Friday, May 30, 2008

Defining Moments......

Part One.....

This seemingly offhanded question, proffered two evenings ago, has caused me great consternation. What a wonderful, Joyful, and painful experience meditating on it has been so far. I wasn't even able to write last night.....

It's a serious question, and in order to answer it, a person must Understand not only who they are.....which I feel that I'm succeeding at...but also how they became who they are....hopefully that made a bit of sense.

A reminder. The question, "What was the defining moment of my life?" I am going to attempt to share all of them that I am legally and morally per writing. I take this one quite seriously. To the point that I am committing an hour per day to thinking on it, and removing distractions....celibacy anyone?

Defining Moment:

Grandfather died. I was sixteen years old. He was my spiritual and emotional guide, teacher and Friend. I had never experienced the visit of Death before. It hit me like a chill and merciless wind, cutting through my left me empty for a time.

And I thought. I realised that funerals were for the living, not the dead, that life was a finite thing, that stories of dying with dignity were just that. Death leaves you....dead.

Some People go to the void with their G-ds name on their lips, some go whimpering and begging, some angrily cursing their fates....but go we must. Grandfather was not "brave" about facing the eternal. Neither was he cowardly.

He just was. No last words to quote, just a serene acceptance that he would be no more.........was that dignity? I think I learned that we are here for both a long time and a short time. We should make it count somehow.

There is Defining Moment number one.......I learned a bit about, and met Death for the first time. Grandfathers serenity taught me not to fear it....not at all....a part of who I am. Not fearless by any means, but unconcerned about my Own death.

He'll come and visit me again one day, twenty...thirty some years. Maybe tomorrow. I don't need to worry about it.....because that's just a silly waste of time.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wow...this is Much more Difficult than I thought.....

Not to worrry, I will address the issue, it's such a great Life question, and can be used by any of us to move forward on our Journeys.

Still thinking....and with my bitty little brain, it's consuming a bunch of calories.....besides, I have Lil Wolfies "Back to School" nite this evening.

EDITORS NOTE:.....KT is correct. "OPEN HOUSE", not Back to School. What a Maroon.

Some wonderfully adventurous surprises will happen, I'm sure.

Oh My.........
Back later....I'm writing it, I promise......and if you don't behave, I might just turn this into a 'meme'......hehehehehehehe....oh yes, I have been called eeeeevilll.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Defining Moment???

Had a wonderful evening.....had the Honor of spending the evening with a nasty smelling little critter, and three lovely young Ladies that I Love. Went to the french designer store down the hill....

You all know the one, some new bitchen cool sheets...Black, Nine Brazilian thread count, a new rug for the master bath...aaah, it was good. Gave the She-Cub some money to help her get started in her new life as a college kid, laughed a whole lot, and now here I am, too damm tired to write...

So.....I shall tease. I'm told that I'm really talented at that....heh.

While shopping, I was posed a question. What was the defining moment of my Life? My immediate and deeply shallow answer was,"A certain amazing hug that I got about three weeks ago.....", but then.....I realised,

There is no One Defining Moment in my Life, and I would dishonor the query if I didn't seriously and Honestly ponder the question, and make a list of events in my Life tha have defined Me.

And so I shall.......

But not tonite....eyes are weary, heart is fluttery, brain is shutting down, so...Tomorrow, I give you a list of the top ten Defining Moments....could well be enjoyable.....or not. Some defining moments can be quite painful...


Monday, May 26, 2008

Hike.......hoo boy.....

0700 hrs.....slept pretty well...somehow lost all my covers in the night and awoke freezing cold.......hmmmm, maybe I didn't sleep that well, huh?

Bigger Wolfie and three best Buds, Show, Tye and Jesus his own self, showed up at the door.....needed provisions for their Memorial Day hike......

Needed provisions.....and a ride to the Trailhead. Attempting the hike to the top of Mount "Boney" up in the Satwiwa....heck of a hike...done it about six or so times myself....favorite spot around these parts to free or rope climb, and some sweet long a$$ drops for rappelling.

The view above gives you an idea of the extent of the hike/ climb to the top. It's taken from close by the Lair. I gave the Cubs my standard pre-wilderness adventure speech about no rock climbing, stay on marked trails, watch for rattlesnakes and be aware that there is a reported "rogue" male lion up there...."somewhere".

Bigger Wolfie asked what they should do in case the did actually encounter a lion? He realised that they didn't have a chance to out run a big cat.

I explained quite seriously that, "You're right, but you don't Have to outrun the cat. You just have to out run at least one of your Buddies....".

A round of teenage Cub guffaws ensued, and when they had calmed down, I explained the "Stand up tall, stick together, wave your arms and make loud goofy noises" rule of thumb........

*I still hope he can out run his Buddies*

They went. They conquered. I got a call....."Sire...*REDACTED* is sick to his stomach, and kinda goofy...I think you might need to get up here."

Sounded like the beginnings of Heat Exhaustion, Bigger explained that he was cool to the touch, and had only taken one bottle of water...yup.

I asked where he was, and he wasn't sure, said he could see the whole valley. I had him send me a Cell Phone picture sose we could figure it out, I figured they were pretty close to the trail head. I figured's the pic.

The trail head is about three quarters up the picture at the right hand side......

Sooo...threw on my running pants, shoes, grabbed the E-pack and some water and headed up. Actually drove to within about a mile and a half of where they were. Bigger showed his resourcefulness by flashing with his shiny a bead, and ran on up.

Got some water, salt and a coldpak on *REDACTED*....and within a few minutes, he was right as rain.

Then I invoked lesson learning time, explained the importance for the umpteenth time the importance of more than enough water......and made them hike all the way back to the trail head, about five miles, whilst I trotted the little bit back to the truck.

I know.....I'm eeevil.

But the Cubs learned a little lesson about preparedness, showed good judgement in calling for some help, and now have the Honor of being Mount Boney Explorers.

I love those Cubs.

All in all....a Beautiful day.


Hat Tip and Greetings for Memorial Day to SOMETHING AND HALF OF SOMETHING

Watch this Video, then read the Next Post. This one always makes me Melancholy. But in a Damm Fine Way..........

Semper Fi

Memorial Day......

I am with out phone and almost Internet today....but that's the way I spend my Memorial Days...I take it seriously....

Never's Not "Happy Memorial Day". It's a day of Remembrance and Honor for those who have fought and died for You and I....

My Family have been Marines since the Inception of the Corps..including Tripoli, says the Sar'Major. Most recently, not including myself, two Grandfathers in WWI, one a pilot and the other a Teufel Hunden at Belleau Wood, Sire a Veteran of 'bout everything including the Bloodiest Campaign in Marine History, Peleliu. Brother Mike, Viet Nam on a River Boat....

That being said, this story from Hog brought tears to my eyes. I figure it will you too. Take a moment today from your fun and Remember them.

With a heartfelt Hat Tip to a Great Porch Monkey over at SondraK', Hog Whitman.

Cemetery Escort Duty

I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey's for a few
cold ones. Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 16:55. Five minutes
to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot
in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever - the heat and
humidity at the same level -- both too high.

I saw the car pull into the drive, '69 or '70 model Cadillac Deville,
looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail's pace.

