hurry......thus the invention of Blitzkrieg...Lightning Warfare.Why do we use two of those little ' thingies to encapsulate a string of words either said or imagined? And why do I use two ' to encapsulate a word that I want emphasized?

Why not just one? As many as we use, we might save enough ink to affect Global Warming. From now on, I'll do my best to use just one ' instead of the standard ".

And why is one ' an apostrophe, while two of them are quotes. The smaller punctuation has three more letters than a symbol with twice its girth. Simply illogical.

Ok.....Time Out. Catch your breath? I had to myself. I-we, tend to reign in our brains in order to allow ourselves to be understood. Ocassionally it feels really nice to just let fly, but once the herd is out of the gate.........

It's a bit difficult to get them back in again. That's the way it is with your Cubs. Me, mine is trauma the posts, I'm trying to stay on point here.

If you have a Cub with this 'Blessing', (see, only one')....I have to say that medication has to be a last resort. There are lots of other things to try first. All you're doing, Folkes, is attempting to Get and Keep their attention.

They're not naughty, or misbehaving......they're just not focussed. If you have one, try, not an expert, but I invented a technique called Wollf's Finger.

While they're in a Muggle moment, explain....quickly and precisely, because their mind Will wander with your words, (see above), where was I?

Right oh, then. Hold your index finger up and have them focus on it. Make it seem rather important and kinda fun at the same time......move your hand around so that their eyes follow. Then explain simply that you understand, all the time the finger moving, that they sometimes are uncomfortable paying attention.

When you hold up the finger, they'll be drawn to it.....they really will, and after a while, they'll start doing it themselves when they start drifting. I've coached kids in track and field as Head Coach for eight works every time.

It focuses them on the finger, a little thing that then translates almost immediately into a calming effect. They get control. A very important thing...not just to you. To them. They act out from frustration. Imagine that you really want to do a particular thing, but everytime you get perfectly focused on it, it changes.

Yelling and becoming annoyed is counter productive......

Ok.....did I make an even slightly cogent or logical point? I have to drive down the hill for a little minute. I'll be back to see what you think.

That is all.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just in the mood to think.........

This will be my meditation for the evening.
Goodnight my friends,

Good dreams
Good actions
Good life


To the Sleigh!!!!! We have Stockings to fill.......

I am so glad I emptied the garbage in the last post. Thanks to all the commenters.

I met a friend whose Amerind name is "Dammitwoman" and we assisted each other in stocking stuffer shopping at what Wollf considers a higher end WTF store that we have in a town down the road called Restoration Hardware.

It sells fancy bedroom stuff, linens, pillows and then in the middle of the store is this magical grouping of counters just brimming with the exact same "stuff" that the collective "we" got for stocking presents when we were Cubs.

Christmas music, a dear friend........and STUFF!!! Lotsa STUFF!! Cool stuff, goofy stuff, logical stuff, weird stuff.......just my cup of tea. I gotta share some of this........I was like a wild monkey in there, (you might remember I HATE monkeys), and if not for the fair Dammitwoman, I might well have been 86'ed right the hell out of there.

I drummed on the electronic drums, pummeled the desktop punching was great. I had forgotten my reading glasses,(poetic license invoked),and walked around the entire store with a six inch magnifying glass that they had on display.

I ended up purchasing 6 gifts for each of the three Cubs' stockings. It's such a retro store......They had The Magic Eight ball, which I'm going to take apart and change some of the answers to "Ask your Sire", "G-d doesn't like that question", "Give Dad $10 and OK"......stuff like that. This one goes to the soon 18 year old She-cub.

They had chocolate "Lumps of Coal", mini snow domes, Prank kits, Super balls, "Excuse Books" for kids...(I'm tired of hearing the same old ones), Super Secret Spy Glasses with rear view mirrors, Word games, electronic lie detectors, (That should start some fights), and the coolest kaleidoscopes.

