Thursday, May 8, 2008

Robin...Thanks for asking....

About the little Fellah......*in last nights' comments*...

But we've had to do an "Intervention" with Lil U Bear. He's got a drinking problem, plain and simple.

He's getting help, drying out....and we're there as his support group, we Love the little Guy, yannow?

He's clean and sober now, but we're still quite worried about his depression. Sometimes, he's simply inconsolable.....he's definitely not eating right.

And yes, as you might guess, it's over a girl. Well, a Stuffed Deer, to be exact. They had a quarrel that got out of hand, and she dumped him. He misses her.

It's just another story of broken dreams and heartache, the neverending novel about the Human....strike that....Bear Condition.......Pretty sad, dontcha think?


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