Thursday, May 8, 2008

Three New Posts today........

Sheesh, the stuff I do to ease my "pain"........

All righty then, another "dare" from Miss Robin....."How many One Word Song Titles....(Oops, sorry, I HAD to edit, I really misspelled *titles*...sorry), can you list without cheating and going on the Internet?"

Well....Wollf does not shy from challenges, be they physical or take up the Sword of Silliness, and I Brandish it with stalwart dedication to the silliness at hand......

Join me, punch me in the snoot, or simply, gently take me to task if you feel that I am wrong. The time is now 1914hrs....I shall allow myself ten minutes to post.....


yesterday (Beatles)
poison (alice cooper)
If ( Telly Savalas )
Inuendo (Queen)
Batdance - Prince
Changes ( David Bowie )
Legs - (ZZ Top).....Ok, one of my faves.....I can be as shallow as the next Feller...
September- Earth, Wind and Fire....yeah, maybe I'm older than you....
america - (neil diamond)
Blackened - Metallica
Remember- (Jimi Hendrix)
Undiscovered (Jim Morrison)...rocked
Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious...I have no idea who, but it was in Mary friggin' Poppins, and She was cute.......heh
Go (Pearl Jam)
Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Damm...there are lots more, but I gave myself a time restraint. Honor is a tripping stone to success sometimes, but.....*Lesson for the Day*

Honor in small leads to Honor in All...yes, you may quote Wollf on that.

Gotta go play with the Cubs....And make sure their Homework and chores are done.


rthmcdragn said...

have fun w. the cubs, and yeah, better get that hw done!

okay, i just had to add a few to your list from the top of my head........

southbound, jessica, melissa (allman brothers)
faithfully (journey)
nookie (limp bizkit)--parental advisory
thriller (michael jackson)
babe, renegade (styx)
drive, magic (cars)
cult (slayer)-parental advisory

i should know more, but too busy grading papers......ugh!

Rose said...

Wasn't Unforgettable one of your, Wollf?

Fernando (ABBA)
Crazy (Aerosmith)
Spineless (Alanis Morissette)
Memory (Andrew Lloyd Weber)
Snowbird (Anne Murray)
Hypnotize (Audio Slave)
Kokomo (Beach Boys)
Yesterday (Beatles)
Trouble (Cold Play)
Colorblind (Counting Crows)
Dreams (The Cranberries)
Greensleeves (Enya)

phh too many to list....
Pressure (Billy Joel)
Vienna (Billy Joel)

At least that's a few off my I-tunes list ( a compilation of six people's interests.... LOTS more!

Moonshadow (Cat Stevens before he went bonkers)
Sailing (Christopher Cross)