Sunday, April 6, 2008

What the Hell was I Thinking?......

Track and Field Season, People!!! One of my enduring Passions. Doesn't hurt that I'm the Sire of a couple of really talented Cubs...First, here's a picture of a typical Saturday morning in Newbury Park....this sport has grown exponentially in the last number of years....

There is action everywhere. It's almost a Carnival any one time from 0800 to 1530hrs, there's a race of one nature or the other, Long Jump, High Jump, Relays and Shot Put going on....and of course...well not of course, because you probably don't know, I've been Coaching for the last nine years when my She-Cub got involved....I know a kid or two in almost every event.

Now, of course there are a few "Favorite" events....boiled down to basically whatever the heck Lil' Wolfie, Last Stud in the line, is pursuing....

This last week, he got there a bit late as his mom took him to Piano Lesson...don't get me started, I know it's part of a well rounded upbringing....heh. But he onl competed in Shot Put, Long Jump, and the only race he got there in time for was the 4X400 Meter Relay.

He led off. With a half a pizza in his belly. *Note to mom....Track and Field and Pizza don't frigging mix*.

Anyway, that explains the look of Determination on his ten year old face, and the fact that he's holding his side....aaagh. He fought through it, turned about a Minute ten 400 lap and they won the Relays.....good thing. Blue is his Favorite Color.

I was thinking of captioning this picture as..."My Honor Roll, Student of the Month will Break Your Kids Skateboard if Pushed too Far"..... I am Extremely Proud of that Lil' Guy. Polite, G.A.T.E....that means gifted and talented, and has an Extreme sense of what is Right, and Honor. And he takes no guff from his peers.

So....there ya go....Track has begun....I'm laying off Coaching this year to just Enjoy. Heck...kinda sounds like a Mantra for Life.....Enjoy.

More stuff later...I have to catch up.


Anonymous said...

check out the two boys above the announcement box -- hey, that's my boy -- he was voluntering that day!

Frau M

aA said...

Good job raising a tough cub! I noticed the hand on the side...not fun.

Congratulations to you and the cub for having a good time now!