An old woman got out so slowly, I thought she was paralyzed. She had a cane
and a sheaf of flowers, about four or five bunches as best I could tell.

I couldn't help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly
bitter taste: "She's going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier, my
hip hurts
like hell and I'm ready to get out of here right now!"

But for this day, my duty was to assist anyone coming in. Kevin would lock
the "In" gate and if I could hurry the old biddy along , we might make
the last half of happy hour at Smokey's.

I broke Post Attention. My hip made gritty noises when I took the first
step and the pain went up a notch. I must have made a real military sight;
middle-aged man with a small pot-gut and half a limp, in Marine Full Dress
Uniform, which had lost its razor crease about 30 minutes after I began the
watch at the cemetery.

I stopped in front of her, halfway up the walk. She looked up at me with an
old woman's squint.

"Ma'am, may I assist you in any way?"

She took long enough to answer. "Yes, son. Can you carry these flowers? I
seem to be moving a tad slow these days."

"My pleasure Ma'am." Well, it wasn't too much of a lie.

She looked again. "Marine, where were you stationed?"

"Vietnam, Ma'am. Ground-pounder. '69 to '71."

She looked at me closer. "Wounded in action, I see. Well done, Marine.
I'll be as quick as I can."

I lied a little bigger, "No hurry, Ma'am."

She smiled, and winked at me. "Son, I'm 85-years old and I can tell a lie
from a long way off. Let's get this done. Might be the last time I can do

My name's Joanne Wieserman, and I've a few Marines I'd like to see one
more time."

"Yes, Ma'am. At your service.".

She headed for the World War I section, stopping at a stone. She picked one
of the bunches out of my arm and laid it on top of the stone. She murmured
something I couldn't quite make out. The name on the marble was Donald S.
Davidson, USMC, France 1918.

She turned away and made a straight line for the World War II section,
stopping at one stone. I saw a tear slowly tracking its way down her cheek.

She put a bunch on a stone; the name was Stephen X. Davidson, USMC, 1943.

She went up the row a ways and laid another bunch on a stone, Stanley J.
Wieserman USMC , 1944.

She paused for a second, "Two more, son, and we'll be done."

I almost didn't say anything, but, "Yes, Ma'am. Take your time."

She looked confused.
"Where's the Vietnam section, son? I seem to have lost my way."

I pointed with my chin. "That way, Ma'am."

"Oh!" she chuckled quietly. "Son, me and old age ain't too friendly."

She headed down the walk I'd pointed at. She stopped at a couple of stones
before she found the ones she wanted. She placed a bunch on Larry Wieserman
USMC, 1968, and the last on Darrel Wieserman USMC, 1970.

She stood there and murmured a few words I still couldn't make out. "OK,
son, I'm finished. Get me back to my car and you can go home."

"Yes, Ma'am. If I may ask, were those your kinfolk ?"

She paused. "Yes, Donald Davidson was my father; Stephen was my uncle;
Stanley was my husband; Larry and Darrel were our sons. All killed in
action, all Marines."

She stopped, whether she had finished, or couldn't finish, I don't know.
She made her way to her car, slowly, and painfully.

I waited for a polite distance to come between us and then double-timed it
over to Kevin, waiting by the car.

"Get to the "Out"- gate quick. I have something I've got to do."

Kevin started to say something but saw the look I gave him. He broke the
rules to get us there down the service road. We beat her. She hadn't made
it around the rotunda yet.

"Kevin, stand to attention next to the gate post. Follow my lead." I
humped it across the drive to the other post.

When the Cadillac came puttering around from the hedges and began the short
straight traverse to the gate, I called in my best gunny's voice:

"TehenHut! ----------

Present Haaaarms!"

I have to hand it to Kevin, he never blinked an eye; full dress attention
and a salute that would make his DI proud. She drove through that gate with
two old worn-out soldiers giving her a send off she deserved, for service
rendered to her country, and for knowing Duty, Honor and Sacrifice.

I am not sure, but I think I saw a salute returned from that Cadillac.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Philosophy Time, Kiddies....

A couple reiterations of "truths"....*Wollf Truths*, that I've ingrained in my Being since the start of this Journey. I've been rather lazy for a while in my sharing whatever goofy insights that I have......partly because of a slight fear of going back to those darker times.....

I'll fill the readership in as to what's transpired in the near future when I feel that I can....suffice to say, that something that I "hoped" would work out, didn't.
It hurt, and I retreated a bit......

But I have a few Friends who are going through difficult times, and dealing with their own losses in the realm of Love....or at least Relationship.

One of the most Powerful tools of Understanding that I have acquired along my close to ten month Journey so far is that.....

"Only You can make You Happy". We hear it, and more than likely think, if not say, "I just want to be Happy".

Ready for advice? So....friggin' Be Happy. Make a conscious decision to be Happy. Act as though you're Happy. Don't blame the "other" Person in your life for your unhappiness. It's really, really your decision.

And, no, I'm not talking about the short term, or those People suffering dire circumstance. I mean, and long term readers know I've been there....when your heart is broken, or the pain and seeming futility of a relationship becomes too much too bear.

We cannot alter another Persons perspective. We cannot change them. If they do not want us in their be it. It hurts, dear G-d, I know it hurts....but to rise from the ashes, we have to get to know and love ourselves, and Decide to be Happy.

Next, and just as important is to Understand the difference between Want and Need. So many Love songs include the phrase or version of..."Baby I Need you."

No I don't. And by extension...No You don't. Need them. You want them, you desire them, you adore them....that's Healthy, and becomes a good solid foundation in a relationship, be it Love or Friendship, Romantic or Platonic.

We Need...just a few things. Water, Food, Air, Shelter. We Need things that keep us physically alive. We will, given the circumstance do anything to get the things we Need.

Up to and including Kill.

Too many People get the two words confused. I want a new Harley. I want it quite badly....will I steal it, or kill someone for it? Of friggin course not.

It's the same thing with a Relationship, Folkes. I loved,(yes old timers will notice the diminutive), a woman for twenty friggin years. Thought I needed her. Once I realised and Understood that simple concept, that I wanted her.....I was able to change my perspective.

You cannot change a Need. You wither and die without it. A Want can be manipulated.

The relatively recent events that I promise to expand on in later posts saw me falling right the hell back into that misunderstanding of Want versus Need. I was feeling a Need for someone who felt the same wasn'tt healthy, especially because we couldn't physically be together.

*Shut the hell up Wollf* failed. Feelings hurt, what could have been salvaged as a Beautiful life long Friendship was Savaged by Need.

So, to my Friends in Angst Ville...think about it.

You don't Need Happiness, it's not on the List, remember? You Want it, and you can have it Truly, my just Deciding to get it. See the difference.....I'm back off the self indulgent always goofy side path....come along with me on the Journey.

We'll show each other how to be Happy.

Oh....yah, patch is way gone....Love? Remember....Love is for Giving. Give it Freely. It will come back to you in some form.


Memorial Day......

A Tribute to the Sacrifice of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.

I have to go out....I have something in my eye.

Remember them. Whether you agree with the politics and the reasons or not, all of the Men and Women who have given the ultimate sacrifice deserve a moments reflection.

Semper Fi

Friday, May 23, 2008



Oh Piffle.......

Major Hat tip to Sweasel.......

Sorry, not making fun....just making Fun.


