Monday, December 17, 2007

A Cute Joke.....followed by........

WTH? (PG-13 Rating on this Blogsite, remember?) It hit me this afternoon that I haven't written much on how the ADD mind works in a while. I want to do that now and again so that you Folke with a Cub or Mate or Litter Mate can have just a touch of understanding......

It's both a positive and a negative living in a skull like this. It's perfectly easy to accept the bouncing thoughts as "normal" until you've experienced Muggle society.
Any Newbies to the Lair, check the glossary in the right sidebar. (actually, I s'pose it's the "Only" sidebar, as I don't have a friggin clue how to make a left and right)......Computer genieye, or is it geniuses, feel free to comment.

So, the thought was to simply write down a new joke that I had heard, let the brain bounce a bit, and then comment on the various rebounds....let's see if it works. If it doesn't, at least you get a cute joke.

Lil Wolfie's kindergarten class was on a field trip to their local police station where they saw pictures tacked to a bulletin board of the 10 most wanted criminals.

One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person. "Yes," said the policeman. "The detectives want very badly to capture him."

Lil Wolfie asked, "Why didn't you keep him when you took his picture?"

Thoughts that immediately pop to mind as I typed that:

Why do they call it a "field" trip? They're at the police station, not in a field. Laziness? They don't want to have to say a "Police Station trip"? Socialists!

Why is it a trip? Nobody is supposed to fall down, are they?

How is it that Deutsch, German, one of the harshest sounding languages on earth with its' Authoritarian pronunciations has a word that evokes such a beautiful picture? Kindergarten. Childs' Garden.

How did a People with such a gentle word in their common vocabulary also have terms like Blitzkrieg and Stalag?

It is my theory by the way, that the Germans invaded Fwance in World War II, not because of any Imperialist or Warlike nature or even because of the botched job of writing and implementing the Treaty of Versailles.....(that's a post for another evening)....they were just damm tired of bratwurst, sauerkraut, those ickey potatoes and thick beer.

"Mein G-tt, Heinrich!! Not schnitzel again? I vant crepes suzette, an omelette und a nice glass uff wine. Know where we can get some this time of night?"

They were in a hurry......thus the invention of Blitzkrieg...Lightning Warfare.Why do we use two of those little ' thingies to encapsulate a string of words either said or imagined? And why do I use two ' to encapsulate a word that I want emphasized?

Why not just one? As many as we use, we might save enough ink to affect Global Warming. From now on, I'll do my best to use just one ' instead of the standard ".

And why is one ' an apostrophe, while two of them are quotes. The smaller punctuation has three more letters than a symbol with twice its girth. Simply illogical.

Ok.....Time Out. Catch your breath? I had to myself. I-we, tend to reign in our brains in order to allow ourselves to be understood. Ocassionally it feels really nice to just let fly, but once the herd is out of the gate.........

It's a bit difficult to get them back in again. That's the way it is with your Cubs. Me, mine is trauma the posts, I'm trying to stay on point here.

If you have a Cub with this 'Blessing', (see, only one')....I have to say that medication has to be a last resort. There are lots of other things to try first. All you're doing, Folkes, is attempting to Get and Keep their attention.

They're not naughty, or misbehaving......they're just not focussed. If you have one, try, not an expert, but I invented a technique called Wollf's Finger.

While they're in a Muggle moment, explain....quickly and precisely, because their mind Will wander with your words, (see above), where was I?

Right oh, then. Hold your index finger up and have them focus on it. Make it seem rather important and kinda fun at the same time......move your hand around so that their eyes follow. Then explain simply that you understand, all the time the finger moving, that they sometimes are uncomfortable paying attention.

When you hold up the finger, they'll be drawn to it.....they really will, and after a while, they'll start doing it themselves when they start drifting. I've coached kids in track and field as Head Coach for eight works every time.

It focuses them on the finger, a little thing that then translates almost immediately into a calming effect. They get control. A very important thing...not just to you. To them. They act out from frustration. Imagine that you really want to do a particular thing, but everytime you get perfectly focused on it, it changes.

Yelling and becoming annoyed is counter productive......

Ok.....did I make an even slightly cogent or logical point? I have to drive down the hill for a little minute. I'll be back to see what you think.

That is all.


Rose said...

Sounds perfectly normal to me.

Mrs. Wink said...

Sounds just like my husband to me - and that's not a bad thing. And you make your point perfectly.. you just take the scenic route to get there.(grin) I have a question for you though. Hubby takes no meds and has the brain that bounces to 50 different things per minute so why is he capable of really intense concentration for hours for things like computer programming?

Howlsatmoon said...

Damm.........I just hyper focused and wrote about seven paragraphs..........and it went fizzle.

Aagh, have W take an online test, if he tests out, he can talk to the Doc about trying a patch.

It's a whole new world....
Sorry I lost that...

Mrs. Wink said...

No meds for him... I can't even get him to take a cold pill. Only thing he'll take is Tylenol. But he does just fine ... ok, sometimes he has trouble keeping some inappropriate thoughts to himself... but maybe that's not ADD, maybe that's just Wally. Either way we love him just the way he is.

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