I got myself the neatest item of all.....hey, I allow myself to be selfish once in a while,....a little electronic jammer. When you get a cell call you don't want, you push one of 10 "scenario" buttons and it makes excusable background noises from things like an airline ticket couter, baby crying, a police officer insisting you put the phone down.......G-d I am going to have fun with that!!

I even got the She-cub a dashboard Hula Girl. This will truly be the first of many Tango Alpha Charlie Kilo Yankee Christmases. You.....yes You, have lit my Yule log.
For you higher tech folkes with auto start in your fireplaces.....well never mind, it sounded suggestive in my mind.....

Walked out of there with over $185.00 worth of really goofy stuff that I absolutely Know they're going to love. I had a wonderful time. And, this afternoon I took custody of "MY" Christmas music.....anybody have a guess as to Wollf's ADD Music Musts?

Should I make you guess? It's pretty eclectic. Boy, I s'pose that's not much of a surprise, huh? A quick couple and then you can try and guess some others....Garth Brooks Christmas....kinda Country, but Excellent singing, Dean Martin Christmas, the original White Christmas, one really goofy fun one called The Eight Days of Hanukkah, and .......yes Rose, All I want For Christmas, by Alvin and the Chipmunks. Oh, and just for fun, I have one Viet Nam era....Jimi Hendrix Does Christmas.......

Silent Night.......wasn' any means.....Silent.

We're gonna get the tree on Wednesday. I finally took the ornaments that I can't do without....MsP kept the Cubs yearly ornaments.....I'm sure they'll be safer that way.

Oh! and I got Lil' Wolfie a Snow man on a Harley that revvs, jumps, and sings "I'm a Snooow Maan" by the Blues Brothers.

Folkes, Tacky has never seemed so damm fun.
Merry Christmas, and if you're in Socal, come and visit Wollf's Lair..

Especially if you like bacon. My younger, smarter, but homely Litter mate sent me about ten pounds of friggin' Bacon for Christmas. I damm Love it.

Oh, and Pogo? My special gift to you.....I've given up possum.
I'm gonna go post some goofy-ass comments......
I'm in the mood.

Ho Ho Hawoooooo

Christmas is Sneaking up on me........

And the hair on the nape of my neck is standing......

I know, I know...."Adapt, Overcome"....but I feel this morning more as though I should "Escape and Evade".

I just finished reading one of Paints with Words' Christmas Season introspective over at
Rambling Rose, and it put me to thinking.

Sometimes thinking is not good for Wollf. He thinks too much, and too hard. I took her thoughts about a first Christmas without someone you love.....and turned it inward.

I shouldn't have allowed myself to do that.

Before you start, ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ, I know.....and appreciate the "Get over it" sentiment. This isn't a pity party, it's that I end up feeling a lot better about things, and can perform my responsibility as Sire much more enthusiastically when the foulness is examined and discarded.

I'm "beginning" to come out of my Lair, having conversations with old and new friends that don't include "her". I'm beginning, finally, to allow myself a little bit of anger directed toward her part of this thing.

That's what happens.......I think it's OK to be a bit angry at some one's seeming selfish nature. It's what I don't like about the world in general. Nothing I can do about the world.......nothing I can do about Christmas being here at an inopportune time.

I'm going out "Stocking Stuffer" shopping with a new friend this evening. Maybe that will help. I've got the Cubs their Sire's big gifts, one apiece in the $200 range, but I want to get a few smaller things and some goofy stuff for the stockings.

We'll have to open everything Christmas eve as they'll be doing Christmas "down the hill". I have to concentrate on not making this a competition for "best parent". I'm just hoping for as much fun as we had at Thanksgiving.

And to keep my friggin' eyes from welling up in the Cubs' presence.....

Any and all input is always welcome. I had never understood why the Holidays were considered the "Danger Zone" before. Damm, Wollf sure is learning a lot about human nature.....

