Monday, December 3, 2007

Wow, and the Tide turns suddenly..............

Hey, I'm glad I had a good time with the Cubs this weekend. Regular readers are well aware of the Warning Avatar.

Wollf has become Angry. I've been waiting.....almost expectantly as you are well aware.....for the Divorce Papers to be served. Kind of a "closure" to a chapter in my life, a time to really get on with the business portion of all this "ending".

A time for concentration on "civility", of conducting myself with Honor that my Cubs will be proud of one day. Negotiating in good faith, attempting to keep the hurt for both sides to a minimum. Controlling the inevitable collateral damage to the keeping a little bit of Her in a warm, safe place in my heart.

Keep just a tiny bit of what I had for Her locked up, that when this was all over, I could take out and examine, feed and maybe really create a lasting friendship out of.

Beautiful thought, Honorable thought, don't you think?

Bull Shit. At least tonight. That woman had the unmitigated temerity to advise me, via a G-d damm TEXT message, as follows and ver batim......

"The paperwork is at kath's. They r out but will be back soon. I'll let u know when."

I'm sorry. I try really hard....(here comes the "Get over it" from L., and understood) do the right thing. I haven't responded to the friggin' heartless twit. Oh, I'm done, over, complete with acceptance, that's not the issue here.

I'm Frustrated. Frustrated that I didn't see this years ago, that anyone can do the sorts of things she does, (No, not just to me, I'm a Man, and yes I can, in fact have been dealing with it.) This flip, "Now" generation attitude towards other People's feelings, read My Cubs, is anathema to me.

I am "trying" to wish her a good life, but right now........I want to, in fact I might.....take a drive East about eight hours, and knock on a door and have a short chat with......junior, breate easy for a bit, I'll calm down.

I...She just sent another one..."r u going 2 get the paperwork from kathy?" Well, I responded.

"Tomorrow. Its late. You tell me via text. Do you have a soul?" Harsh right back, huh? I could really give a Rats' made me feel better. And it'll make me feel better still to hit "Publish", as though it went out to the World, my current disdain for this creature.....

I must remember to archive it in the coming days, that my Cubs don't stumble on it. Ok, I feel a "bit" better. The game is still on, still looking for some new players.

This time, no fastball....we'll just play some games of slow pitch, have a picnic with the opposing team between innings, and get on with Life.

I hope you all are a part of it. I also hope this is the last of any angst I'll write. The business end of this doesn't have feelings. I'll just do what's right.

Thanks for listening.


Rose said...

So sorry.

Rambling Rose said...

Anytime, Wollf. That's what friends are for.

A bit insensitive on her part, I might add.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...