Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day......Busy....

Didn't even touch the computer yesterday.......I had the Cubs, Uber Doggen and a particular Dragn to kep me busy. The majority of the daytime activities were spent up in downtown Ventura at the annual street fair.

My Gosh it has grown since I first went some fifteen years ago....Nine full blocks of picturesque Main Street, filled with crowds and art vendors and Pro-war....anti War, save the shrubberies organizations....looked a bit like this.....

We ate the usual fair of heart stopping delights, Dragn and I had Brats with cheese and some of the best sauerkraut evah, washed down with a lovely cold beer, the Cubs enjoyed their usual corn dogs and funnel cake delights.

Taking the Uber Doggen was Bigger Cub found, cute Choco Puppies= Chick Magnet....we were stopped every twenty or so steps with a "OOooh, he's so cuuuute"....made yuh want to barf after a while.

In the park, they had set up a Brazillion "Jolly Jumps" and of course the mandatory Climbing Wall. Yup, that's Lil' Wollfie....getting so tall....climbing. Don't know where he gets it.

Then off to the Beach to introduce Uber to the joys of being a Labrador....funny as hell....

Then back up to the Highlands of Newbury Park, a bit of a nap, and off again to the Worlds Greatest, not Target....that came later. Sports Chalet.

You see, I didn't seem to be able to find my Baseball mitt after the Divorce, Dragn, it seems is a Softball studlette of some renown, and I have been drafted as her "catch" partner. Got a nice glove, started back to the Lair, when "Someone" remembered that we needed a new tent.

Yes, that's the way it goes in my house. Someone randomly remembers that we need a new tent, and of we go again, this time to Target....lourves me some Target, bought not one, but two new tents, a 6-8 man and a three.....*sigh*.

Then....hunger, and we're right next to Islands....coupla great burgers, some salad and a beer later, it's finally back to the Lair.

Oops...still an hour and a half until the Fireworks, down to the pool to cool off, and a bit of catch with the Dragn. Damm Gurl's got an arm. Fun, haven't thrown in quite some time. (Ball did end up deep in the hedges a couple times...gotta work on this shoulder, I s'pose)'s almost 2100 hrs, and we moved to the upstairs deck, I tuned in the simulcast from California Lutheran, and we settled back with sodas and beer and snuggled and watched a great show without even having to leave home.

Sounds like a Great Fourth of July, huh? was, but not quite over. 2200 hrs, the show is over, we're all exhausted, espescially little Uber, and we ended the day by snuggling up and watching Monty Python and The Holy Grail.......Lil'Wollfie was in stitches throughout.

Now....see why I didn't Post yesterday? Life is good. If you think it's Bad....get over yourself. Smile

Hope you had a Happy Day.

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