Anybody got any oxycontin?....No, I don't even know how to spell it....The three day weekend is kinda up in the air.....depnding on how the Cubs feel, my shoulder feels, and the weather.... I might just do a road trip.

See the Sar'Major for a day or so...but, it's nine hours on the road....with the Cubs, that's nothing, the conversation always leans to the absurd, and amuses me no end....but, if they don't/ can't is tedious when I feel good, and with my little body tweaks.....might not be such fun.

We'll think about it. Cubs are downstairs starting to watch National Treasure II, it's getting late, but for ONCE...we have no place we have to be tomorrow morning. Might visit Bob sometime....the Cubs lourves the dude...who knows.

Anyways, going down to join in on the festivities...maybe have another advil, and I'll be right as rain.


Another thing about those Sneaky Squirrels....

Rest assured that the American People have folks like me out there...ok, younger ones nowadays......(hey, nice hat...seen that somewheres...)

But it has come to my attention via a super sekrit squirrel "Eyes Only" report, that I probably shouldn't be sharing...

They have been hard at work developing their own squirrely strategies......

Beware the Sniper Squirrel

And actually....I thought the photshop was so funny, I snorted.....Thus the juxtaposition of the two photos.


I wanna be a "Raq Star.....

Courtesy and via Youtube, a Music Video made by our buddy Mike the Marine over at Halls and Shores

Good music, great pictures.....Yes, it's of a Military Nature.....

Semper Fi, Mike
Keep yer head down and keep writing......


Just a Reminder.......

It's the new face of Terrorism.
They're ingenious.
They wear disquises so as to "fit in".
They're everywhere, People.

Why, a Friend of mine narrowly escaped certain death this very morning......

Be vigilant, be Alert.

Squirrel Danger Level is...."Elevated".

*End of Public Service Announcement*
H/T Freaking News

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aaaaaghh...Family, nonfamily and semi family angst surrounds me at the moment.....

And I have So much I want to share....Sherlock Holmes, a Strategic Japanese war game, a very fine Shrubbery....geez the list is endless.

I will....just too many "I hate my Life"....."Oh Poor poor me"....."I need money. she doesn't...He doesn't...." Bravo Sierra kinda stuff.

But, I'm the Dad, Sire, Friend......gotta deal with it.

Back later....maybe.

I did have a wonderful time tonite though....fourth grade play, eyes of hazel, Chicken Pot Pie.....ahh, the things that a good Life are made of....

Where are my keys?

Wollf.......wish I had a kitteh

Why I hates Monkeys.....

It is their Satanically appointed mission to kill all human beings, because they are jealous of our Mustangs, BMWs and Monster Trucks.

Granted, "some" of them show remorse....but most of them take glee from killing us.....

On the other hand, I lourves Kittehs, because they purrs when they're petted....

I'll 'splain 'bout the clowns and elephants later.

Eeeevil Readers......

Thanks, made me laugh after I'd spent the better part of ten minutes trying to put my friggin shirt on.......

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Codeine and Beer brings out the best........

Still doing laundry....found two pairs of New 517 Levi really is a magical evening....dancing isn't working very well, cuz I can't seem to raise my right arm above the parallel.....

But!!! I found THIS!! The arguably worst Christopher Walken dance sequence ever done. Pain? What pain....I just laughed my bushy tail off. Hope you enjoy. I have to walk down and get the clothes.....

*I am sooooo housebroken. Never pee on the floor, but you can never be too sure about the area rugs.......yum.*

Medic......Dammit, stoopid again

Remember the Indian run where the bank collapsed and I dislocated my shoulder and hypered my knee? December 28 Posting, I think.....

The knee got better, I avoided surgery on the shoulder, and it was "starting" to feel a bit better....really, I mean it, I'm not a'scared of Doctors or scalpels...nope, not this Wollf......*bravo sierra*.....

Well, I once again did something that a Man with a half century of wisdom should know better than do.....

Popped the shoulder again...let's just say ...ummm...a perfectly normal, regular person mishap regarding a karibiner, a badly wound brake knot...a munter hitch for the unitiated, and a bit of everday rapelling.

Effed the shoulder up, and tweaked my neck a wee tad. Then, this evening, doing something that needed to be done, I kinda aggravated the neck. Cold compresses and advill all around.

Actually, might break out the codeine and have a beer....ouchy. I'm becoming quite the sissy in my middle age...haven't even got the shoulder popped back in yet, a bit too stiff.....Oh G-d, don't make me have to call Doctor "Sam"....she's friggin evil.

*The "Real" kind......*

All right, I'm trying to wash, dry, fluff and fold my clothes, so I gotta go for a bit. I hope to be back and write something deep and reasonably intelligible in a bit, got some philosophy on my mind....

Damm....I just enjoy Life too much


Monday, May 19, 2008

The Big Concert.....

Woo Doggies.....I just made a promise that I do not wnat to keep. Damm this Honor OCD of mine...oh well...

Hey, tis a Full Moon, just arrived back at the Lair....2200hrs....I'm parked at least 100 meters from my front door. Before you start, yes, I have a Garage, two car, but three problems.....

1) Big Damm Truck
2) Garage Band Drumset on one side
3) A Tool Box as big as a small car on the other.

(Yes, number three is Not an Exageration..I'm helpless in a Home Depot...)

Good mood, our "small town" enveloped by a medium, and close by a huge one, has an annual "All School Concert Band" performance at our local state of the art community center.

All the band kidlets....yes, including my overly handsome cool dude Bigger Cub...perform. From fourth grade all the way through the High schoolers. It's a blast. At the ears....oh the joys of learning. My hat is off to the Directors....

Here's how it looked from my vantage...actually, Lil'Wolfie somehow smelled me out, so it was "our" vantage...that Cub needs a bath....but that's another story....

Ok...excuse the cel phone picture..the point is, it's a nice venue for the kids...

Things that caught my attention about the performance...heh...a really fly, retro, lemon yellow futuristic cowskin, and my eldest male Cub, swaying to the music of the younger ones with his band girlfriend...(On Stage), the fact that when he plays symbol he has to march with his feet...funnier than hell, and the fact that he is the ONLY member of the Concert Band that seems too col to tuck his friggin shirt in.

Whatever am I to do? Anyway...had a good time. It's late...but I had to write.

Will I go to sleep now? Remember the first line?

It's time to Howl just a bit....probably be late for work...but full moons only come around once a month. Oh.....

Damm's a pain in the a$$.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Cubs have gone home.......

Lil Wolfie never really our namesake does, he marks his territory. NO...and thank goodness...not like That....sheesh, he's but a mere decade old....But, he does leave his mark...lately with "Mini-Legos".....

An example of about four square feet of my little 1100 squares of living space. It looks like this, well seems to....Everywhere.....

I know that I should pick them fact I will get most of them, but fer crying out loud.......

Yes....just so you know, had I been here when he left to X's house, he would have picked them up himself...But I wasn't. Big Sister....She-Cub, took him swimming, and I zapped up to the hangout for some Much Needed Adult interaction.... house is a wreck. But my Life is a Joy. I'm giggling like a sixteen year old and I have Voo Doo playing, with some Billy Idol coming up next....and Tomorrow?

I'll hire a Maid.

