Monday, May 26, 2008

Hike.......hoo boy.....

0700 hrs.....slept pretty well...somehow lost all my covers in the night and awoke freezing cold.......hmmmm, maybe I didn't sleep that well, huh?

Bigger Wolfie and three best Buds, Show, Tye and Jesus his own self, showed up at the door.....needed provisions for their Memorial Day hike......

Needed provisions.....and a ride to the Trailhead. Attempting the hike to the top of Mount "Boney" up in the Satwiwa....heck of a hike...done it about six or so times myself....favorite spot around these parts to free or rope climb, and some sweet long a$$ drops for rappelling.

The view above gives you an idea of the extent of the hike/ climb to the top. It's taken from close by the Lair. I gave the Cubs my standard pre-wilderness adventure speech about no rock climbing, stay on marked trails, watch for rattlesnakes and be aware that there is a reported "rogue" male lion up there...."somewhere".

Bigger Wolfie asked what they should do in case the did actually encounter a lion? He realised that they didn't have a chance to out run a big cat.

I explained quite seriously that, "You're right, but you don't Have to outrun the cat. You just have to out run at least one of your Buddies....".

A round of teenage Cub guffaws ensued, and when they had calmed down, I explained the "Stand up tall, stick together, wave your arms and make loud goofy noises" rule of thumb........

*I still hope he can out run his Buddies*

They went. They conquered. I got a call....."Sire...*REDACTED* is sick to his stomach, and kinda goofy...I think you might need to get up here."

Sounded like the beginnings of Heat Exhaustion, Bigger explained that he was cool to the touch, and had only taken one bottle of water...yup.

I asked where he was, and he wasn't sure, said he could see the whole valley. I had him send me a Cell Phone picture sose we could figure it out, I figured they were pretty close to the trail head. I figured's the pic.

The trail head is about three quarters up the picture at the right hand side......

Sooo...threw on my running pants, shoes, grabbed the E-pack and some water and headed up. Actually drove to within about a mile and a half of where they were. Bigger showed his resourcefulness by flashing with his shiny a bead, and ran on up.

Got some water, salt and a coldpak on *REDACTED*....and within a few minutes, he was right as rain.

Then I invoked lesson learning time, explained the importance for the umpteenth time the importance of more than enough water......and made them hike all the way back to the trail head, about five miles, whilst I trotted the little bit back to the truck.

I know.....I'm eeevil.

But the Cubs learned a little lesson about preparedness, showed good judgement in calling for some help, and now have the Honor of being Mount Boney Explorers.

I love those Cubs.

All in all....a Beautiful day.


rthmcdragn said...

u got some great cubs there, wollf...... what an adventure...... and great photos...... u should be proud......

sorry to hear bout the covers....... isn't there some kind of device you can hook up to the blankie so you kind 'em? how about some sorta tracking device???? good luck w. that!

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Heh, sounds like you slept well, or you would've woken up earlier from the cold!

Glad the kids were OK.

aA said...

I LOVE giving kids lessons from their own experience! They remember it so much "well-er".

The story was told in a really good way, too. I like the way you laid it out.