Friday, May 9, 2008

Memories Fade..........

But dreams remain.
The innocence of youth,
The wisdom of age
Not yet embraced.
But Feelings?
Those I understand.

I lost an "old" Friend today.
Semper Fi, Buddy.
See you when I get there.
Save a spot at the table.

And if the Devil's Concierge doesn't give you a good table....
Kick him in the $#@@s for me.
Clean that joint up, know how "sensitive" the LT is..

Good night Fitz....don't worry 'bout Norma.
We'll make sure she's taken care of.



Dammit Woman said...

My heart hurts for you. I know how deep your friendships run. God Bless.

cry_alone said...

wolf... I agree with dammit woman....i cant realy say much else...
I'm praying for you wolfie.

rthmcdragn said...

thanks, wollf, for sharing....may you celebrate & embrace your memories of fitz. peace to you....

K T Cat said...

Prayers and best wishes for all.