And I have the Honor of seeing Bigger Wolfie play in the Combined Honor Band at the Civic Auditorium.....what could be better?

I am such a $%#@ sometimes.

You are the magical memory of many lives. You have removed the rust from the armor of my Soul.

You are. I am. We are again.

I wrote those words privately a few months back.......while in a dream.
Thought I'd share my silliness.

Off to the year end Track Picnic at Borchard Park.....
It's also the Gem and Mineral Show weekend, and I've got Dead Presidents in my pocket, just crying to get a good Creedite specimen......I need something "Delicate" for the Collection......

They...the Gem Society, is a bit miffed at me because I forgot to display....Oh, yes, I have some "Good" stuff.

You are. I am. We are One again........ a mood.
Not bad.

It is 0100hrs. I just got back from a nite run.


Stepped on a snail.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Apologies.....

Seems I had a "Troll".....just being rather distasteful in writing style. I have a tendency to call people on what in my less than humble opinion, is Bravo Sierra.

He....or She, don't want to seem sexist...there are plenty of female "di*&wads" out there too...., hasn't commented since, and I've blocked the address I "think" it came from.

I truly apologise.

We're watching the original Indiana Jones movie......tired out a bit, have both the Cubs, as their mom is out of town....Yay for Me!!!, spent a delightful day in the sun at the High School, supporting the Marching Band.....

Heads Up, all you old folk....Rock Star, that semi tasty energy drink? Put on your reading glasses...the "21" variety is 6.6% goodness, an interesting surprise at 0800hrs......
Anyhoo, had a really good time, saw a lot of Folke I hadn't seen in a while...and now, rather than writing.....I'm going to watch the movie with the Cubs and then snuggle up with my pillows and get a much needed nights sleep.

Hey, at least the pillows don't snore....although the Cubs in the other room do....I get no respite.

Oh, for those that care, going to Tacoma for a short trip real soon. Might have time off for a short visit if anyone is up that way.......Any Ladies....bring Husband, I'll buy the drinks.

Life is complicated as it is......yannow?

Do Not Eff with Wollf.......

Really, Do Not.
Retractions may be necessary.
This is a "funny" and "healing" Blog.
Do Not Eff with Wollf.

That is all.
Oh, that irritated me.....

Retraction or apology should be via of the Blog.

My Friends do not need to read this......yannow?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't watch this if you just think Squirrels are *cute*....

If you laugh at will go to hell. Really, I'm not kidding at all. This is serious.

Ummmm...heh, uh, and...well... I'll save a seat at the table for you squirrel haters.

Bye the by....I have it on excellent authority that no squirrels were seriously harmed during the filming of this video....

Happy day, Drummers everywhere.

Tired...and a big day......

Oh my.....gonna be a very interesting weekend, and it started today.......

Went for teeney adventure....I hates helicopters.....out to San Nicolas Island, to take a peek at a coupla thingies.....all Civvie related, thank you...I haven't decided, though I think it'll be yes, to go up to Tacoma as a "consultant"....not to worry, I shall wear the Patch, and not be overly stooooopid.

Anyhoo, a Bell 429 Ranger...max speed about 140 fast and maneuverable "Mothers Day"....have I mentioned that I hates the rotary wings? Brought back some memories that were less than wonderful.

I Lived. Too bad for my readers, and the X....oooh, remind me someone, to change the life insurance....she doesn't need the enormous amount of $$$.......

When I join Fitz, although I figure there might be a tear or two, some Lady is going to be able to wipe those tears with hundred dollar bills....I know that was crass,'s simply cynical humour.

Where was I?

Damm the not editing. Oh, right. Made it, lived*duh*, and got back to planning the weekend. Big event at the High School for a fundraiser tomorrow. I have to get Bigger there by 0500, then a Coffee date at 0800, then walk around and enjoy the Neighbors....should be fun...*Crap* ...Will be Fun. I am involved.

Dropped one of Biggers Friends off to work tonite, re-met the Band Director, dropped off four cases of drinks for them to sell, and now back at the Lair.

Just going to go down to the Garage, and straighten up a bit....the Cubs make such a mess, and the Drum Set from hell needs a bit of electronic attention.....besides, I "might" be able to talk a particular drummer into coming over and giving me some pointers....want it to look like what it is, after all.

My "Ubertech" abilities? I have a new hi-tech coffee pot that flashes the number 12:00 12:00 the directions, in English, French and Spanish....

Didn't get it.

Wollf solution......Black electrical tape. No more blinking.

I'm a friggin' ADD genius....

So...gotta go for a nite hike, check Bigger at the pool...he's picking up chicks, *so friggin' funny*, and then come back and read.

Tonite, it's "The Life of Pi"....short version, some goof of an Asian guy thinks it's a good idea to set sail with a friggin' TIGER...yeah, the stripey critters....Storm, all aboard lost 'cept "Pi" and said TIGER.....

I'm voting on the TIGER making it....but who knows with these esoteric *college word*...things.

Wish me luck. I think that I shall have a Wonderful time tomorrow. I know I shall...


Ok, you may have seen this Beforre....

I "think" I have, but made me blow coffee through my nose anyway.....

The Gummints Public Service Posters for what to do in a Terrorist Attack. A Poster for any situation....and then some smart a$$'es translation of what they mean....

I know, you can't read the bitty littles type if you're over Fourty. Sucks to be you.

Just *Clicky Clicky* and it should get all big and stuff. Sheesh the things I do for you People. you can feel Safe. Quit worrying about "Them" being out to get you personally, lighten up, embrace Life and Love in all their permutations....big word there, I wonder if it's in context?.......and enjoy yourself.

Let me worry 'bout the bad guys. I have broad shoulders for a skinny Wollf..........

H/T to the Stamper

This one has me scratching my Noggin.....

I am a Man with a fairly damm good perspective of "Good-Bad, Right-Wrong"...and all those niggling little grey areas....

But this one.....I think I'll have to abstain.

Double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius won his appeal Friday and can compete for a place in the Beijing Olympics.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that the 21-year-old South African is eligible to race against able-bodied athletes, overturning a ban imposed by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

Sounds Great, Is achievement that deserves Praise and Respect. Pistorius holds the 400-meter Paralympic world record of 46.56 seconds, 1.01 second slower than Olympic Qualifying.'s that niggling "doubt" that I have.....How fast would he be with Flesh and Blood legs?

I'm a Track Coach. I friggin' Love the Sprints and Middle distance races. The 400meters is arguably the most physically grueling of all the races. It's not "quite" middle distance, where strategy and endurance are king.

It is an all out, stay in your lane, everything you've got Sprint.....for 400 friggin' meters.

The legs go to mush by turn four, and you still have another 100 meters to go....

See the problem here? Springs don't get tired. Muscle mass that isn't there, doesn't require Oxygen....

Thus....I'm abstaining. He still has to cut a full second off his time to be considered. No opinion here from this Coach. Except that.....

He's got his time now, with the "Mechanicals" he's been using. He should be required to race with those same devices. 'Cuz I'm sure that there's some Biomechanical Engineer from ACME that could speed him up a few seconds.....

Now That wouldn't be fair.

Would it?


Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Different Drummer.......

Hey, it's just me.......

Or Somebody a lot like me, anyway....just have fun. Life is a lot longer than you might think.

