Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Social Commentary......

A movie that is not a must see, but it's most definitely a must "read about". As is well known, Wollf loves his Country and its Laws and Protections. I am unashamedly proud of my citizenship in the Greatest country that has ever existed.

I am loyal to the office of the President. I am not, though, by any means, noncritical. I understand that any President is blamed unjustly for myriad troubles in the world that he is not reasonably capable of affecting.

He can affect the direction that our Country moves. He cannot, however effect a lot of those moves himself. He is not responsible for Global Warming, the Housing downturn, the death of Ms. Bhutto, et cetera that he is currently being blamed for. Anyone who espouses this "Blame Bush" vitriol simply doesn't get it.

He does, however affect Policy. I am not happy with our President's stance on illegal immigration. My perspective, from having lived in the beautiful southwest for most of my life is quite simple.

Secure the Friggin Border. That's it. Simple. Our system is wounded and we need to stanch the bleeding first and foremost. Do what it takes, Mr. President. You do have the power to order the National Guard to the Border.

With bullets this time. No, no....Not to shoot innocent Peons' who are simply and desperately searching a better life, but rather to enable the Guard to protect themselves and the Citizens along and above the Border.

I wrote a piece a bit ago which showed the ecological damage to the Deserts caused by this illegal migration HERE. I, like many Americans am concerned for the sake of the Security of our Nation.

Once the Border is secure, then mightier minds than mine can draw up Laws to give those illegally here more incentive to go home and fix their own country than to stay here. Punish the Employers, not the Employed. Denial of benefits other than life threatening emergency. Removal and, or incarceration of felons and gang members.

Wollf does not claim to know a whole heck of a lot about any one thing, but I sure know human nature. If it is uncomfortable, People go elsewhere.

Below, I've embedded the trailer for a movie that is stark, and graphic and disquietingly Real. People a lot like you and I are dying in the deserts at the hands of smugglers and drug dealers. It doesn't matter whether they are Citizens or Illegals.....their bodies litter the landscape.

These are dangerous times we live in Folkes. You don't have to see the movie, but you should see the trailer. I saw the movie. I didn't enjoy it. I didn't enjoy it at all.

Better mood next time? I pinky swear.


K T Cat said...


Howlsatmoon said... The movie is horrid. As in bad dreams horrid. I have unfortunately seen some "bad" things in my life.

This dredged some of that's a necessary thing to see if you're teetering on the (pun intended) Fence.

A lot of really "good" People die. On both sides.

It's sad. And we can stop this one.

Rose said...

I think some of the hope with nafta was that there would be an equalizing of wages on the two sides of the border. As long as wages are so high on one side, that draw is there. I guess a fence and armed guards will stop some, but not all. If we were on the other side would we risk everything to come here? And is it safe to assume that most of those coming are people like us? No - I don't think it is.

One thing's for sure, we never hear this side of the picture. Even the reports on Fox/Hannity are sanitized compared to what you have posted here, and what one of your commenters posted last time you brought this up.

Would it help if people knew and understood more of what those who actually live in those border regions have to deal with? Or are we so desensitized that it wouldn't make a bit of difference?

This is surely one of the toughest questions of our time.

Howlsatmoon said...

Aye that, Rose. And you're correct that not all of 'em are "like us". Most of them are though, to the extent that they're good, hard working, G-d fearing People who will do Anything to make a better life for their family.

Including break the Law, and risk death in the Desert to obtain it.

That's why we have to dry up the "Draw". Tough Love, in a way. If there is nothing here for them, they'll have to take matters into their own hands back in their own countries.

I stated that I would have their six if they did just that. I meant it, and I'm sure that there are more than a few Americans like me that would.

Viva la Revolucion' de Mexico.

Rose said...

Yeah. I agree with that.