Sunday, May 18, 2008

You are the magical memory of many lives. You have removed the rust from the armor of my Soul.

You are. I am. We are again.

I wrote those words privately a few months back.......while in a dream.
Thought I'd share my silliness.

Off to the year end Track Picnic at Borchard Park.....
It's also the Gem and Mineral Show weekend, and I've got Dead Presidents in my pocket, just crying to get a good Creedite specimen......I need something "Delicate" for the Collection......

They...the Gem Society, is a bit miffed at me because I forgot to display....Oh, yes, I have some "Good" stuff.

You are. I am. We are One again........ a mood.
Not bad.



Dammit Woman said...

Silliness? Don't think so. Dreams are to realized - or at least recognized.

Rambling Rose said...

I agree with DW - there's a lot of truth in them thar words.

I thought of you last night. I was watching Country Music Awards when one of the female singers went up to claim her award displaying the most beautiful "small of her back" I have ever seen.

"Now there's a back Wollf would appreciate," I thought to myself. I lie. I actually said it out loud.

I haven't had much to say lately but I still read you faithfully.

Never discount your dreams; there's more wisdom in them than we will ever know.