Ok....I have the occasional "tardish" tendencies......
Wollf....oh...gotta remove the friggin' Patch, or I'll be bothering you all night...


Two takes on the Subject at Hand.....

What is the "man condition"?

Keep in mind that I *Capitalise* for a reason. (and yes, I spell with an "ise" 'cause I want to....)

Four words for "man"....


Big difference with a "Man".


Yah...note the "tough" is still in there. I won't expound at this moment...but, you know I will....heh

The most Enjoyable.....

Evening in a long time.....I mean for just really funny conversation, and getting a feel for another Person......

I haven't just plain laughed so much in quite a while.

The Divorce thing is about over, I feel really good about the fairness of what's come out....Miss XP is a bit distraught, but yannow.....she simply doesn't get a big free ride.......a Just and Fair disposition.

It's late, 0400 comes early, and I'm tired. Thanks, DW for the reminder e-mail, I sent the pictures off to "The Best Family Law attorney in the World"....

I have a mental-Spiritual task.

I have to write my description, in four words of the "man creature", and I'm not allowed to use the old joke.....

"Easy, a man is.....Hungry, Horney, Thirsty and Sleepy".....too bad, and a tough nut to crack, but tomorrow...

G'nite....I am sure to have good dreams

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Present just for you.......

Ahhh, senseless violence, automatic weapons, and a beat you can march to....
Must be Dragon Company, 1st MEU.

Clears my brain before my Divorce hearing this afternoon.....yuk.


Saw it first at Curmudgeonly and Skeptikal

Monday, May 12, 2008

And then of Course......

Magic happens.......

It is simply the way with my Life, maybe the ADD and I'm easily distracted, or maybe it really is a bit of Bashert......a Greater Power working behind the scenes....

I was feeling a bit down, one love gone for good, except the finals of divorce, a new interest that was probably destined to fail from the beginning, as we live a Continent apart.......I know, hopeless Romantic...tried, didn't quite work, and understandably so.

Anyway, feeling down is anathema to Wollf. Makes me want to dance or sing or pound the pain away.

Fired up some Voo Doo.....started to move, and heard a "Yell" from outside.

"Wollf!!! Wollf!!, which house is yours?"

I turned down the music, opened the door, and there she Eighty Something neighbor Lady.

She came in, walker and all...and we danced. I asked her if she knew Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy, and she replied, "I can't get that Swing".....

Yes folks, I danced with her. She wanted to danced...and let me tell you, I just s'pose, that before she needed that damm walker, this Lady was a Corker. Hell, she's still a Corker.

She had, I'm supposing, a wonderful time....laughing and singing on her way "with her walker", up the block.

Yannow something? So did I....heh...kinda like Mothers Day for somebody elses Mother...

Kind of a Getting over it thing......

Whatever that might mean....go ahead and feel free to make it your own story. I was listening to Chris on the way home this evening......

Musical interlude with one of the finest trumpets around.....

And then a little more the way I'll be doing it tomorrow nite....I deal with "pain" or "loss" in my own rather humorous way. I like to laugh. But damm, I wish I had an English accent....heh. Robbie really is the bomb.....

Yah, Wollf is contemplating things of the heart that are lost, and yah, I'm a Hopeless many ex marine, been there done that, fellows that just Have to dance.....

I Love, and I Love deeply....and I find that sometimes, I just have to get Over it, and Music helps that happen. Those little niggling, nagging thoughts that stick you like a thorn you can't seem to find?

That's what music and meditation cures.
She is out there.

I may have met Her already.
I suppose we'll see. I thought I'd found Her already......

Heh...time to dance.

And...I have Ice Cream....the Hagen Daz Banana Split again. Yeah Baby.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day......a bit Different this Time....

Didin't think M-Day would be cause for a bit of Melancholy in testosterone infused Wollf, did you......

Well....somehow, it is, maybe the recent loss of Fitz....maybe the fact that I'm used to hauling the Cubs around to make sure they have "suitable" gifts of appreciation and affection, maybe just the fact that I'm alone in the midst of a hundred friends......

But, of course, that's just, without further ado, I'm over it.
Gave the Cubs each twenty bucks and said, "Card, little gift.....No Taco Bell".

They did good on their own.

Happy Mothers Day to Every-bodies. It is a day to celebrate the Great Feminine Mystery. The joy of bringing Life into this world. The sadness that comes to those who can't through no fault of their own.

The pain that accompanies being separated from your Cubs. The pride that you must keep in yourselves for doing your Best to be a positive Feminine influence upon those around you.

Whether you be a stay at home Mom, a Teacher, an Aunt, a Writer, a Doctor.....your role as Woman in a world that is spinning dizzily out of control is a Prime Directive toward raising and rearing and influencing the Children of our Country.

Let Men like me and Mine worry about the "nasties". Be the "Mom". You are all blessed with an incomprehendible Female mind, and a softness that is oh so needed now.

Happy "I don't understand you but I Love you day".


I hope that you are Ok.........

Friday, May 9, 2008

Memories Fade..........

But dreams remain.
The innocence of youth,
The wisdom of age
Not yet embraced.
But Feelings?
Those I understand.

I lost an "old" Friend today.
Semper Fi, Buddy.
See you when I get there.
Save a spot at the table.

And if the Devil's Concierge doesn't give you a good table....
Kick him in the $#@@s for me.
Clean that joint up, know how "sensitive" the LT is..

Good night Fitz....don't worry 'bout Norma.
We'll make sure she's taken care of.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Three New Posts today........

Sheesh, the stuff I do to ease my "pain"........

All righty then, another "dare" from Miss Robin....."How many One Word Song Titles....(Oops, sorry, I HAD to edit, I really misspelled *titles*...sorry), can you list without cheating and going on the Internet?"

Well....Wollf does not shy from challenges, be they physical or take up the Sword of Silliness, and I Brandish it with stalwart dedication to the silliness at hand......

Join me, punch me in the snoot, or simply, gently take me to task if you feel that I am wrong. The time is now 1914hrs....I shall allow myself ten minutes to post.....


yesterday (Beatles)
poison (alice cooper)
If ( Telly Savalas )
Inuendo (Queen)
Batdance - Prince
Changes ( David Bowie )
Legs - (ZZ Top).....Ok, one of my faves.....I can be as shallow as the next Feller...
September- Earth, Wind and Fire....yeah, maybe I'm older than you....
america - (neil diamond)
Blackened - Metallica
Remember- (Jimi Hendrix)
Undiscovered (Jim Morrison)...rocked
Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious...I have no idea who, but it was in Mary friggin' Poppins, and She was cute.......heh
Go (Pearl Jam)
Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Damm...there are lots more, but I gave myself a time restraint. Honor is a tripping stone to success sometimes, but.....*Lesson for the Day*

Honor in small leads to Honor in All...yes, you may quote Wollf on that.

Gotta go play with the Cubs....And make sure their Homework and chores are done.

08 MAY 1948......

The creation of the State of Israel.

Happy Sixtieth Birthday to the People of Ysrael.

May G-d keep it a Blood Free day....

Robin...Thanks for asking....

About the little Fellah......*in last nights' comments*...

But we've had to do an "Intervention" with Lil U Bear. He's got a drinking problem, plain and simple.