Growth hurts, but you become stronger because of it.
Easy to say, isn't it?


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Whoa, Nellie..........

It is 2200hrs, Lil' Wolfie and I just got home to Walkabout......and I JUST NOTICED:

I'm still wearing the Muggle patch! Oh boy, I wonder where this might lead. I've kept all the lovely bouncing thoughts bottled up much longer than ever before......

Wollf has had a pretty darn good day today. Nice. Bigger Wollf was over last nite, we went for a walk looking at Christmas and Hanuka lights......He points the Hanuka Houses out to lack of color vision, don't you know.

Oh....Bigger Wolf factoid, ( I'm too lazy to look it up, so if there is enlightenment out there......please?)....He says that the houses with two colors of lights, and wrapped around the bushes, are "probably" celebrating Hanuka.

If that's correct, ol' Wollf thinks it's pretty cool.......

Then we came back in, it was freezing....50 degrees....and watched "The Bourne Ultimatum". I highly recommend it to fans of the genre, Action, Spy, Thriller....
This one was pretty close to the book. Excellent movie.

Speaking of movies......if you have the chance, check out "The Matador", with Pierce Brosnan. It's an extremely difficult movie to describe, kind of like your humble scribe. Give it a go and let me know what you think about my comparison of the movie to my writings......

I was going somewhere with this post......Right, thanks muse, dropped Bigger off at the high school to participate in a Battle of the Bands....Holy Shi-ite, I'd never have guessed the number of adolescent Metallica wannabe's living in my little city.

It was the typical "prisoner exchange" with MsP......boy that brings an odd scene to mind......Dark night, lonely bridge, armed and stern faced guards at either end as the Cubs walk slowly toward each other, nod in recognition and....... I escaped with Lil' Wolfie in tow.

We did our usual goofing around, including what you might think an odd ritual that he has entitled "Random Drumming". He spots a likely looking transformer or Water Company box as we're driving through residential streets, proclaims the title loudly, we park, race each other to the box, and pound out a few riffs to the bemusement of passersby.

I guess you have to be there. I'm getting him a pre programmed "Youtube" digital vidcam for Christmas. We'll shoot a scene with Lil' and Bigger and put it up. With Bigger there, it sometimes sounds pretty damm good.

Then we went to Lil Wolfie's Christmas piano Recital. His Teacher sets it up in a retirement home every year. She's an amazing Lady. Her skills at opening up her children's talent just floors me. The old folkes had a great time, the kids had a great time, and Wollf had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols.......only slightly off key.....

Doesn't get a whole lot better than that. I'm glad I listened to MsP on the mandatory music lessons until age twelve.......besides, shhh....the teacher is cute, too.

Aaaaghh! Bigger just called. MsP can't pick him up. He's going.....(at this time of night?) a buddies for a......(coincidence never ceases in my life)...a Hanuka party sleepover thingie.....

What the Hell is that? Aaagh
Gotta go save the wolf cub.
Back in a bit, but it'll be getting late, and this post hasn't made much sense anyway......

Be good,


Friday, December 14, 2007

I have been known on occasion to Howl at the Moon..........

The Post Title was said by Crash Davis in one of my very favorite movies......Bull Durham. (coincidental? heh).

This movie includes one of those memorized lines that I have embedded in my Being. I loved hearing Kevin Costner say it to Sarandon......Damm, I wanted her back then....
When she asked him what he believed in, Crash responded,(sans the graphic),

"Well, I believe in the soul, the Man and Woman, the small of that woman's back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap."

"I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter."

"I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days."



Tell me it's not deeply moving on some rarely plumbed level.....and I'll tell you that you'll never understand. Heh, it's a line that ExP would think sounded contrived....that "Nobody" actually talks like that.......

I've always loved it because I Do talk like that. A perfect example of ADD Passion..

That's who I am, and if you don't understand it, or aren't drawn to it.....well, you never will be. Some things, and some People are best experienced in small doses.

