Sunday, May 4, 2008

Musical Interlude.....It's Always Gonna Get You

Got busted by a nice neighbor Lady.....dancing to this in my living room, left the front door ajar....oh, the look on her face. She was "thoroughly" amused at my "Free Dancing".

Doesn't matter, I didn't have a cup of sugar to lend anyways.......

Remember, if you're a free Spirit.....oh, it will get ya....just enjoy yourself.
We All gonna die some day.....Now, we Dance!! Hit it.

When You're Hangin with your friends at night
and everything feels just right
(Its Always Gonna Get You Everytime)

The sun is out You're feeling great
There is no time to hesitate
( It’s always gonna get cha everytime )

It comes on fast
(you just hope that it will last)
it’s got a mind of its’ own
(it will not leave you alone)
It comes on like a friend
( who leaves you crazy in the head )

it sneaks up on you when you least expect it to

so hold on tight with both your hands
forget about those future plans
( it’s always gonna get’cha everytime )

so play it cool and you will see you can end up just
like me......

Or Better, we'll hope.

1 comment:

rthmcdragn said...

all i can do is shake my head, dear wollf, and smile.... glad to have you around!