He's getting help, drying out....and we're there as his support group, we Love the little Guy, yannow?

He's clean and sober now, but we're still quite worried about his depression. Sometimes, he's simply inconsolable.....he's definitely not eating right.

And yes, as you might guess, it's over a girl. Well, a Stuffed Deer, to be exact. They had a quarrel that got out of hand, and she dumped him. He misses her.

It's just another story of broken dreams and heartache, the neverending novel about the Human....strike that....Bear Condition.......Pretty sad, dontcha think?


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't blame Wollf...he warned you.......Poetry!!!

And not even necessarily reasonably good. But....Poetry it is. Iambic Pentameter be's Wollfs' brain....that's the wonderful thing about having your own Blog, after all....

Poetry, you understand, doesn't even need to rhyme.....but ocassionally needs a "bit" of Free Dancincing tonite was a bit more mellow, no Rock, no Country or Metal....nope, I went back to one of my Favorite Old time, Big Band, self recorded CDs....

Love songs. I made it years ago, because it eased my angst. We'll try a minor poem about that....Hey, do remember, that this all comes straight off the keyboard. I do not allow myself the luxury of editing....'gimme a break, eh?

So......I danced, by myself, to......

The Music is on,
And I hear the song,
My mind hears the tune,
I can't read the rune,

It makes me move......

Ella is singing,
My head is ringing,
Billie is saying,
While my whole body's swaying....

I have to move.....

That sweet Embraceable You, in my Stardust Memory,
The very Thought of You......

It had to be You.....
Chances Are....

That's All.

It makes sense, People. I'm Bi-cameral, which means there are truly two sides to my brain, and they discuss things....logical and, the last part is made totally of old song rhyming, because I didn't want to.

The Beauty of Poetry. You can make up the rules as you go once you get out of English 200 level classes. Heh.....

Somehow, it gives me a Fever...oh, that's on the CD too.....but I'm feeling More, like Zing went the Strings of my Heart...well.... if you know what I's just that, The Very Thought of You.......

I am embracing Life, today. G'nite, I have to snuggle up with the ol' pillows....

Don't be a Wastrel.....

The man who views the world at fifty the same as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. ~Muhammad Ali

Imagine that.

Live in today with an eye to the future. Try as hard as you might not to cry over Loves that you've misplaced.

Love never ends....although I suppose that its Object changes shape.

Can you tell? You're probably going to suffer some poetry tonite. Maybe. Maybe I'll go out for coffee instead.

Hmmm, We're all still here, waiting.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, once in a while......Social Commentary.....

UPDATE-7 MAY.....FOX News finally picked this story up. Pictures do look familiar. Thank goodness it's finally getting out there. The Sonoran Desert is one of the most Bizarrely Beautiful places on Earth.

See "their" story at FOX NEWS

EDITORS NOTE: This is Re-Posted due to a Bull-shi-ite item that I read and commented on today at Knowledge is Power

The Original was posted in November....kinda also gives readers a clue as to where my emotions were back then, what the heck.......

It's posted in it's entirety, because I don't want to lose the "Journal Entry"...
Someday, I'll be dead as hell....I want my Grandcubs to see that they can make it matter what.

Thanks Mistress Sondra for the reminder.....
But first a thanks to Readers comments. I know which way to paddle now. No more "torturing" myself. I'm starting to get "Wollf" figured out. I'm really not such a bad guy, always "done my duty", never been in real trouble....(Ok, well, except thet unfortunate incident where I mistook a fine D.C. Peace Officer for a Sailor......(sorry to slightly damage one of your own, ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ,...honest mistake that his Brothers took offense to.....ouch)

Basically, I figure Any Lady could do a whole Hell of a lot worse.....

So here goes...

My Missoouri She-cub sent me this story via e-mail. I figure she probably knew just exactly how much it would Enrage her Sire. Good job, young Lady!! H/T to "Pat", whoever he might be for sending the pictures to her.

Make sure you click the pictures for the full impact.

I was born and raised in the exceptionally beautiful Sonoran Desert around Tucson, Arizona. I live in So-Cal, but I'll always be a "Zona Wollf.

I'll let "Pat" tell the story......
We all breathed a sigh of relief the day the Senate defeated the Amnesty Bill,
but the USA is still being invaded!

We discovered one of the biggest layups we have ever found.
This layup is on an 'illegal super highway' from Mexico to the USA (Tucson) used by human smugglers.

This layup area is located in a wash area just south of Tucson.

We estimate there are over 3000 discarded back packs in this layup area and
countless water containers, food wrappers, clothing and soiled baby diapers.

And as you can see in this picture, fresh footprints leading right into it.
We weren't too far behind them.

As I kept walking down the wash, I was sure it was going to end just ahead, but I kept walking and walking and around every corner was more and more trash!

And of course the trail leading out of the layup area heading NORTH to Tucson,
then on to your town tomorrow.

They've already come through here

Is this America the Beautiful - Or another landfill?

The trash left behind by the illegal's is another of the Environmental Disasters to hit the USA....

Had this been done in one of our great Northwest Forests or Seashore National Parks areas there would be an uprising of the American people........ but this is remote Arizona-Mexican border. (Wollf...Imagine seeing this shi-ite in the Great Redwod Forest, or Cape Cod, just outside Miami.......)

Wollf is that as the friggin place that You grew up, or are trying to raise your Cubs.....This is coming to You.

But hey, as we all know.....

"Out of sight, out of mind."

This information needs to be seen by the rest of the country.

Any Readers, members of the Wollf Pack....hey, just plain anybody.....Feel free to link this. Too many Americans just don't get it.

If you don't, you don't care.

That's MY friggin Desert, Mr. Illegal. I'm friggin' Pi$$ed.

Here's my Edit: I Really don't have any animosity toward you Personally, Mr. Illegal. You are more than likely just doing what Wollf would do if our roles were reversed. I hold your home Countries culpable for what you are doing to my Country.

This is not an easy fix. We, Estados Unidos, can't fix the problem by building a wall. You desperately want in, you'll find a way. I commend your Honorable desire to care for your Families.

You're doing it the wrong way. Get rid of your Home Country's inept and corrupt politicians. Change the way your Government works. You did it once, do it again.

You run into a real problem, I know I for one would support your cause.......

Oh, and Eff You, John McCain.

And to our POTUS, whom I voted for Twice. Does your friggin ranch look like this?

I'm going for a walk.
Hope there's no Sailors...I carry a grudge.

Because I am a Man of Honor.....

Je voudrais un café noir moyen avec un peu de glacon pour le refroidir…


*yes, it's an inside joke*

Parental Nightmare.....

Imagine, you and your spouse come home from a nice evening out, the "Message" light on the answering machine is blinking.

Also, imagine, that your Son happens to be an MP on station in Afghanistan.....

Seems that your Son, while out on Patrol, bumps his cell phone against the side of the Humvee, and you hear......his Firefight.....

And yes, that last thing you heard, before the call ended was "INCOMING!!!"

Yes, he was Ok. His Momma, Sandie called back...

She eventually reached their son.

"I finally got a hold of him," Sandie Petee said. "He was embarrassed, he said, 'Don't let Grandma hear it.'"

"Don't let Grandma hear it".......Damm I Love these Guys.
Scary, scary stuff...really brings it home.
Support them. Completely.

