Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Day in the Life.....

Of a Single Dad.....

You ready for the King of all run on sentences?

Up at 0500hrs Friday morning to get the two Cubs cleaned, dressed and fed for school, Lil' Wolfie left some all important homeworks at X's house, swung by, got it, dropped him at school, then drove Bigger over, almost late, to the High School, did a loop and drove the fifteen up to work in Ventura where I finished a Bid Project and kept frantically busy all day till my phone rang at about 1500hrs and it cried to me in Biggers voice,"Daaaad, I'm Hungry!!!".

Drove up the hill picked him and his little smarty mouthed cohort up, picked up Lil'Wolfie, after suitably admiring his Lego rendition of our new Condo, fed them at Islands, a pretty nice little restaurant, headed home, heard that Bigger had plans for Conejo Valley Days....our version of a Fair, so, I then became the bus driver, ran around town picking up the rest of the crew, guaranteeing that they would be transported home by and Adult by 2200hrs, and went Back home.


Settled down for a relaxing Movie night with Lil' Wolfie, and the phone rings with the eighteen year old daughters call sign....Yes, I will admit that I winced....sems she's having the usual "I hate my mom and can I move in with you, even though I have an apartment in Santa Barbara, and I can't stand her, and I ned to move right now and I'm Eighteen!!! for G-ds infinitum.


Calmed her down....went back to the movie, and lo and behold Biggers ride flakes, so off Lil'Wolfie and I go across town, pick up the usual suspects and bus all five back to their houses, at which time we finally rrive back at the Lair, 2300hrs by now and finally "Taps".


0530hrs again, that's becoming common....Bigger has to...change that, is Honored to march with a combine High School-Middle School Band in the aforementioned CVD Parade, had to be at the High School by 0645, but of course....he had forgotten his Band Shoes at the X's....aaaagh, so stop by we did, he snuck in, got his shoes and we made it in the knick of time...went back to the Lair, where yes, I had left Lil' Wolfie sleeping, along with my extra cell phone.


Then, it's time to get him up for the last Home Track Meet, wherein we have to arrive by 0830 for his first race, we're on time, except.....guess where he forgot his Uniform???? Anybody?....yup...X's....aaagh, stop back by for the second time barely before the sun is in the sky, get it, change in the truck and make it at second call for his race.


You'd think it slows down here, wouldn't you? Nope, not a chance, Skippy. I get volunteered at the Timers end of the field, things go awry at the Lane Judging and off I am whisked, get it under control and the alarm on phone number two goes off....what the hell?.....Ooops, Saturday, makeup Piano Class for Lil'Wolfie at 1030hrs....I run to the far end of the stadium, check him out of his shotputt competition and off we go across town to his Music Academy for a half hour lesson, in his Track Uniform......

Take him in, give him over to "Nice" Amy, his teacher, and realise, I'm only about three blocks from the Parade!!!!! Luckily, Wollf was in Track and Field mode, and I ran the three blocks and was rewarded with being able to holler Hey to Bigger as the Ensemble marched by....turned, ran back to the Music place in time to search for and purchase a new amp for Bigger's Luscious Drum can see it if you do a search on this site for "Garage Band", picked up Lil'Wolfie, said hi to "Nice" Amy, discussed how well he's coming along since I got a new piano for the Lair..and


Drove Back across town, checked him Back into shotput, finished my Volunteer duties, and got a call from Bigger. He's back at the High School, and for once, I was in the right place at the right time....Yay for Wollf. We all cut out, had a late lunch, went back to the Lair, went for a Little hike around the neighborhood, fed 'em again.....and just dropped them back over at their moms.

It would be over, except I got a call from Bigger.

Seems he forgot his shoes. And Lil' forgot his homework. And the She-Cub is fighting with her mom in the background

I'm going to take two aspirin, down a beer, and take a nap out on the porch.

There you have it.....a typical day in the Life.

Wouldn't have it Any. Other. Way......
I Love 'em

So....wanna go dancing?


rthmcdragn said...

yikes, wollf.... you're day sounds just a wee bit crazy.... and i thought mine was nuts... not nearly as much running around as you, but very much the care taker of 65 ms rugrats.....would have gladly taken just 2 for the day.

life as a single parent.....hmmmmmm, i could go on and on about this cuz i, too, have first hand experience..... the downside is that dad took the "cubs" from mama, and mama had to make a heart wrenching decision.... a 3000 mile decision... at the time it seemed right, not so much now..... oh how things come back to bite us in the ass [sigh] so though i may technically be that single parent, i am more like the .......(don't even know what to call myself anymore so i guess i'll let that one sentence die off....... anyway, yeah, i bet your were drained today, and crazed, but i'd give anything to have a day like that again...... enjoy it while you have it, wollf; life doesn't get any better.


Howlsatmoon said...

*Yawn*....yup, Ms. Dragon. One of the "Do Overs" I wish I had in my tenure on this Earth.

Had two that I left twenty years ago. I had them all summers and Spring Break and alternating Holidays.

It wasn't enough. I wish that I had done it differently....but..

Then, I might not have these "Remarkables", these two that carry on the Wolf tradition of Charming Ruffian.

Just stay in touch as much as you can....the greatest relationship...Friendship, more like it....was with my Eldest Daughter Heather after she was old enough to understand.

3000 miles...yeah, but just 10 buttons to push on your phone, and the Internet is an Amazing tool.

You'll do Ok.

rthmcdragn said...

thanks for the comments....yeah, i'll do okay, have to, no choice....refuse to be weak and must be strong for them, whether they realize it, appreciate it, or even care.....

cell phones and email work wonders, though sometimes i just long for the hug, their smell, and some good ole goofy times..... good news is #2 sent an email tonight just to say hi and i love you.... he's a *keeper*!

enough babbling...... time for bubbly and a bath. keep doin' what you're doin', wollf..... you've got a following and i'm glad to be a part of it..... thanks for that.

Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

*cross eyed* a lot of movement.

Thankfully, it does have purpose....

Rose said...

See, wollf, you really shouldn't be doing all that driving. God, how irresponsible some people can be! Mr. Gore will be very upset with you. Public transit works very well, doncha know? :)

(KIDDING! you know, I am also a chauffeur/taxi/bus tied to a cellphone) :)

Howlsatmoon said...

Hey, Hoy, Vamos a Cafe, Starbucks,,un hora. Kohls.
Garcia y Vega....or is that a cheap cigar?

K T Cat said...

You're a great father, Wollf. Selfless devotion to the cubs is all part of being a real man.

Howlsatmoon said...

Rose.....did I forget to mention that all the travels were via Bicycle?

Not that they were, but.....did I mention it?

KT...."Selfless"...heh, you and I both know that although it's sometimes a true pain in th a$$, it's actually more toward "Self-ish". They're our Cubs, and we don't want them in a Shrinks office when they're thirty.....heh.

Love you guys.

Rose said...

And you know it is all worth it and that in the end you will look back and say it all went by too fast.

I'm going down to visit my two oldest, who are now on their own - and they will be showing us around - it's funny to have the shoe on the other foot - they will plan it all and take us to dinner, and show us Disneyland.

Very funny turn of events.

Howlsatmoon said...

Hey there, Rose....hard to get to Dinney Land without driving within 250 meters of the Lair....'less you're flying into Burbank.

Want that I buy you and Mister lunch or drinks upon the way?

Let me know, and I'll play hookey.

*Ummm....anyone from my Office who might be reading this, please Disregard....and get back to work!!!*

Howlsatmoon said...

And of course, I finally put my e-mail up at the top of the Blog.....