I enjoy me now. I really mean it when I say that I amuse myself. I hope I occassionnally amuse you too....Oh, that's why I didn't take that drink earlier tonight.....because I like myself too much. I'll drink a bit, socially now and again, but right now I'm just not ready.

Hmmmmm, but the.... "and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days."?

I believe in those again......



I Wanted a Drink Tonight...........

But I didn't.

I'm not ready.

I'll write more later...........

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Little Work on the Quest.......

A Man must be everything - a Warrior, a Pacifist a proud

A willing gear in the machine of a worldwide socio-organism.

A man who obeys the law and breaks it, creates his own and
polices it.

He must be a friend to all and to none because he must be
Fair to all.

He must walk the precarious ledge between passion and reason.

He can never fall lest he lose his footing forever.

He must respect all gods, while Honoring his own Go-d

He must renounce his home and then feel at home everywhere.

The limits of his imaginagtion are his only boundaries, and the
burden of freedom his only responsibility.

He must be willing to unsheath his Sword without anger, and use it without Malice.

He must Teach his Children by his Example.

And above all, he must be a True and Gentle Knight.

.............I absolutely know that I have heard almost these exact words before. I have no idea where, but I wrote them down after a long meditation back in September as if by rote memory.

One of the oddities of the way my mind works.....ADD?.....or just quarks in my memory......I've committed to memory many, many things that seem to touch my Soul.

Then, over the years, the words seem to evolve of their own, and I often forget where I read or heard the originals.

Thank you to whomever said most of these words, or took pen to hand to write them.....I hope that I haven't butchered them badly.

There are a few well known quotes that I do still know by rote....maybe I'll share them.......Much more to write this evening, Lil' is doing a few more Christmas cards, Bigger is at Drumline, She-cub is working at In-N-Out........

The Sheepdogs in Wolf's clothing are watching the store.....

All is well with the world......well, Wollf's quirkey world, anyway.
In a some comments to make,


Of Wolves and Sheepdogs and Sheep.......

First, a qualification. Someone......and I ADD'ed it out of my memory, so .....H/T to wherever I read it some months past. I do remember it being a milbloggie site.

This author broke the Human Species into three basic types, using an Anthropomorphic analogy:

Sheep......Wolves.....Sheepdogs. (Read....not Wollf, this stuff frightens me...)

Most of the population are sheep, not in the denigrating sense of the word, but rather likened to their oblivious nature. They are perfectly harmless, and quite happy with their status quo lifestyle. They don't want to imagine, or can't imagine, evil happening to them or around them. They actually resent the Sheepdog.

Because to the Sheep, he is an annoying irritation, keeping them with the flock, nipping at their heels. They can't imagine the dangers that reside outside the safety of his watchful eye. Some of them have glimpsed the evil, and the Sheepdog, just by "being", reminds them of its' existence.

The wolf, in the real world and this analogy, preys on the sheep. No remorse, no pity, no ethics, no mercy. The only thing that stands in his way is the ever vigilant watchfulness of the Sheepdog. He will fight the wolf to the death to protect his flock.

Ok, got the analogy? My words, but someone else's imagination. Sheep equals "most everyone". Sheepdog= Our Military, Police, Intelligence Agency, et al. Wolves= the Bad Guys, Terrorists, Murderers, Rapists, Thieves......scum of all the degenerate subspecies......

The thing that popped , or "bounced" into my mind was a simple, but Wollf's convoluted philosophical abstraction, that there are times when the Sheepdog, although the avowed guardian, is not that distant in "active disposition" from his adversary.

They have to be alike in enough ways to recognize the threat to each others' reason for existence. The sheep doesn't watch out for the Wolf. He simply becomes dinner.

But the Wolf is always on the lookout for his adversary and vice versa. I don't doubt that you might well be scratching your head. (Sometimes I read what I've written and scratch as though I have fleas.....).