He's worried about his Grandma.

Read the whole thing HERE
Love your Cubs with all your might.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Ok....a Little better...

And I apologise....I didn't go Metal...just not there yet. My musical taste as any of my regular friend know.....(hmmmm, can you be "regular" if you're my Friend?)...Anyway, my taste in almost all things is eclectic to say the least.

Might even have been one of the stumbling blocks in my ended marriage of twenty years, don't you know....

Music, Art, Politics, Religion...or more correctly Spirituality, Passion...even the "S' word...and most definitely Parenting.

I went with the Scorpions tonite....quite the thoughtful song, and with the visuals...well, it has many deep meanings...It's supposed to, as all really good music does. Try it on for size. If you're alone...yah, like I am tonite, dance.

It'll do your body, your mind and your Soul wonders of good.

Aaaagh....I have got things to write, and my shoulder is friggin' Killing me.

Better that than my heart, huh?
Be good....or be bad, but be good at it.


And this is why......

Just got me thinking....I was in my office, my computer doing my "Office Soft Music" thing, and this came on......

Sucked for me, I knew that a little Melancholy spell was coming on because of all the excitement of the weekend....

Time for some meditation tonite, the maybe a bit of Free Dance heck with the neighbor lady....This Guy always had the right words at the wrong time.

Think I'll switch to Metal.

Ever have one of those moods......

Where you just kinda wish you weren't there?

A big old planet has a lot of lonely places in it.
And a lot of lonely People.

Do something nice for someone today, won't you?


Sunday, May 4, 2008


Duh....take off the Muggle Patch, Wollf......

Ok, and All Righty would have been literal Mental Hell if I had slept with that baby on...dreams in your usual "Normal" brain mode? No thank you very much....boring. Don't touch enough subjects....Newbies don't understand? Check the handy dandy "Glossary" in the right sidebar and search if needs be.....

Anyhoo and how, I am back at the Lair, safe and sound, and most of my Town is still intact....did the silly Sunday Karaoke...sang "For Once in my Life"...relatively good, and the brought the house down, heh, probably 'cuz I had two beers today, with a Wollfly, gravel throated rendition of "Just a Gigolo", D.L.Roth swing style....

Just about as fun as it gets....a Lady even offered to buy this "poor starving artist" a drink. Such fun. Yes, I declined. 0500 comes early in Kalifornia too...

But....I forgot to remove the Muggle...basically Ritalin, I usually don't wear the damm thing on weekends, in order to take a Wizard vacation, but I had a number of things that I needed to accomplish, and I didn't want to become "distracted".

Sure worked.....and the energy, creativity level soared all dam day. I may not be a good writer today, but By G-d....I've been prolific.

Oh.....Patch wearing off....time for shower....time for night night in my new and newly laundered sheets....mmm...mmmmm, you know what I mean.

Except I'm missing one thing....oh, never mind, I'll be distracted shortly.
G'nite my Friends.

Sleep well and dream of Futures and Wonders.


Musical Interlude.....It's Always Gonna Get You

Got busted by a nice neighbor Lady.....dancing to this in my living room, left the front door ajar....oh, the look on her face. She was "thoroughly" amused at my "Free Dancing".

Doesn't matter, I didn't have a cup of sugar to lend anyways.......

Remember, if you're a free Spirit.....oh, it will get ya....just enjoy yourself.
We All gonna die some day.....Now, we Dance!! Hit it.

When You're Hangin with your friends at night
and everything feels just right
(Its Always Gonna Get You Everytime)

The sun is out You're feeling great
There is no time to hesitate
( It’s always gonna get cha everytime )

It comes on fast
(you just hope that it will last)
it’s got a mind of its’ own
(it will not leave you alone)
It comes on like a friend
( who leaves you crazy in the head )

it sneaks up on you when you least expect it to

so hold on tight with both your hands
forget about those future plans
( it’s always gonna get’cha everytime )

so play it cool and you will see you can end up just
like me......

Or Better, we'll hope.

A Clarification......

In conversing with a Dear Friend....a question was raised, "You always write of your Male Cubs, but rarely of intimate daily interaction with your Eldst "At Home" She-Cub......Why?....."

It is quite simple, Dear Readers, but I figure it's an important item that needs to be addressed.

This Blog is about my growth, Spritually and Emotionally, the Changes, the Loves and the Heartbreaks of a "Middle Aged" Single Dad, my interaction with my Cubs, my goofy, off kilter observations, attempts at both Humour and coming to grips with the primal pain that afflicts and Blesses us all...and besides that.....

She is Eighteen.

SHE WOULD KILL ME. Plain and simple. Her privacy at this point in Life is Paramount. I mention her, and Lovingly, but I shall not intrude on the things that she considers "Super Sekrit".

I Love Her, and I will respect her "Shyness". The Male Cubs have no such inhibition. They understand that Nobody really knows who they are.......well...."Mostly"....and they love to ocassionally read about their exploits in print.

My Eldest living She-Cub, lives in Missouri with her Husband and my GrandCubbette Kylie. She is ........Preggers!!! As in a Family way, as in.....My Cub in Law didn't pay attention to my rule of not touching my Daughter....Dammit.

But I digress as always....I'm gonna be a GrandWollf again. I'm much too young for this, but I am Thrilled.

She-Cub, the eighteen year old, will never have to worry about me embarassing her here....that's why I mention her in passing. Same thing in a different way about Others....I Love very deeply, and although I do have a tendency to be impulsive, I am Rarely feckless in my consideration of others....

So, there you have a clarification, in case you needed it......

Wollf Loves and cherishes all his Cubs, Male and Female, the same. Seems that the Feminine are a bit more......yannow?

Now....I shall commit suicide. This is my Eighteen year old. Actually, no suicide, she will simply kill me.......I don't care. I Love the kid.

Coffee at Starbucks....

I have the Muggle Patch on....and I went up to Starbucks for coffee and to People watch. (Rose, I rode my Bike."Pale Rider" up the mile or so, so no recriminations..besides, I needed the exercise, and I look oh so cool on it)heh...Geez, that was way back on October 20 that I posted that pic....

Anyway, went in to the Starbucks and ordered a "Medium cup of Coffee, Black, with enough ice in it to cool it down".....They looked at me as though I was speaking an unknown "Hmong" dialect.

"Medium?"....."Room for Cream or Whipped?"...."Coffee? Flavor?".....this fancy coffee thing is getting out of hand Folkes.

Got my cup of Joe, and went outside, beautiful morning, and plenty of interesting folks out....

Fellow in his Seventies wearing an ankle length skirt....Don't even ask me, I just figured he must have an horrendous rash....or maybe he just didn't have the legs for a mini. I do....but that's a completely 'nother story.

Then a younger guy rides up on his Harley Softtail, lookin' all Biker with his Doo rag, German helmet, sleeveless button down shirt.....I figured, wow, maybe the real deal and not a Poseur...........and his Pekingese dog, pink ribbon and all.

The "Free Spirit" vision just flew right out the window when he sauntered up with "Poopsie" on a pretty leash....I figure he told his Lady that he was "Goin' for a Ride".

Showed her who's Boss....Come on, makin' fun here. I've been "almost" there, before I took "Mine" back down off the mantle where she had stored them for me.

