Sunday, May 4, 2008

Coffee at Starbucks....

I have the Muggle Patch on....and I went up to Starbucks for coffee and to People watch. (Rose, I rode my Bike."Pale Rider" up the mile or so, so no recriminations..besides, I needed the exercise, and I look oh so cool on it)heh...Geez, that was way back on October 20 that I posted that pic....

Anyway, went in to the Starbucks and ordered a "Medium cup of Coffee, Black, with enough ice in it to cool it down".....They looked at me as though I was speaking an unknown "Hmong" dialect.

"Medium?"....."Room for Cream or Whipped?"...."Coffee? Flavor?".....this fancy coffee thing is getting out of hand Folkes.

Got my cup of Joe, and went outside, beautiful morning, and plenty of interesting folks out....

Fellow in his Seventies wearing an ankle length skirt....Don't even ask me, I just figured he must have an horrendous rash....or maybe he just didn't have the legs for a mini. I do....but that's a completely 'nother story.

Then a younger guy rides up on his Harley Softtail, lookin' all Biker with his Doo rag, German helmet, sleeveless button down shirt.....I figured, wow, maybe the real deal and not a Poseur...........and his Pekingese dog, pink ribbon and all.

The "Free Spirit" vision just flew right out the window when he sauntered up with "Poopsie" on a pretty leash....I figure he told his Lady that he was "Goin' for a Ride".

Showed her who's Boss....Come on, makin' fun here. I've been "almost" there, before I took "Mine" back down off the mantle where she had stored them for me.

Point? Do I Ever have a point? Oh, yes I s'pose that I do. Interesting People, going about their Lives, each with a unique, if mysterious style. I observe. I am aused, entertained and oftentimes enlightened.

It reminds me just how "Normally Eccentric" I am. We are all a bit "off". That's what makes us Human.

Talk to you later....gotta do some housekeeping, half my stuff is still in the garage, and it's Karaoke Night at AZARS tonite. Gotta visit with some friends, and then maybe I'll swing by to sing some Sinatra.....heh


rthmcdragn said...

yeah, people watching at starbucks (or anywhere for that matter) can be quite favorite part is making the mental note of the difference between the weekenders and the 0530 crowd i'm used to seeing every morning..... highly entertaining.

but truthfully wollf, as i was reading and smiling to myself (is that even possible?) i kept getting this visual of you on Pale Rider (had to do search to find the actual pic of reference), wearing spandex bike, only because you're wollf would i not laugh at the visual out load, but i just about busted a gut...... no offense, wollf, just a little humor.

btw, glad to hear "YOURS" are off the mantle... and if we weren't all a little off, life would be pretty f*^%ng boring..... wollf singing sinatra at azars.....rock on

Howlsatmoon said...

The picture of me Wollf in spandex is an absolute outrage.

Where would I put my bushy wolfie tail?

Sheesh, some People....heh