Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post Interrupted by Female Angst.......

Un-Holy Shi-Ite, I just got an earful......Wollf's ears are sensitive as you might guess....

The She-cub is having a tiff with her mother. A tiff? Whoo-Doggies, Jed Clampett would say. I had to hold my cel phone a foot away to make out the vile invective that was polluting my not so virginal ears.......

Synopsis, because Female tempers of the 18 year old variety sap even the seemingly boundless energy of your humble scribe. Suffice to summarize the "colloquialisms" used,as being the Proper, though not in polite company, sexual term for the female of Wollf's species.

Add the clinical psychological term for a person who not only builds, but Lives in castles in the sky, and you get the point. (Sorry, Wollf clings steadfastly to his PG-13 Rating).

She-cub is "Done". Don't even waste time checking the internal temperature on that turkey, Folke, she has one foot out the door. 18th birthday in three weeks, graduation in June......she's leaving the nest, and doing her unconscious best to leave that nest a shambles.

The surface screaming, (at poor little defenseless Wollf, an innocent bystander), is her way of rebelling against what she sees as the inequity of the Divorce, and at the same time as her way of shedding the reins that her mom has on her. All perfectly normal......I've been through this two times before, so this "ain't my first rodeo", but my poor ears!!!

That Cub has got a set of lungs. I swear that I heard her in stereo from her mom's house a mile and a half away. She also has a vocabulary that both impressed and stunned me to be coming out of "my little girl's" mouth.

I shifted into my best "hostage negotiator" voice and talked her down. The gist of her unspeakable rage is unimportant. Her mom didn't give her what she wanted, her mom was too preoccupied visiting with her sister who's in town to listen to her and of course most importantly.......her mom didn't give her what she wanted.

I advised the Cub to re-enter the house after I had calmed her down, (using my awesomely mellifluous voice), and tell the biXXX, oops, I almost fell into it myself, the mom clearly and respectfully that her feelings were hurt.

Lay the cards all out on the table about what she wanted, why it was a "good" idea, and that her feelings had been hurt. In a manner as though she were the "Grownup Woman" that she so desperately "wants" to be and at the same time is afraid of being.

I have sired and raised three female Cubs. I have survived three disparate personalities that all went through this horribly scary time.

She'll make it. I'm close to Female raising retirement. Yay for Wollf.

I'm beat. This is NOT what I was going to write about tonite. I have a whole lot of Wonderful going on in my life right now, and this little alpha female battle was not anything that I was looking forward to.

They'll make it, Wollf doing his best to just work the corner in thei prize fight.
Not to worry, all the guns are with me. I told her to call me if the calming strategy didn't work out.

Did you know that Parrots can't wear sunglasses because they don't have ears? I had never contempated that before. Who would have thought?

I'm in the mood for some fresh snow peas and ranch dressing.
A little too late too call someone with a quieting voice.

I think it's time for a heavy work out, shower and the rack.
I've decided that I'm adding Land Crabs to my list of animalia uncared for.

Love?..........can't find it if you don't look for it, I suppose.


Rambling Rose said...

Don't you worry none. Love has its own way of finding good daddy wolves who are doing loving things like calming down daughters and making as good a Christmas as they can for themselves and their kids.

You are a good Wollf and you are SO on the right track.

Rose said...

Heh heh - Kids have to make themselves hate you, and (almost) vice versa, so that they CAN leave. If they didn't, they would stay forever. It's healthy.

aA said...

I am raising a trio of Geezettes and this episode sounds a lot like one that's not quite finished here in Tejas...except I am the bad guy for insisting that 2 of them act correctly.

The Dad business is a tough business and not for the faint-hearted.

Keep up the good work!

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

On behalf of someone who has a really horrible temper and sometimes has/had to fight to hold it into human limits...

Thank you.

Just having someone to yell at and lower the pressure really does help.

(later on, crying helps too-- but that's possibly/probably worse!)