Point? Do I Ever have a point? Oh, yes I s'pose that I do. Interesting People, going about their Lives, each with a unique, if mysterious style. I observe. I am aused, entertained and oftentimes enlightened.

It reminds me just how "Normally Eccentric" I am. We are all a bit "off". That's what makes us Human.

Talk to you later....gotta do some housekeeping, half my stuff is still in the garage, and it's Karaoke Night at AZARS tonite. Gotta visit with some friends, and then maybe I'll swing by to sing some Sinatra.....heh

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day in the Life.....

Of a Single Dad.....

You ready for the King of all run on sentences?

Up at 0500hrs Friday morning to get the two Cubs cleaned, dressed and fed for school, Lil' Wolfie left some all important homeworks at X's house, swung by, got it, dropped him at school, then drove Bigger over, almost late, to the High School, did a loop and drove the fifteen up to work in Ventura where I finished a Bid Project and kept frantically busy all day till my phone rang at about 1500hrs and it cried to me in Biggers voice,"Daaaad, I'm Hungry!!!".

Drove up the hill picked him and his little smarty mouthed cohort up, picked up Lil'Wolfie, after suitably admiring his Lego rendition of our new Condo, fed them at Islands, a pretty nice little restaurant, headed home, heard that Bigger had plans for Conejo Valley Days....our version of a Fair, so, I then became the bus driver, ran around town picking up the rest of the crew, guaranteeing that they would be transported home by and Adult by 2200hrs, and went Back home.


Settled down for a relaxing Movie night with Lil' Wolfie, and the phone rings with the eighteen year old daughters call sign....Yes, I will admit that I winced....sems she's having the usual "I hate my mom and can I move in with you, even though I have an apartment in Santa Barbara, and I can't stand her, and I ned to move right now and I'm Eighteen!!! for G-ds infinitum.


Calmed her down....went back to the movie, and lo and behold Biggers ride flakes, so off Lil'Wolfie and I go across town, pick up the usual suspects and bus all five back to their houses, at which time we finally rrive back at the Lair, 2300hrs by now and finally "Taps".


0530hrs again, that's becoming common....Bigger has to...change that, is Honored to march with a combine High School-Middle School Band in the aforementioned CVD Parade, had to be at the High School by 0645, but of course....he had forgotten his Band Shoes at the X's....aaaagh, so stop by we did, he snuck in, got his shoes and we made it in the knick of time...went back to the Lair, where yes, I had left Lil' Wolfie sleeping, along with my extra cell phone.


Then, it's time to get him up for the last Home Track Meet, wherein we have to arrive by 0830 for his first race, we're on time, except.....guess where he forgot his Uniform???? Anybody?....yup...X's....aaagh, stop back by for the second time barely before the sun is in the sky, get it, change in the truck and make it at second call for his race.


You'd think it slows down here, wouldn't you? Nope, not a chance, Skippy. I get volunteered at the Timers end of the field, things go awry at the Lane Judging and off I am whisked, get it under control and the alarm on phone number two goes off....what the hell?.....Ooops, Saturday, makeup Piano Class for Lil'Wolfie at 1030hrs....I run to the far end of the stadium, check him out of his shotputt competition and off we go across town to his Music Academy for a half hour lesson, in his Track Uniform......

Take him in, give him over to "Nice" Amy, his teacher, and realise, I'm only about three blocks from the Parade!!!!! Luckily, Wollf was in Track and Field mode, and I ran the three blocks and was rewarded with being able to holler Hey to Bigger as the Ensemble marched by....turned, ran back to the Music place in time to search for and purchase a new amp for Bigger's Luscious Drum can see it if you do a search on this site for "Garage Band", picked up Lil'Wolfie, said hi to "Nice" Amy, discussed how well he's coming along since I got a new piano for the Lair..and


Drove Back across town, checked him Back into shotput, finished my Volunteer duties, and got a call from Bigger. He's back at the High School, and for once, I was in the right place at the right time....Yay for Wollf. We all cut out, had a late lunch, went back to the Lair, went for a Little hike around the neighborhood, fed 'em again.....and just dropped them back over at their moms.

It would be over, except I got a call from Bigger.

Seems he forgot his shoes. And Lil' forgot his homework. And the She-Cub is fighting with her mom in the background

I'm going to take two aspirin, down a beer, and take a nap out on the porch.

There you have it.....a typical day in the Life.

Wouldn't have it Any. Other. Way......
I Love 'em

So....wanna go dancing?

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Music

There is music that can't be made,
A Soul that must be soothed,
A Heart that has to heal,
Or just reclaim.

The Path is lost for a time,
But He knows that Understanding
Is just past the Horizon.
He'll play again.

When He gets There.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Maybe it's the T.B.I..........

Or the A.D.D.......or maybe, by G-d, it's just me.

Probably the latter. I had this flashgun mind picture last night while meditating of ol' Wollf.....Eighty three years old.....

You know that old Man you see at Denny's or IHOP, every weekend, sitting and having breakfast.....and you finally notice, after a month or so of Sundays, that he's having breakfast with a different Lady each time?

That's the picture I had.......kinda sad.....rather be making breakfast for just The One......*Crap*.......

Adjust and Overcome.

Done, and with more respect than might be necessary or called for.

Then..let's get on with Life and Raising the Cubs!!!

I asked Bigger Wolf if he knew what today was. He's fifteen, and a normal young teenage Cub.....he said, "Thursday......I'm Hungry, can we eat?"

I knew it was hopeless......Because it's Thursday, it means Fast Food Night. Dropped him at the Taco-Taco place and ran off to pick up Lil' Wollfie....asked him the same question......

"Today?"...he says and grins...."Today is Mayday for the commies and the Illegal Aliens, and it's Law Day, where we're s'posed to be thankful for General Eisenhower, and it' Holocaust Remembrance Day".........

Then I asked this entirely too intelligent ten year old......"What do you think is the most important?"

"The Jewish thing, Sire.....I wish we could bring that guy Hitler back to life....and kill him as many times as he killed all those poor people......and then kill him again the same way, and then.......stick his head on a spike...."

Hory Clap.....I didn't really know what to say, he's Me, but without the TBI......

I ended up saying, "Cub, killing ANY other Human Being is Horrible. You really feel what you just said?"

"Sire, we're Warriors", he said, "Like you say, Some people really need killin', and we are Those...."

Suffice it to say, or this is going to be Really Long......

The Cub gets it. He frightens me, in that he Is me....and I want him to be safe. But I'm 500% Proud that I have one that will be there for you.....and for me, cuz I'll be too old one day too.....

And don't worry.....I just tucked Lil Wolfie in bed, and before he kissed me goodnite he said, "Never again, right?"

I said, "Not as long as we have Men like you and me, Wolfie, Never again."

Snuggled.....I needed it tonight, smooched in a manly way and plumped his pillow....

Damm I'm proud of's better than dwelling on other crap, I'm here to tell

G'nite Friends.
Tough times happen. Tough People survive.........right?

Dammit, I hope so..........

In the Name of Conservatism......

And its' Mystical VooDoo's time to raise the Dead.

We need.......

'Nuff said.

Feel free to take the graphic and morph it to your needs.
Got it myself from the Original Artist who is quite kind to share all her lovely creations......She's funny as hell too.