Friday, July 25, 2008

A Fine Few days......

pent the morning at Conejo Creek Park in Thousand Oaks.....Six Cubs, Uber and a Dragn.....nice little time, Cubs and Uber got we're having a quick bite at the Lair, dropping off friend of Bigger, and heading South to Universal City Walk for diner and a'll be fun.

Tomorrow is get up early and go to a Remote Control airshow down by the 101-405 exchange and then the Royal treatment at Medieval Times in Buena Park. The Cubs have been addicted to it since I first took them years ago.

Dragns Boyz...hell Dragn her Princess-ship will be thoroughly impressed. If you ever have the chance, try it out...jousting and sword fighting and Horsemanship...great simple food and.....BEER!!!

I'll write later if I have the energy.....

Oh....if you're down by citywalk, swing in...I'll buy you a BEER...I'm easy to find.

Five Cubs, A Beautiful Dragn Princess, and my ever present Kuwait Desert Boonie. I'm the one with the arm tatts.....


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