Final point and you can make fun of my logic and writing skills.......

Remember the old Warner Brothers cartoon where it always begins with the Sheepdog and the Wolf strolling in to work carrying their lunch pails, punching their time cards, and saying, "Morning, Sam......Morning, Fred..." to each other in passing?

That's what happens in real life once in a while. They're working for the same thing, but with different motive.

My question to you is, "What if a particular wolf's motives were in alignment with the Sheepdog?"

Depending on the motive, it could be a beautiful thing.

The sheep still wouldn't like either of us.

I'm going to have to edit this one a bit later.......

Thanks to M'Lady Linda.......she posted on this back in April when I still thought the world was a wonderful, shiny place. She quotes a Military Man and his original thought.

Her archived posting is HERE


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

CLOSED ON ACCOUNT OF .............

Just can't say right now. A new friend is having a difficulty. I've jump started a few old friends to assist.

It's one of those "Probably Nothing To Worry About" situations that Wollf always ends up "worrying" about. Kind of a "private" note on a now "public" blog......

Please be assured that if the ol' Wollfe says he has your six.......He does.

Be well, everyone.

Note: CHICAGO.......Call me asap. I can definitely use your assistance also. Use the radio-sat, 24/7

See you all tomorrow,

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Cards to Wounded Soldiers

All right, I warned you, you're going to get some "off the cranium walls" stuff this evening.

This is information that I would definitely like to be spread around. I received an e-mail asking me to "Include a recovering soldier" in my Christmas card mailings.

Please be aware that there's a bit of a problem with this. Although I am FULLY behind showing our appreciation to our troops, as you've probably guessed by now, the idea of sending a card or letter to an "Any Soldier" address doesn't work any more.

That dastardly word "Security" unfortunately rears its homely noggin. Any cards or letters sent to Military Hospitals without the specific name of the intended recipient will be either returned to sender or given to charity......

For the uninitiated, think of the "Nasties" that can go in an envelope nowadays. Horrible thought during these Holy Holidays, I know, but the "Enemy" thinks "Horribly"

There is a way around.....bad choice of words, but I don't edit, remember....this untenable situation. You want to......I repeat, You Want To.....send a card or letter of well wishes to a wounded Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine.

Here's how you do it. I found it on the Business Wire:

"With the support of the Department of Defense, Walter Reed Army Medical Center and with help from Pitney Bowes Government Solutions, the American Red Cross will collect, review and disseminate holiday greeting cards to wounded military personnel. For security reasons, the Red Cross will only be able to accept holiday cards, not packages. Red Cross volunteers will receive and bundle the cards to be shipped by Pitney Bowes Government Solutions. Then, Red Cross volunteers at military medical facilities will distribute the cards to patients and their families in time for the holidays."

Address your Cards or Letters to:

We Support You During Your Recovery! c/o American Red Cross PO Box 419 Savage, MD 20763-0419

About the American Red Cross

The American Red Cross helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. Last year, almost a million volunteers and 35,000 employees helped victims of almost 75,000 disasters; taught lifesaving skills to millions; and helped U.S. service members separated from their families stay connected. Almost 4 million people gave blood through the Red Cross, the largest supplier of blood and blood products in the United States. The American Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. An average of 91 cents of every dollar the Red Cross spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs. The Red Cross is not a government agency; it relies on donations of time, money, and blood to do its work.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI) is a mailstream technology company that helps organizations manage the flow of information, mail, documents and packages. Our 35,000 employees deliver technology, service and innovation to more than two million customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1920 and annual revenues now total $6 billion. More information is available at

Hmmmmm, a Non Government, Non Profit Organisation, teaming up with a Mega Million, Eeeevil Corporation, with the approval of the United States Government and it's Military up together to allow a little bit of Holiday Joy to be shared with Men and Women who Voluntarily took up arms in what They considered defense of You and Ol' Wollf.

