Monday, May 5, 2008

Ok....a Little better...

And I apologise....I didn't go Metal...just not there yet. My musical taste as any of my regular friend know.....(hmmmm, can you be "regular" if you're my Friend?)...Anyway, my taste in almost all things is eclectic to say the least.

Might even have been one of the stumbling blocks in my ended marriage of twenty years, don't you know....

Music, Art, Politics, Religion...or more correctly Spirituality, Passion...even the "S' word...and most definitely Parenting.

I went with the Scorpions tonite....quite the thoughtful song, and with the visuals...well, it has many deep meanings...It's supposed to, as all really good music does. Try it on for size. If you're alone...yah, like I am tonite, dance.

It'll do your body, your mind and your Soul wonders of good.

Aaaagh....I have got things to write, and my shoulder is friggin' Killing me.

Better that than my heart, huh?
Be good....or be bad, but be good at it.


1 comment:

Rambling Rose said...

Really speaks to a heart that is open and receptive.

Keep that spark alive - in wait for the right moment.

Purified castor oil is excellant for those major aches and pains, do you know? External use only.