Friday, December 21, 2007

Tummy Rub......

Every once in a while, every one of us just needs a good tummy rub. I think I'll go and get a haircut. That's "almost" as good. Why doesn't it feel as relaxing when we wash our own hair? I suppose for the same reason we can't tickle ourselves.

It's because we need someone else to really experience life as it's meant to be. Wollf loves interaction. The spoken and written word, hearing or reading other Peoples' perspectives, usually even when their opinions are opposed to mine.

Wollf loves touching. A good long snuggle is a wonderful thing. Watching a movie, going to a play, listening to music, shopping, seems so many things are better experiences when done by two.

Decorating a Christmas tree has got to be at or near the top of the list. The Cubs and I had a grand time last they're down the hill....and I'm just not up for it. I began, but too many thoughts were running through my mind about Christmases past....I needed the closeness of the Cubs, their eyes and their laughter, to experience it the way it was intended.

I'll hold off. The She-cub called and "intends" to swing by with her friends for a visit. If she makes it.....busy, busy young Lady, we'll all pitch in and do it then. Otherwise, I'll just hold off until tomorrow for the Cubs.

No wonder psychologists refer to these Holidays as the "Danger Zone".

I could hear my inner Wollf as though through a megaphone, "Put DOWN that ornament, and STEP AWAY from the tree........"

Luckily, I had "Alvin's Christmas Song" to cheer me up a bit. Thanks, Linda. (anybody needs a little chip munking, check her "clicky clicky" in last night's comments, heh).

It's a little bit lonely up here at Walkabout House this evening. Rough day at work, a bit annoyed with some of "you know who's" selfish behaviour regarding the Cubs today, and it just seems too damm cold to go for a walk. (besides, I might run into the neighbor Lady. I haven't given her back my spare set of keys yet, and I think she has the "warmies" for me. She's too close and too married for Wollf to entertain.)

Damm that Honor.

I think I'll go down the hill, visit the local "Cheers" replica, say hey to a friend, maybe punch a hippy in the face, get a new pint of NON-Ben and Jerry's, rent a movie....and cheer myself up.

Hey, just kidding about renting a movie.........

Oh, and anyone that's an e-mail friend? I changed my google avatar back. I had absolutely no idea that I was sending out notes with "Angry Wollf" as the picture.
I apologize profusely.

Angry Wollf doesn't exist anymore.
The hippy? All in the pursuit of the Christmas spirit. it considered improper for a Lady to call a Wollf on the telephone? Inquiring minds want to know. This is the new millennium, and I'm just not up on the new rules.....

I'll be back shortly, hopefully in a better mood.


Rambling Rose said...

It didn't take Wollf long to learn the number one rule - Never decorate a Christmas tree on your own. That's why the granddaughters did mine. Last year the eleven-year-old felt very special getting to do it on her own.

My husband was very particular how he decorated the Christmas tree. Just thinking about doing it makes me tear up - I know I couldn't handle decorating the tree.

Another beautiful wolf picture - where DO you come up with all these poses?

Pogo said...

The Greek is still banished from these comments but he has assured me that Boxing Day is in sight.
Also, hide your spare key in a planter box.

Howlsatmoon said...

Hey, Leonidas is Always welcome in my Lair. An ocassional smack upside my head necessary and well appreciated.

Thanks, Pogo....thanks Rose, absolutely right.