Saturday, December 1, 2007

I ...Am....Friggin'....Freezing!!!

Ok, Ok......I admit it. I am truly a wussy when it comes to cold weather. And don't laugh at me ok? It's 47 degrees outside, and I would put on my Hilfiger 20 Below if I could find the damm thing.

Some Readers are a bit colder. Up in Eureka it's 44. Up in Northern Maine, it 13. Course I did just get back from a bit of a walk, but sheesh, I had to warm up a bit in order to type.

My Arizona Wildcats are losing to Enormous State University . They just scored, so it's 17-20.......with 20 seconds left. Aaagh. I'll only mention the score again if my boys pull it out.

I hate ASU. It's in my blood. Those Ba$tards up in Phoenix stole our Territorial Capital and moved it away from Tucson just before Statehood in 1912. A true Tucsonan will never forgive them for that.

I don't have Lil' Wolfie tonight, he's kinda got a headache and he's staying down the hill and watching Harry Potter with his mom. So, after dropping off Bigger Wolfie, looks like I have the evening to myself. I'll probably make a phone call or two.....

I had told KT that I was going to write a bit on the Iroquois Indians. Seems though that the muse hasn't hit me on that subject. I will say, though, that my Grandfather absolutely "hated" them.

I have a number of his papers and there's some interesting things in them. I'll write some stuff up and send it over to KT at the Scratching Post. He's doing an interesting series on things that kids aren't being taught in school.

If you have the time, check out the embedded short film he has on "Shocking Economics". It didn't shock me, but it truly did surprise me.

Oh, Grandfather used to say that a person was "As treacherous as an Iroquois". Peskotomuhkati did not care for them at all. Some little thing about genocide and stealing women back in the 1600's. Long memory, those Pureblood's have.

Well, "Papers" should be in my hands on Monday. It'll be a relief. I'll probably start thinking about dating, whatever the hell that entails anymore. I think I'll try to limit myself to nurturing a friendship or five first. Take it kinda slow, Wollf, drop as much baggage as possible first.

Yes, I realize I'm all over the place's been an up and down day. I'm not writing about anything that I had planned. I'm gonna take a break and give a muse a call. Maybe that'll help

In a bit......maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will help?

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Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...



I'm not much for cold, myself.

Although my Elf is finally home.... *happy glow*

I hope you find a happy situation.

(And I had to re-type that several times to get it right...the phrasing still isn't perfect, but it's closer to true.....)