Remember what Wollf said, "You Want To Do This". One card from each of my Loyal Readers.......Hell, we'll have Three or Four in no time.

They add up. Don't do this for me. Don't even do this for Them if you disagree.

Do this for You, be Selfish for once. Buy yourself a box of Love and Support, get some stamps, fill 'em out with your Families and show that you're a (capital "H")Human Being.

Get them mailed so they get there by 27 DEC 07. I've got the male Cubs tomorrow night. I've got a box of cards. We're going to have a good time, and they're going to understand exactly what they're doing.

I'm ADD and a "little" down for this first Bachelor Christmas.
What's your excuse?

That is all.
Merry Christmas and Chanukah Sameach

Oh my, Wollf's way Wizard this evening.........

Hey, Boys and Girls........I've been in an "odd" mood all day, it seems. So, I thought I'd just share some random thoughts and images, maybe inform you of some things you didn't know.....or care to know, but that I, in my decidedly Finite wisdom, feel is interesting.

A lot of you Folke have probably seen this, but I just get a kick out of it every time. I just really don't care for rude people.

You've probably, like most thinking People, lost track of that little red headed guy from The Partridge Family. Child star, took some unquestionably bad turns, run ins with the Law, drugs and let's not forget the transvestite hookers......

He's cleaned up and has a good gig as Adam Corolla's (Man Show?), sidekick on a big Morning Drive show on 97.1 fm in Los Angeles. Funny show, funny Men, and perfect for me at 0600 before Muggle takes hold.

Danny is patient, Danny is calm. Then Danny goes, dare I say, all Wollf on this obnoxious puppy.........Why I like Danny Bonaduce......

I will return for more........"Fun in Wollf's Brain"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Of Ice Cream, Junk Science, Lies, and Hard Bristles.....

Something that I thought was over just showed back up in my "In Box". I gave in to the peer pressure in my last posting and have sworn off BnJ's forever. (Not to mention that I don't really like it as much as it's Danish cousin).

One member, (only one?) of the Wollf Pack is a Very intense young Lady who does her homework on the issues that fire her passions. She was kind enough to share some information via e-mail that thoroughly convinced me that what I "thought" was a nice little ice cream company is in actuality a ruthless, manipulating, market share grabbing juggernaut.

The fact that BnJ's is a liberal leaning company that gives portions of its' profits to Making Our Milk Safe — MOMS, Transgender Law Center, Dayton Pledge of Resistance, Centro Laboral de Graton (CLG)and the Western Colorado Congress, to name just a few, doesn't bother Wollf at all. It's their money, a lot of it, but how they decide to spend it, or give it away is their, it's Their Business.

They have the perfect right to spend their profits on any "cause" that they want. But increasing their market share by spreading dubious "facts" to smear their competition and spread fear about cloned cow's milk and hormone laced milk is simply unacceptable to Wollf.

I'd link to the sites, but I'm not nearly as passionate or as intelligent as my little buddy gal up in Humboldt. I'd rather just get to the point and move on to something more fun.

So, not withstanding the well respected Ponderer Girl's love of chocolate, whatever the form, LOL, it is still Wollf's opinion that the cherry and chocolate ice cream sucks. So, I won't buy it anymore.

I don't care for Greenpeace or the Sierra Club anymore either. Wow, how they've gone from a bunch of passionate eco-protectors to multi g-zillion dollar political operations.

Amazing how a bit of fear can make soooo much money. Whether you're taking donations or just selling ice cream.

Oh, and I bought a new "back brush" for my shower.....lost the old one to community property. Some things, gentlemen, are best purchased by the female of our species. I spent some serious time yesterday feeling bristles. They all felt too soft and "girly".

Being the newly single guy I am, I'm getting my shi-ite together in a Manley fashion. I finally found a brush with what felt like the proper amount of scrubbing ability..........

