Sunday, December 2, 2007

Guest Blogger....(edited for grammar).....

All my Dad's sunflower seeds are gone. First it was Wollf's Moon, now this. And what's with the peanut butter on the carpet? Wollf's going to blame me for sure!!

Oh, now I see.....Checked the video tape and was able to figure this one out. Seems a furry little guy was up to some midnite shenanigans!! He rolls around in peanut butter until the sunflower seeds stick to him. (He can carry a lot more than in his cheeks that way.)

The Thief? My Dad's friends Hamster. He got away. KT, you better tell my Dad it was Jacob and not me!! Thanks.

Lil' Wolfie
(I like "Stud" better)


aA said...

ah, so the cub posts on Dad's blog over here, too? hamsters are dangerous animals...but that can work in your favor if you know how to train and equip them!

good job.

K T Cat said...

So that's where the little guy was! I wondered why he wasn't in his house. Don't worry, we'll deal with this situation appropriately.


Anonymous said...

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