Holy Crap!!! I must have removed five or six layers of my epidermis! After I was done with my shower ablutions, I looked like a frigging lobster and felt as though I had slid nekkid into home plate on asphalt.

Seems, (yes, I know You know, Ladies), our fingers don't judge coarseness in the same degree as our less seen parts do. I guess I should have bought the little pink flower looking scrubber. I am such a wimp sometimes........ouch.

If BnJ's was a Muslim owned company, and they happened to read this nothing post and took offense at it, would they declare a..........

Non-cloned, hormone free, Milk Fat-wa on me?
Anybody want a cheese ball?

Peace.........nice word to hope for.
Ice creamm.......nice word to eat.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

All Right all Ready..........

And not to make this a Political Statement about BJ's ice cream......But I cleared up my "Communist Cream Cospiracy" naivete.

I read some of the "Ice Cream Indictments" referencing BnJ's.........those boys are out there.

But.....far be it from Wollf to decide simply on Political Views, heck, some of my dearest friends are Democrats.

I will hereby not eat the ice cream named after the Grateful Dead's dead singer.
But, and I must admit, not simply because of issues. Well, one issue, assuredly.

It sucked. The chocolate is in chunks, yuck. Who but a communist would think that was a good idea.

Anybody know who makes a good vanilla and cherries ice cream? I haven't seen it in Haagen Daz. Aaagh. I won't be writing this evening, as I'm doing a little "road trip" and staying out of town.

I want to give my full attention to my current muse. Should be a grand time.
Talk to you monday,


Oh, just so you know........I turned the power back on at MsP's. Anybody have a mean streak for sale? Mine seems to be under developed.........

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just a regular day......

Had Both the Cubs over again last night. Set Lil' Wolfie up in his bedroom with the computer and "All Access" World Wrestling.....he Loves that stuff. Bigger and I watched "The Shooter". A bit too graphic for Lil' Wolfie.....maybe so for me, too.

Basically, it's a "revenge" movie, sniper style. If that doesn't intrigue you, don't waste your four dollars.

Got up this morning, went for a walk, freezing, and took Lil' Wolfie to Piano Class. He has a recital next weekend at a retirement home. It's always good fun. The Cubs wanted to go hang out and decorate the "other" house, so off they went......I won't assist in decorating it, and Bigger and his buds had a good time.

I checked back by after a few hours to make sure they hadn't burned down my investment and snapped this shot. I have GOT to get a replacement SLR camera. This little one is "ok", but I really need the quality.

It seems the Biggers had been ruthlessly teasing Lil" Wolfie all the time I had been gone. I returned "almost" in time. Take a look at the picture and you can see Lil' taking his revenge on his Bigger litter mate. The end result?

Thank goodness it was a plastic rake. All in good Wollf style fun, and Bigger IS a little melodramatic, took three full revolutions, two dips and a front roll to finally fall down ded.

I did spring for a couple new strands of lights.....took the whole crew up to the, talk about a truck full of monkeys.....and guess what? Turned out they were all Hungreeeeee!

Please take my advice, anyone on a fixed income, send your child off to live with someone else when the become teenagers. Their appetites, and that of their friends, will suck your wallet dry.

I didn't hang around for the grand unveiling, wasn't in the mood to visit MsP....she's out of sorts a lot lately, but about the time I got back up here to walkabout, the phone rang.......

"Sire?", asked Bigger rather sheepishly, "Ummm, we plugged in all the lights and now we don't have any electricity in the house."

No, I didn't say,"Tell your mom....". But I did think of that goofy old commercial,
"Added Christmas lights....$15.00. New extension cords....$8.00. Blowing the Main Breaker on your ex-wife's house?.....Priceless!

I've got a brand new pint of Cherry Garcia, the Zorro movie, I found my original copy of the 1902 published "Tombstone Arizona", no Cubs, a fire going......ahh, going to be a restful evening.

I may write some more later, but it'll be more's been a bit for one of those.